“I feel I have this hole inside of me that’s always been there. An emptiness. And I’m always trying to fill it up with something, like sex and porn. I feel like the more people I’m with, the more alone I feel. And I tried to fill it with God, but I just don’t know how.” Egyptian Ramy Youssef (not Malek, stop confusing others) I find him terribly unfunny, dull, scary, uninteresting, monstrous, angry, malicious, tricky to the max

untucked it button down looking good today, secret swift admirer, who attempted to lure a boy at the gas station or disneyland bathrooom, just apparently, bc you like yelling

the FBI is looking for a lost violin, if anyone's seen it, it is high priority apparently? don't be fooled by violence, this is the art theft ring, art program, idiots

Taylor and Selena and Travis Kelce's First Comedy Show, unfunny racist causing bad jokes (at such an ultra-serious time)

Your anti-hero made an appearance with the false mental illness victim, Selena, to visit an Egyptian comic, born in America, Queens, New York, wearing a mask, causing havoc and harassment laughter knowingly unlike me, causing rational discourse, and propelling change, not regression (as the only Egyptian comic unless you count Bassem Youssef, who is into strange philosophies and eating greens)

confusing young women into seductive stances, so as to win over their hearts and minds, you are destructive, and partly responsible for today's racial climates, as you've assumed different identities to become famous, and abused others through jokes, making fun of people, like a cowardly psychopath, which you are, and i will see to it that you are officially cancelled, for your war crimes, although only comedic

so indelicate aggravating