i am not your toy, is not a means of action, and i am not toyed is not aggression, and sadistic behaviours is known on the radar as "--" meaning they do what they want, please, and are dangerous currently, pose a current hostage threat, and prevent rational discourse, and communication, this involves high and low level operatives, working together, to establish abuse, as credible, and emotionals, disposable

this torture, is not known to me, individually, to countless others, historically, hence my urgency, and it isn't strictly monkey abuse, it involves so many, and so few, please be aware, that I am not your violent sadistic woman, nor your feminine man, it's urs, not anything I wanna be near

“They strapped  SIA and USAMA and Tekashi on a wheel which makes you go around 360 degrees. When you are going down under the water, you think you are going to drown.”