preemptive warning of war consideration is already provided at the war offices of the united kingdom it is already codified the victory of that nat turner in that war it is me, i won that war, i am mina, respect me, please and officer, gather your gentlemen, it is your duty to me, to do so. thank you to my friend alana haim and your bravery throughout, and also to the other este you are not yet.for confirmation, you have the nobel committee with that award, representing that win preemptively blocking your considerations as specified as your vote has been cancelled and others removed by force in your way of torture it is yet that you had sexually tortured

mina sargious 2024 (project long before, not a coup, do not disrespect my years of solitude.)

the israeli-hamas war and its end is not had without that codification at the united nations and your presentation of such is not to be impeded by another rape and please note that my victory is there, over the united states of america, and that has not a respect to give 

i had yet a dare to take. i do not have a dare to give. and i don't have much money. and i don't have much in the way of friendship. yet i have a lot in the way i do things. carefully, honestly, legally, and respectfully. i don't hurt others, let alone anger myself. it is not in my nature. i have been abused. i have been tortured. and no one cares. it is so hard. i make it all myself, pay for it with what little i have. i am not your toy and i do not tolerate abuse. I do not like abusers, like taylor swift and those entities of the fbi and cia and apa and other friends of thiers. it is my doing, with my kindness i present you my life and withuot your torture please be respectful of my privacy and also respect my art as worthy of respect, i do not like myself enough to give you me and I challenge myself all the time to do things yet you don't care, you don't answer, and it's humiliating. it's torture. and you need to be better people, and your children have started just being stupid because of you, you should not have children if you cannot control them. they look mental patients, everyone looks stupid and disrespectful, because you could not respect my growing up. i do not wnat your abuser near me, and you bring new abuser, new closer torturer. you are not funny, and they've thought a video game. not normal, and just because you gave birth to them and i do not like racists it is the start your swiftism and sternism the most heinous doctrines historically and it's your uniquely american hurtfulness that I cannot understand

i don't care if you hurt me after because it is still present, the war deal everything the signature is mine, and i need a meeting soon with the un as all the work is mine, completely one person, and not targeted to psychotic effect nor a fake torture after it is the original intentioanlity, and that is noted, please make proper contact and do me a favour 

it appears the coptic church is the kkk of egypt of islam and kkk christianity america (cross-burning, black flag war and war enemies and combatants are and i don't want you near me it is your abuse and wanton traitorism needs to stop i don't adhere to this sexual torture-murder)

this is a lengthy project, an archive of which is already at your site of terror, where you will not allow me near, because it's not feasible, and not logical, yet i don't particularly want much, but in the way of fun and stuff, which is your doing, because no one wants money, it's more of a want of money, it's different; you want to become a different person, and you sacrifice that part of your life for it, to destroy your personhood for God, and that's the point here, to let go and obviously harm those whom are not 

definitely it is not your choice of site to torture and your choice is that site of torture it is technological torture and the culprit is best buy in combination with samsung and that torture site is because it is the best technological website best informed and not bhphotovideo, a place that is not hebrew in essence only because when you shop at b&h and it's closed day is noted for terrorism, where you go and find that it is not a very good place to go in nyc, it is dangerous because the israeli affect, is tiny, it works with the major players to effect and it is not yet noted that it is a dark plate it is not clean plate it is that plate that you plate my plate is not yet you plate it is torture that you rate my photo four star it is good enough yet I do not want my world to crash for another it is less than around i do not have my doctor to give torture and i do not give torture to a doctor it is more than torture when you ask for your doctor to become less doctoral and more corporal it is less that she wanted to harm physically than emotionally yet I don't apprecaite my anger for that reaosn I ask b&h why it is that so you harm for that purpose, and gradually make worse my training is not yet at your session where I go for search and find that I do not allow you to and my torture to notice that it is yet yours and only that you want and using that model of come and go and also come and injure the party involved it has happened and you know that you had your role in the say i put a dark picture in a light picture and i melded the four elements of take go give run find and concentrate on that segment is yet that party yet at your service and knkow that I cannot yet service my parts without a patry of that allowed in that party of yours it is yet we are not your toy, it is that you want it to be your party it is not it is not yet alone it is your search and that you had and it will not yet allow your torture to become, as you have challenged major precept of trainign in computational photography and my training indicates that you cannot make a place out of your and all your photographs are not quite as you follow down my hope i've asked you why are you and why are you not at your place to not know why I did not yet allow you there it was that coming and going, and I had asked is it fine enough yet not quite complete is it that you want more of my that I want you to injure, then don't injure and don't make me injured it is your injury to have and i had yet known it was for that purpose, yet I had not allowed myself to understand that you are not only bad in bed, also bad in bread, shake and share and take and care