don't kill people who love, innocently, don't hurt people :) 

abusers can't be abused, so don't try, as you'll be abused at the same time. do you know that people who are evil aren't strong? they are weak and afraid, and you know people need to be nice to each other and hopeful always, and to stay, without being evil, Godly instead. do you know that people aren't scary? do you know that God is the ultimate judge, and do you know that Spirituality is life's only objective, as death is the end of life..? stop threatening others, into obedience and encourage fearlessness that is only rooted in fear of being Evil, and no fear in being Godly

fuck off and go off, because shit's not that crazy, and i ain't no slave, kid, i'm a human, not no superhuman, i'm realistic, optimistic! don't be a scary person, and don't be afraid, those are evil traits, be Godly