this is illegal, and illegal activity is not tolerated by me, because its just not illegal, it's immoral, and deranged, these sorts are typically and neurotypically satiated with hatred, and make no sense to me, so its like if you want to know someone, u talk to them, and i talk and no one so um

i don't time my hatred nor my aggression and i don't stop hating the aggressive to become peace

taylor swift raped me, so violently, with a white nationalist, who abused me after, together, enabling a grand rape, for the FBI and CIA, similarly abusing many other victims of abuse too, of his and, of certain people who are few, like Kanye West, so to say she's innocent, and pure, she's scary, too, your friend is an abuser, so scary to know, scariness

well, it's scary, and not to be forgiven, so as to know how abusive she's become to not know, and also enabling there, and still, so to stop, I will, not. I will not stop, you're going to stop, and not me, so stop, I say, and stop abusing