She is lying to you, dumbasses. These are her jets. It doesn't matter if they're "loaned out." These are her emissions. You've been scammed, again! She is so abusive evil and scary (manipulation of the media and children)

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift might be today's pop princess, but Yard's research found that Miss Swift is the biggest celebrity CO2e polluter of this year so far. Racking up a total of 170 flights since January, Taylor's jet has amassed a vast 22,923 minutes in the air – 15.9 days. Quite a large amount considering that she is not currently touring. 

Taylor's jet has an average flight time of just 80 minutes and an average of 139.36 miles per flight. Her total flight emissions for the year come in at 8,293.54 tonnes, or 1,184.8 times more than the average person's total annual emissions. Taylor’s shortest recorded flight of 2022 was just 36 minutes, flying from Missouri to Nashville.

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taylor is not good with fans. it's all for shows. when she leaves her eras performance at the grove, for instance, not of anaheim, her fans, who she led on, basically cry, get on their knees, (do not supplicate a human

Report Taylor Swift to the FBI for her crimes and these are really bad crimes including (you find them! Find the Easter Egg!)

She is not a victim nor is she good to her fans, as she says is. She is a lying person. She is a manipulative person. She is a conartist. She belongs in jail, with everyone else, like kids who say "bang!" And, I also, want her bodyguard in jail, because he violated a child here. 

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people who love! people who celebr8,    :-(

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