I would like to request to refrain from contact with the United States President and Governor of California, they don't have the emotional temperament to understand people, let alone careful writings, so I would ask you not to try to read things, I am not the person who doesn't understand emotions, so please don't be racist in saying so

I am a genius, not retarded, and please don't be racist, and please stop abusing me, with your lower abusers who can't understand emotions, and are entirely aggressive, people foreign to me, on such another level of stupidity and emotional stupidity, so fucking ugly stupid smelly old feeble people I shouldn't have to deal with, who deter my success, using and with racists, all knowing nothing about how to deal with life, people who frame others as them, just the worst sorts, the most racist people I could ever imagined, just the worst, waste of time and space to even live on the same planet, and they're entirely stupid, everyone, it's something I was meant for, not you, and I'm sorry for knowing your stupidity, knowing you to be the dumb ones, knowing you to be frauds, not me, knowing you to be violent, not me, knowing you to be scary and racists, too

People who love have emotinos, which you have none of, so don't try that again, and please consult with a specialist for your violent child, who can't be coherent, as my work takes time for normal people to understand, understanding takes time and patience, which you knowingly rejected for a bunch of stupid people, kids developmentally, those who hate life, have no interests in anything profound, like having fun, and just strike me as entirely peculiar, you people have no interests no fun no kindness no grace, no gracefulness, no funniness, no coolness, no hotness, no selfishness, no hedonism, no friendliness, no fun times with family, family members who are stupid and inane, who like screaming and yelling about their stoner children, people who hate mothers and fathers of revolutions, those who don't understand concepts of psychiatry, let alone psychology, people who aren't cool at all