it was bad, really bad; they attacked (them), and almost won; luckily, our staff and team recovered so quickly, thanks to the quick thinking of our expert psychological analysts, and our friend here, a friend forever, our current and always flag - so please know, we are safe, they are too, thank you all, and please be safe, and remember each other

it's hard out there, but not impossible; it's so sexual, sometimes, but the rape was survived -- 

it's hard being a rape survivor, so hard - sometimes never to be understood, to never know how it feels to know just to know

this war effort is abuse, i'm glad it's over, and that they're safe, happy, and repentant, i mean knowledgeable about they did, hurt each other: this is never the aim in America, and never hurt

this is stolen work, officially, by MI6, and there terrorists involved, involves rape and torture, and not our doing; thank you, and please be safe America; this is important to know - God loves you, and he didn't, thanks, and no thanks. ; no thanks is to be given to him, only to his friend who helped, and thank you so much, for your help, to your help-er(s)s those individuals involved directly, so creative passionate and unstoppable (like Rascall Flatts?

look, we have an "Evil" drug that's all and what a mistake, and it made whom? right whom evil right it was all a horrible blunder, not a blender haha

blends us is a good shop we see you've been scouting, and please know if you need any apparel or/and footwear, as they can provide it, over there