[discussing ) Hopes aren't to be taken! Dave Matthews, where are . People who hate do so, violently, as hatred is a violence in itself. feeling strange thoughts, isn't apropros, nor is stealing dreams and ambitions, hopes and souls, lives and artists and their works, leading to misery, confusing for the sake of confusion, causing anarchy, leading into temptation, perverting normality, obscuring little things and The Big Truth, scaring to get your newest plaything, having fun for a price (price-determination . (seeking instead of hiding, having sex instead of confiding, lying, You Scary! i do not tolerate tricks and peddle falsities, Scary

Ruining, (do not harm to destroy, never urge pains, always become stronger, so I will be sure to, um, 

Do people harm to have fun, giggle, play hide-and-seek games, lie uninterestingly {artless, foolish thing, angry, unappreciative, you need less, which is paradoxical, right? 

w[stop with the Devilish machinations, Satanist]when you trick others, you lead others on, when you make others bashful

people who are, aren't, but are quiet, silent, and don't make noise; the noisy applaud you, because they agree, abusers win. they don't. they will not. and i'm the voice of the silenced. saying, saving, scaring, abusing, glaring, taking, scaring people away from reporting crimes, scaring others into compliance, scaring people into hating others on your behalf, scaring children into doing your dirty work, these are scary tactics of an abuser. you are not a good person, but a criminal (to-be), as you have abused many children, and forced them to make hateful, threatening remarks on your behalf, not correcting children, while advertising your Explicit works to them, selling them violent lyrics, that some have likened to the language of the Columbine murderer, and I agree, and I'm literate, not you as much. So here's my assessment; she is aiding hateful people to get away with anything, she is imbuing the atmosphere with the feeling that something must be done, her acts of revenge are not merely performative, but personal vendettas, as she actually seeks revenge, financially, to humiliate. 

you are not a victim, scary. you are an aggressor. you are a "fake," who lied to victims to appear to be the biggest. I do not tolerate abuse, especially the kind that you do. This isn't about a single lyric, couplet, phrase, anything, it's about you. You are not to stop? No efforts to stop the abuse? You are the abuser, then. I am not threatening you, but you have made the decision, you fake victim, which is so hurtful to me.

-people who hurt people-

-people who kill people-

-people who threaten-

-people who take advantage of others' pains, and of others' kindness, who humiliate, instead of forgive, never offering hope, only despair, whose life is mired in darkness-

-people who harm others-

do not listen to the abuser, 

do not listen to abuse-cries? of course not! ignoring them inspires hatred, and abusers' evils, which aren't to be rewarded, nor....