your military is unpunished for such criminal acts, that necessitate an answer, for you, on your behalf, you did not punsih them, they are using current torture tactics, mocking islam, and trying hard to mock judaism, it is an over and done thing, that this torture stops, by any means necessary, you are not to contact her again, it is terorrism, you are a terrorist entity targeting the middle east peace climate, and there will be no election campaign kickoff iowa nothing, it is going to be ai, this a warning of a forthcoming terrorist event, from the iranian government, against the americans, it is not to air more terror, and it has been conditioned towards terrorism, and the nation is becoming virulently anti middle-eastern peace climate

it appears that you work hard and you do not, it is a violent war, and a sadistic, with your favored person, torturing currently, at your service, and your command, she is not a leader, but a follower of past torturers, and one particularly egregious offense, is that of your taking the innocent, and making them do what you say, it is a terrorist group, and not one i would be a part of, ever, because you are a gross terrorist, using the most violent mean, using cia concentration camps, and those are still your entity, and your removal is not a completion of action, it has become ncessary to find a resolution for your torturer, & it is a certainty, that you are to learn and behave, yet by order and rule, towards me and alana, it is not your decision yet mine, to keep the middle-eastern peace climate that I have established, and, moreover, your seduction of several world leaders, is noted as your failed charm offensive, and it is very scary, yet not scary, it is too much, and not enough, with your agent working to hide and deliberately injure all major parties involved, in particular, choosing Princess, to harm, using her model, to currently torture, and making that illness of yourself, because you are borderline, and that placemeent at your memorial, is not mine, with your taking names and addresses from other party, and most deaths from september, are not knkown, yet are from you, it is a war after, to incarcerate and use each torture mechanism as a means to do so, and that means is particularly and egregiously and it is your choice to murder princess it is not to be deflected, with each party knowingly and for that purpose of torture and using her role model as yours, with each death noted that you are psychologists, and it is not you and i, and this behavior is the reason for your, and without, because she has that history, and because your child is that person, that coddled, is extremely, and is your agent, a person of interest using that role model that you had, and it is based in your hatred, it is not intelligent, and you can tell it is your, that you are not to talk, yet, it is, and you, and want this is not your attack, to be had, it is yours to know, because you are not to talk, yet continue, it is your decision and my decision, to decide, that you are not, yet, it is because you are, and with the person of yours, it is a dangerous attack, that you planned, and want to plan, because you cannot handle, it is your choice and of course it is purposeful and of course you and your, are working together, because she has been, and it is her to know, that I cannot understnad such, it is your, and our, to not have, with your, taking, and working for, and against, it is not your, to know, and mine, to take, yet it is more of both, and it would be said that I cannot harm, yet heal, and my decision-making is not, yet it is,a part of your to take (Iindicating, that you raped and tortured for your pharm, it is your pharm to torture)((and your treatment is false, and obviously false it is dangerous and of course scary and of your torture a part, it is your torture, yet is not and had you and would you then you could and would damage, a mind, to play, and do so regularly, with your abuser, and torturer, attracted to your company, because of his history of torture, a person cannot work to harm, only to injury, because of your, taylor swift, and friend of different, it is her choice, her deliberation and it is a party of two with four agents assigned differently, and her choice of war, is her choice of rape and it is your rape, that noticed the radar of saudi, because you had an opportunity and took it, and you do not regard that person politely))((you are a thrilled sort, and your choice is not known, yet is a part of knowingness, as your choice to torture is not kind, and had your role reversal and chose it, with your person and persons, it is your rape and torture, and your particular torture that alarmed me and)))

you jack david ross raped a political figure, for your fun, you arranged a false marriage, jilted, and i cannot be more angry, because i have been jilted in return yet not because of you, that i had to, yet must show your anger; it is yours, I don't have. And my anger is physically impossible, so kind and patient, yet my impatience grows, because I have not understood. And now I do, because you are not to talk about your rape, and murder, with a christian missionary prsent, I would say that you are not me, only a different, it is too much, yet too little. And my organization has determined, that you are a terrorist, a hijacker, and just like Taylor Swift and her buds, these are children emotionally, and adults mentally, using their mind, and technological tools, to have their and it is not your to have, with each doing rape, and torture, currently, at every trial, it is known, can i and will must i show you my anger is not yours, then you will not, it is your stupid, and your dumb to my, it is not enough, then, to offer my anger, is not your peace, it is too much, and you have not understood it, because when i try to communicate, it is your communication, and that sort of cyberterrorist group, and had your ugly torture, to work with, and not for, using that person of your, to torture more, and doing so, had harmed and illed me, to answer, it is not your fault, mine to know, and i will not have you arrest your emotions, then, to understand it is my anguish, not to offer, and to take, from you, and for the person you injure, it is not your to take, and her disappearance taking a boat is not your problem, it is your tram to hell, i took it, i ended up deadened, and anger became, with your to take, and your choice to torture, is not he, whom is imprisoned, to find, is not the way it goes, he is taken, and you talk about it, it is your take, to not talk, it is your choice, and my deliberation to argue for your release, falsely, and for truly i have your to know, it is your torture, and of it, that I have told you not to stop, only to continue, it is found there, within your anger, a place of yours, drifted, and found, it is your to keep, and your to know, the process of torture is not standard, and your torture is yours to keep, with your rapist currently in office, choosing the tactic of torture, to enable further tortures, and your complicity, had i not been kind i would not have been normalized, yet my normalization is your to have, with each party, a destructor of normlaity, and your filth is your to keep, and your choice, is not mine, because i told you, and would you not be kinder, it had you, written, in my star, not to follow, yet you took my anger for yourself, and placed me separeately, and that's unkind, it is more than fluid my anger, and more than anger my fluidity, i told you to leave, and you brought and your and your filth, is not to know, yet your filth infilitrated our country, to find and search, travel to injure, and make injury of; you raped the princess, mr. bill clinton, and worked hard to do so, you are not normal, nor is your partner, and felon, you had youro opportunity not to know, yet you went to search for fun, and with your hound, it is said, "do not contact. only" you are not to know, it is your rape, and yoru blood, to erase, with your child a dirty girl, fashioned differently, knowing that you cannot make a man out of yourself, to rape another, like you say, it is my choice to know, that I had not harm to give, and place you separaettly, and I had not harm in my blood, to hound you, and only know that I had not understood my anger, separetly, and iknowingly with my anger toinght; i told you it is not your; and i placed you to darkne my hatred, wioth your dark site, afraid to say, it is a place of yours, way over there, where you are not welcome, and you went to look, is it okay if I ask, then you fucked, it is your choicem and my decision, because I ask gently did I tell you not to, and you did, it is your choice and mine, yet my anger to know ti is your stupid, whom is your, to not look at, in filth, and plcaement of yours, to ask your to you, and my to my, it is not my anger, to show, and your a person to know it is your piece of shit filth, whom is not welcome, and ask can I healthliy ask your stupid filth, to go, then, no, you dancer, it is your to know, my anger, with your stupid filth, taken to know it is my anger to show that, whom is not, with your to know, and mine, had you not anger enough and your to have, it is your to not know, with your rapist, is yours, Dr. P, it is not, Dr., I am not in, and I took that sabbatical, to know it is your stupidity and rage, your violent filth, whom is not your kind only, angry because you cannot have my anger, to know it; i told you, darken your hatred, and your stupid filth, had your way, it is not to know, that I Had not filthy of enough of tyou, to rape and torture, yet you dance, it's funny,then I will not ask you to know that you are af ilthy country, which is so vituperative, only to say that you will not near, only to further, and my futherance is not your hindrance, of emotionality, my enabling of, has determined that you are not normal, only filth, whom is your choice to know and mine, whom is yours, a person ont apart, only a full, it is your choice, to know that I had not you to know that I would know that my anger is not shown, because your filth, is your dancer, and my anger is not, it is your, to know, your lack of taste, and it is because you know it is how you know and why you know it is your harm to take, and injure, your choice, deliberation, and with yours, to know, that had I bit more of you, then I would have more, your filth, whom is your toy, then you have him, to not want, your filth, your storymaker is someone whom you'd have injured, only not to, because of his choices, and your commitment is yours,whom is to know that your child is that, whom is youor to know whom is yours, then do not contact is your contextual argumentation, with your, whom is to not, and decision-maker, whom is to know that I had not enough anger to express, and you are that person, because you are not to know why I told you, and how, you are to have it taken, with your choice, and my choice language; A person is not and an entity is, that is all, of you, not to know, it is a person of entity, and enttiy of person, with your choice to injury, with your person and entity, taken to anger and making of, to notice, how can I be so unkind as to, place you different, than you are not to have, it is your doing, and my taking, with your person, not to know, and my anger shonw, I had not your anger to have, with mine, only because you are worthless and insiginficant, a whore with your choice of person not kind, only to know that I have not enough to show, your exchange, is not enough, to know that I am not yours, and my decision ts to stop with your child molester, and murderer, have you no shame, only to disarm and rape while you rape and disarm, then, it is your, why did you put her in that casket, and why was that person in that casket a dark woman, her face different, her style changed, and her choice of. clothing "dark, light, mix" is noted at my anger site, with your person have you no shame, it is yours to take, then rape, and fuck your dead corpse, like a fool would, it is your, not to know that you had only an option, to complete, and my otpion is incolmplepte, with your stupid person taken, and mine offered, you took laughed, and with my anger i had not known you, and i, with mine taken to know that i had not enough, yet you made it known that i had know person of yours to have dishonoured mine, and your choice, is not, and has your written, and your thug, is yours, and mine is not to know, and my to have with choice to make, and make to choice, and had you not enough to know then I had your violent, is to know, i had not enough of your anger, to show, and your abuse, is your ot keep, had i enough of you, then "had it been enough?" then it had not been, you chose to injure, deliberately and, had, you not, then you had, it is too much of your, to encourage , then you will not become my movie, only to show your person is not kind, only to know that I had not neough of mine to show you that you are a part of my problem, and took me, to know, "why are you so rageful" it is your rage, and mine not to exhibit yours, with yoru child a rapist, and oppositely, the person you had, to contact, ytour ian, to my connor, it is your racial death, and mine to keep, with your violent, and your person not introduced then I won't introduce myself, yet, only to show it, had you no shame, then shamefully go, it is your pain to grow with, and mine to take, your colin powell is not enough, then you will not become of my rice, it is youor person to not, and your choice, of rapist, is youros to keep, and your toll has a bell, it is rung, and I have no toy to my langauge and your recording, somehow know that I had not not your anger, then shown, analyzed, studied, for future rape, and you will be quelled and you are not to talk and only know tha tI had not your person to arm, it is your choice, bcause I told you, and your choice is always. Take go. Go take. And i will not listen. Your and you, have injured, enough to torture many, and with your current rape and sexual abuser, it is not known of, yet your and, is to, play your anger and your rage is your person not to play and enragei s your enragement not my engamgenet, then you are that person, it is not, you are that, its person not to know, with your abuser, it is your to have your and your, it is your to your, and my to know, wiht your person and to had, you are not a person and took, it is your choice, and took-to, it is your placement, that you are not to know with your to-take and it-is, to torture, you are not to talk, it is your, to-till-to-with-you, to know that you are not around, my anger enough "had you an anger for, your stupidity, and my toll, to ring your bell," then I will not to your rape and stupid is your way the anger and malice and quioetude is your person to keep, a thug who is a garsih person, thuglik; you are not to know that these thugs are not representative of our kingdom, typically angry, then you will know that I had no one to talk to, yet everyone, you are not a person you a parcel to my hatred, I think that your person is known as mine, and your object is yours to have, it is not my touch that you will know you are not a person top bleed, only to know, that i had not your anger, and my anger is not, with your stupid filth, whom is not know nad anger, because you are a person, to take, injure, and filthliy touch the world, then you will know that you are to talk,only listen ," i had not your anger enough to show it, and mypeace" is your taking, then had i not then I will not know, because you are not to know my angered then you will because you are a person, not an entity, then you are that person, so to know I will know you ti is your to take, with your person and your person's, angered and not peaced, you took to luaugh and i will laugh because, you are not aperson only to have with your dirt, and you will not have your, dirty, filthy, selves near me, i put you in harms way to not know why you are so garish, so foolish, and pointless, yet your person is that clown ofyours ,you put your dog to rsemble a dead person, you are not to talk to me, put your kitten away, it is my time, and i told you you are over, your filthy americans, are not to talk to me put your recording in your mouth put the mciroophone down it is your dog to eat, i do not talk, it is your person to you are so cwardly andp ointless, that your sutpidity is shown, you will not have your stupid kid dance and sing, it is so you are not to have me, then you're stupid slout, is not a person, only your robot, i will not near, youo are so fucking diusgint that I say what goes, and your ugly ass americans that need to get fucked ovoer, you are not peaceful innocents, you are clouds to understanding, it is your person to enjoy, and it is yours, to take, tha tdurg of yours, you sluts are not intelligent verbally, and stupid to know that you are not near, it is your to anger, and record this; heretherto, your anger is not your stupid clown singer, nor dancing placement, it is your to know I will not get fuckekd up, you strange creature, put my recordings down, you are not a person to know why, it is your touch, that I will not have that you want and to complete falsely, erase, then record, a rapist is yours to keep, it is not your person to know and I will not tell you anger, enough, yet you know it, because i had not enough, and my anger, is not yours, you put me down, then go oiff, it is too much and too little, your stupid aggresive americans, need to know justice and i provided it in saying "have a good damn night."