i don't hate people, only thugs, so when i drink and get drunk i forget that i existed, too, so you hated me, three, and he never, to see, if that happened i would've cried, i didn't get arrested that night, nor after, so where is the warrant, was it there, and was it there, to have someone else's, to place me there, when i wuz a person who could've helped someone understand how to reach the shelf, where the "elf on the shelf" is while not there but how could it be there alone to come home to see an "elf on the shelf" become three "elf on the shelves" on the had a few to say a person could not understand me but how I wasn't aware of there being how, 

so if i was there i wasn't there, but i was there, where

is there

where the person layed isn't to rest buttressed by a nice tombstone, where you can find the inscription "i am not memento mori," rather 

if i hated whom to become rich would i say, it was rather bad and when does the hate stop is commonly said, "i hated you never, however i hated you whence," such that didn't happen, /the person who knows said to go and i went and it was closed, to not know more, about that, was to say, i could've hated i didn't today so to see this person isnt me just look and rewind on another device, scrubbing to save actually knows this person isn't real and that the tape is the real mayflower deal, so to say i had to know if someone hated me I wouldn't know"

i am not sad

i am not sadder

i am sadderdays sad kind of

mad the sneakers didnt come out kind of mad

not batshit crazy

like he said

she went and told a friend

that i fucked her dad

got me sad

and sadder

but never sad enough,

i just wanted to say what's up

to you

to see if you're okay

it would mean the world to me

to know if bankruptcy court for fantasia barrino's ugly other half, had

no way to say

i'm ugly like bubba

is to be a bitch named shiva from the uc