such disgusting sexual torture, condoned and taught, by high levels, it's not your fault

it is your fault

you are terrorists

it is not your fault to have, and to become

the worst concentration campers, historically, nor is it mine to allow your interest in being nothing to me

you are going to go now, it's off to away-time, where you will be tortured

it is a sexual deviance, of your families and bloods, white and ugly, black and terrifying, brown and poor inside, yellow and scary, beige and feared, it's about your fear of others, and your worthless souls, who are to not become alive

it's your fault, not mine, to allow your allowance of being

yo uwill be torutred, it's a certainty

with all your faggots and sluts, involved, to torture you, not vice towards

disgusting as you were, you will stay, these things don't change and people who rape, are known as torturers, and that is yours to disown, you nature of abuse

such abuse, is locatd in your heart, based on your parents'

and i cannot allow you to torture me nor my friends, whom are few and strong and mighty, not you, not people who are worthless, not angry motherfuckers, not poor and scared, rich and frightening

you are worthless, as your asses, more than your cheeks, goodbye weird america

you're going to hell, burned alive, to the nature of your abuse, is torture, it resultss in death.

thank you, and bless your sweet ugly ass, of yours, to wipe, with your black hatred of whites, and your white hatred of blacks and wirth your hatred to know you aren't, and your loverd, to know you are, this is a reesult of yours to have and to have not to wnat and to want not your erasure, isn't your eracism, and your white trash isn't your black trash, my anger isn't yours and it is theirs, the frightening ones, you pussies, you disgusting pussies, you're not going to be men nor women by rape, and your torturers are over, historically, and you are among them, -americans

don't forgive, don't forget

i do art

black 333, art 444, five dark, red 000, blackred 111_111_111(0)

american artists are over, you, goodbye crap america, you are left with melissa broder and taylor swift