Purposefully chaning a person is yet a small crime in the face of many yet I don't have my many crimes to speak up and i spoke to you less than I knew I wouldn't have said that I don't have my anger and it's of my peace only of my anger is that how did I know not much of myself and if I hadn't another self-time it is that meaning of self-time thank you i'd like to congratulate your party on your dazzling winds it so windy tomorrow if you can please belong within and without my self is not come to not know why a person is yet angry, yet distateful so am I then of many crimes is mine enough then to speak of and i had not spoken more clearly trhen I will not my speech is yet known and had I known myself away from my anger than I would'nt spoken of it less to know more to say and anger of mine today may I ask tomorrow to be okay today? is that too much to ask for

it's difficult to type I can publish but only anonymously if you can be so kind please inform of the publishingf ability google will not respond yet i ask you gently a publish please and thanks thanks very much your duty is that publishing. if you can forward my correspondence it is an emergency related to the united nations be so kind as to realize it's parceled writing and if you can gently ask yourself away and ask of it the writing to pass, thank you it seems very haphazard it's okay though thank you. very much so take care of yourself yet allow my writing to pass it is greatly appreciated your kindness and also your generosity in allowing my writing to pass

i don't have weaponry let alone my heart is spoken yet I had not only known of my anger in my rage plausible right it is only so strange that no one has responded yet with weapons and malicious langauge it's more than okay that my writing is secure in my heart that I know myself to improve it and know of it that my words have spoken loudly and very clearly very evocatively and that's my purpose in writing thank you for your kindness in understanding my emotionality it is so peaceful that my quieted mind is not yet yours thank you for your kind gesture in understanding.

robert's marriage to aaliyah is not yet annulled and only in its marriage is its carriage, you cannot own your horse to have a party of it, had i known my anger swelled in your rage then I wouldn't be so angry then of your marriage annuled! and that was your gester and so marvelously i wander is it yet that I had not only you to not want it yet speak yet so had i kindly answered then of what nature is your answer - a question, and that is bewildering yet not.

a part of me wondered why is it thaqt I don't speak only to myself and my cond is yet alone in your torture you take is yet not to acknolwedge my taking of you i don't have an authority of myself to not know and had i known that i don't want angry sorts and only that angry sort is yet appeared indicating that i am yet peered into the world of yours yet i don't enter a world to the world's effect and i had not yet alone my pain and suffering take and go and for myself to know my art is yet i do not have a party to attend if you had a party to aTTEND I HAD NOT YET ALLOWED MYSELF AND ITI S YET ALONE IN MY THOUGHT  AND HAD I AN OPPORTUNITY IT IS YET THAT IT ISN'T ONLY THAT WHICH IS TAKEN TO MY ANGER IS IT THEN OF COURSE! THIS IS MINA OF COURSE YOU CAN REALIZE MY WRITING AND OF IT YOU CAN'T BECOME IT ! HOW A PARTY OF YOUR IS THAT FILTH ON YOUR SKIN DIRT OF ANGER RESTRAIN YOURSELF CHILDREN.