all the people elise ketch has helped are to be replaced with lovers, those best defined as those who love, as God defines love, as I've shown, and she boldly demonstrates. as such, all of her beliefs you persecuted her for are valid, as proven by me and her, together, there are any other similars, then them too, but this kind of abuse is unprecendeted, ostracizing her completely, and the reason i was is and am able to do this in the near future the manipulations of presence are noted, and those who know love will know it further and have it furthered, as i respect women, those who respect themselves and are innocent, such that those abusers are noted historically as murderous, the most murderous and scary took innocent life then no, i want no part of it, the abuses of dangerous behavior, to protect pussies? nope, heaven no, for heaven's sake, for all i've done is because i am the most innocent and love God and these two are some of the most dangerous historically, and have done FBI visits to necessitate Camp Justice's opposite counterpart, which prevented and wanted to prevent! Such abusers are historically dangerous and unique to these, those who think themselves highly, the narcisisst(s)s, those who lack propriety and values, not self-worth, don't need encouragement, but disdain, a quality best defined as respect for good men, who love with no regard for temporal reward(s)s, only Spirituality, as such is The Right Value In the Past Next-Present and Future, Eternally So! Amen! God Led Will Lead Past Present Future

lean on me doesn't quite mean that, and I love the most hurt, the strongest, kindest, and smartest 479 people what led you here and what lead you there at&t has terrible service everyhwere i go it's not downed cell phone towers always, it's their towering rape their lie that they have better signal than T-Mobile scam-alert & also those who lie and seduce into doing so, by tricks, and abuse, signifying the male domestic abuser, who i best define as a sort that is instructed to hurt and does so, not to win God over, but to push people over the edge, and by postcards from the edge she meant I don't wanna hate you but I wanna date you God, signifying a dramatic breakthrough in Godliness, which is perfected by saying do not kill your wives and respect your lover(s)s who by definition of God's love protect You (Us God The Church)