“(d)rown her be4 we burn her!*!” Jonathan D.

“will fuck her burned co*pse to make sure she dea!”! Brian Warner (Charles 'Manson"}

BUT SHE'Z ??? {SHE isn't scary to {narcisisst's lure is not tranpsarent (everyone despises Kanye West because he isn't an antisemite), however like Hitler she is successful (a bit bold! a bit scary, but that's the times.} but she's nice to every1? That is manipulation, because Kanye West's "Famous" is merely a sculpture (highly valued) and he (never) took anyone's award {for Beyoncé, and that happens a lot more than you think it does (people having fun at silly MTV Music event) You aren't bad, but you have to keep your eyes open, because deception does occur like that. even everyone's head together doesn't make you smarter than each person; that's why you need new thoughts that you couldn't come up with b4! She isn't Marilyn Manson's bestie, for sure, but she isn't his worstie, which is a problem. he is not as bad as her. (unlike Kanye West who wasn't going through a phase, because that would be medically wrong, because he's Evil

I am a good citizen and you are not, so please stop abusing people and institutions that are Godly

People who abuse others are scared for a reason, and that's why I am not scared, because I cannot abuse. ("brothel" camaraderie

People who don't know how to be dignified are not worthy of listening to Michael Jackson, and must be sustained on Taylor Swift - from now on. 

You are illiterate, I am not your bitch, (however, you are not mine, either, and won't be, because you're so scary!) I don't tolerate abusers nor their enablers

so see to it, that you are not to be objectified, 

(you toy!)

A toy is not a plaything, not a person, 

So your abuses have been noted.

(You are not worthy of anything, and area corrupt businessperson not even Machiavellian, solely tortuous)

(People who say others are scary, that people are frightening [do you know how to be scared? because you know how to scare,

and you are unprepared, woefully so, Devil(s)


you are a con-artist, not shrewd, but sneaky and cocky - to abuse! to torture, like you always have...However, I do know that I'm not afraid! you are not to be reading this without my permission and I do not allow you to read my work any fan of hers, because she is a vulgar person without anything I want nor need, so please see to it, racist(s), abuser(s), et cetera

abusers don't love, (l

overs do! so do not abuse others, and please trust that people who are loving are forever (so you don't have to look far! {gross! peevish and gross 

people who love do so boundlessly, so is your love boundless, or does it have boundaries? 

(for me, i am plentiful and forever, strange thing, lacking thing, {soul-impoverished,,,Fool

So when bad people do things that look good ({that make goodness fade haircuts and wavy temperaments, don't stave off the inevitable, {crazy? crazed people are perplexing, hence the movements --->

When someone makes arguments that don't make sense ad nauseam and everything falls into place (people aren't to harm others too