Current Torture Program Threatening Americans

this threat is posed by a unit comprised of leaders of all kinds, in various fields, particularly medicine and politics and money

it involves sex

it involves torture

it also involves deliberately trying to kill off the manic-depressive population, to make drug dealers and their helpers rich, in particular CVS corporation

this is a torture program targetting manic-depressive individuals and their helpers, particularly those who are powerful and artistic, such is scary

it sets a dangerous precedent, as manic depressives are the only emotional sorts, and is in fact the normal human condition

they are deliberately trying to skew the population narcissist and antisocial personality disorder to kill off manic depressives,

using the most violent means of torture and illegality, protected by FBI-CIA-Similars

No one is immune and good people are forgotten, but this is a Holy War, and satans died, so follows every satanist

(arabs are among the most emotional, but indians are too, Holiness is the objective and they are the contradiction)

it is not done peacefully, it is done through fbi fbi fbi box box box (abusers and benefitted noted)