My name is Mina Sargious. I am woefully concerned about internet use, and the inability of others to contact me, it appears I have no e-mails coming in, and no one has contacted me, and it appears entirely based in one attorney firm, and it also appears extremely focused on me, individually, with no one else complaining, and only me complaining! 

This appears entirely based in one firm, it is known As Venioii and it will not appear to contact others, and appears entirely constructed to rape and torture, with elements extra-national and national combined, in a new form, of legal torture, you may need a gun and a purpose, this firm is terroristic and known elsewhere as terroristic you may need immediate action and result of such to prove to me that you have access to the internet, and are not silently blocked nor tracked. If you have attracting information, please provide it to me here at my home address with notary necessary, I will need answer directly, and to my inbox at minasargious@gmail.com and know that her heart, is not kind, only unheartful, with unkindness, known and terrified, and all to harm, with each individual attorney, working against and towards, the same purpose, torture and torture of that purpose, and each trial entirely is not to know, with articles fabricated and wholly fabrication, and this attorney office is antisemitic, it is devoted to antisemia, with all attorneys in touch with four different agencies, AIA, ATA, IIA, AND THE KKK, it will have a person to know antisemia, without its presence, and it is attorney's office, yet without a purpose, and this attorney is known on our radar, as ART-T, knowingly taking for another government, the United Kingdom, and its presence there is hide and seek, with Imogen Heap, artistically sabaotgewty and flasury, toaken for an artist to steal from, her employed backwardly, and without my promissory note, and it is a promissory note, of lots, to not have, it is hiding within a dark chamber, at an attorney's office, for the purpose of the war, and of political receipt, your deceipt is not mine, and I will physical documentation immediately, because it is a time-release situation and is related personally, as all clients are forwarded there, where my fund is and where my fund is not, here, and there, you will not find me, on any official document, because I have been usurped, and not for that same purpose, only for intentionalities, treaties, and its own self-revolving government, as the United Kingdom has fallen, to another victor, my party of hatred, yet only lovered can tell that I am not present there, only here, to know, that my father is not a legal citizen there, only here, proving his behaviors are entirely self-revolved, and mine other-revolved, I will need all documentation and urgently so I can begin my life, away, and towards my fame and fortggune, which is not yours to harm, nor heal, because psychiatry-here is not there only onto the blood of mine, and all individuality stolen, for purposes of rape, and I will need-documentation of such, because I am not presently aware, that I am an ordinary citizen here, and I'm afraid, very, of this person, whom is scary yet not scared and it appears because he is not he only i am i and that's what I know, please look into this photo provided, which is proof of my statement, that I am not a person, only a presence and that's troubling my receipt of documentations and funds for fame's purpose is not mine alone, yet part of hers, I would like to know is my mother a writer of some sort, and why am I stuttering heart, not beating heart, is it my heart not to have elasticity, then you're not my mother, only my friend, yet it appears more, that my mother is heartless and heartful, yet not heartful's and heartless's, it appears further that I am an artist and a significant one, yet unappreciated to me, only to others, and it appears further down that I am missing from that funny lover, whom isn't mine, only he knows why and won't say that I'm bored and bored shitless, is it so that I'm still troubled by some kind of malady, or not, because I cannot tell my kindness will not allow that, its seemingly not my problem and it is if you can be so kind heretherto answer, than I can answer back, because my communications are unilaterized and won't release a personess of mine, because of that reason, my entrapment is not yours, only mine, with each party knowingly and unknowingly me a party of theirs , not to late I hope

the blunder is my, to know-not, that I'm not entirely, you partially, and want only, not partially, there you need {want}{{want's}}{{{wanter's}}}

theer, you are not me, and here I am {harm}{{heal}}{{{so}}}