not historical, but fluid, as evinced! Don't play! We Don't care, what people say, 


(blue-eyed emoji, something new, something different) Anyone in the middle of murder isn't sane, is psychopathic (a literal psychopath, a manifestation of Evil, the opposite of Godliness, Godly). Hi, Chaka! You will burn. In musical history, through Kanye, and soulfulness is back, bitch, scaredy cats, of soulfulness, because emotions scare you, because you're stoic and and psychopathic (some literally, ASPD, not autism, silly goose, it's antisocial personality disorder, and do talk to the pioneer at UCI, he cannot understand deviance, right? Jubilance and jubilation, the differences, right Norm Chomsky?) Any semblance of art or philosophy that you can decipher; any technological ingenuity to be noted, any new idea that proves sanity, any hatred, any soulfulness, any? Godliness You are not artists dressed like slobs! Slobby-presentation to encourage artistry, rape to rape, isn't sensical! People who harm kill, and dangerous souls kill, and loving ones sustain life, in a peaceful manner, a saintly disposition, one without insiduousness, a partly passionate, a strong, a person who admits, a person who corrects, a person who talks, and not a person who handles personality disorders the wrong way and abuses others, and coins new diseases, and novel "cure" / treatment / diagnosis (clearer than Mr. Emill, who destroyed souls not preserved spirits, and that's the way to go, but didn't do so with panache, strength, assiduousness, a pissed-off-stand-offish danger to others, life-denying (soul-killing), naturally destructive, horrid, money-fame-power-whore (abusive centers) 

Welcome, teeny-boppers!

Say it with me, Good Morning, Dr. West (Medical Board of California-enabled known-to-them rapist, who they let), you're so awful(ly) disgusting, so very filthy, so smelly, so disgusting, so feral, so disordered, so dangerous, so silly, so kid-like, so money-driven, so scared of me, a SCARY! (HAHAHA, i disgusted, i want to steal ideas to help my self, not kill my self, i am a faux torture victim, who learns how to torture by attacking the victim, and I am symbolic of a racist past, that is erased, but goes on, in new populations, using tricks and treats, to kill not Evil, but GOD is FOREVER, Godliness

If I didn't know English, I couldn't teach you new phraseologies, new syntaxes, new meanings, new literary traps, new soulful meanings, new truthfulness, newness, in general, without any semblance of paucity of thoughts, no stealing, no robbery, innovative

790 SAT II Writing (1st Try!)

770 SAT Verbal I (Last Try! It's good to overcome, and I did that, so it's good,)

35 ACT English (First Try!)

Do you know these scores are higher than Harvard's 75th Percentile?

700 SAT II Math IC

this was back in the day, but SAT and IQ, and being morally sound and always societally adjusted, as a model of behavior, never missing a day of school, a historic accomplishment!, biased-thinking

University of California

Abnormal Psychology (A+)

Philosophy of Biology (A+)

someone who is going to hurt a church is scary, people who hurt church leaders are scarier, and people who hurt churches are terrorizing my soul, but I hope that they don't, but God prevails always, and devils die in death, and Godliness (reigns!)

do not harm others, do not kill souls, do not snatch sexuality, do not abuse racially, do not kill circumstantially, permanently, scarily, mightily, pervertedly, dumbly, aggressively, vainly, without one's permission, and please note that I am not scary, but you are scared because you are scary and threatening death (and don't correct, mock, abuse my language, my soul, in front of strangers I don't know, who are innocent, not violent, and people who trust, because of inherent innocence

My writing is written in English, not Latin, but Church services are often in Latin. Panis Angelicus, right? So please respect me. Do not touch my soul, and please stop trying to drug others, because I will not be drugged into submission, nor am I insane, nor have I ever been scary, but you are so very frightening, and I am truthful always, committing to propriety and truly etiquette.

Your lack of manners, your vulgar self-presentation, your sloppiness, your ugliness, your stupidity, have been revealed, as God does, you know, but I am not a god, I am Godly always, I am Godly

I, to be sure, have yet to contact, because I haven't been, and people shouldn't contact others, including those who lie, abuse, knowingly to you and associates, and that's evil, not Godly, the opposite of what and whom I've been, and I'm not a victim to transitory personalities, but you seem to be! And, combined with such assaults of words and abuses of power, that's utterly terrifying, narcissistic, and worthy of 5150holds (take away your weapons, you are dangerous, stupid, and proven)

(when someone assaults someone's propriety and word-usage(s), she is evil, as you are, for touching my body and soul, so violently, for introducing new ideas that are wrong, Manipulating (devilish machinations), and being too extreme, paranoid, and violently tinged, torturting with every step, every crawl, every lie, every propagation, the nature of not knowing the attacker, the stupidity, the superficial vanity (purposely chosen way to make you feel inferior), lying, losing credibility all of it, not representing your values, which are earthly, and the attempt to destroy one's spirit through deviance, poor, so very poor you fools are for the devil, the fools who will not enter God's Kingdom, who will be tormented next, and Who is the real toturerer, your ownself, not me, as Godly sorts cannot hurt nor pervert wills, but that's your foolishness, and I am not to be hurt, because I celebrate truths, souls, life, soulfully, truthfully, and in a Godly fashion, and, yes, Godliness



not weirdness, there are no aliens, you little Star Trekkies,

and people who kill do so to subjugate will

You are unintelligent, I am not,

I have proven myself to be sane, always, without even a hint of whiskey or a taste of my first champange, nor to taint myself, to stay strong, against my first smooch

you are weird!

stop blame-shifting, and be strong. don't be weak. thanks! so very much! People are to be kind, but not self-destructive, as the path to spirituality is hindered that way.

All of my ideas are original, unlike yours, and you haven't proven anything, nor done anything in your lives.

I don't scream, yell, or become angry, and have never been. That's an amazing accomplishment, perhaps historically, against you.

You do vituperate, something I refuse to, as my voice isn't clammed up, it's fluidly-driven

innovators such as myself come up with new ideas, revolutionary! everything is new here, and that's a proof in itself, unlike you, who people can't deride because you're an unknown, who has no sense of saintliness

"...but there was nothing I’d done that justified their treating me like I was a bank robber,” she says of her father and management team’s reaction, and the eventual conservatorship. “Everyone was scared of me, even my mom.”

“I went from partying a lot to being a total monk,” she writes. “Security guards handed me prepackaged envelopes of meds and watched me take them. They put parental controls on my iPhone. Everything was scrutinized and controlled. Everything.”

gross! stop attacking others, and please respect me! please! katt williams, answer yo e-mail! this is evil, straight evil. i don't fuck with them no mo. the crew switched! britney a fucking scary girl! Taylor Swift is not Britney. the boys are not men. the boys become men, the wrong way! gross! i am not into your witchy ways! that's not scary, but so gory. It isn't Halloween all-year; pervert! 

Anyway, #freebritney . The way to do this is to challenge the Medical Board of California, run by Governor Newsom, about their decision to let her torturers continue to torture! They are not government agents, they are frauds attempting to kill not just for cash and sex but for abuse! FREE BRITNEY! don't let perverts win! don't let Britney's torturer practice therapy! Her legacy is in danger. She is still seen as crazy, and she is a sane person who had a fun time at the Era's Tour, but not even that fun? The Free Britney movement is not to be subjugated, and it is ILLEGAL for a therapist to diagnose from afar on TELEVISION for MONEY, to DO IT AGAIN (Dr. Drew/TMZ/Hulu)

Let's get the real psychiatrist, formerly of Las Encinas, Huntington Hospital, Pasadena, taken to jail, just for that! (anything weird? anything caused from these false diagnoses that are perpetuated? anything that happens because of what they did to her, while Abusers of her legacy prosper)

She still suffers physical and emotional consequences as a result of it, including migraines, and that she does not have a desire to return to making music and performing in the same way as before.

“My music was my life, and the conservatorship was deadly for that; it crushed my soul.”