rick warren is fat and scary, also dumb and soccer is foosball not football, but ballers know how to ball, and players at balls, never show up, but only to strike, and score, with no cause, suggesting directly involvement with apa officials, and the same shit, like if you hit a girl, then she's a "hit," and you tally a score, a feeling and wanting that is unfamiliar, as it's a false diagnosis {saying people are kind is worse than ever would you know how hatred is a personality disorder, not a symptom of a mood disorder, so if manic, he never was depressed}

It's also a lot about being raised well and obeying your parents not others who try to seduce them to be you and them, simultaneously, so when an owner becomes a slave, does the slave, the person who wants, desires to be a slavekeeper? know

no, it's whom are you to say you're taciturn, so to know you are reborn, just as ever, with Dr. Jamison leading the scarily underfunded UN's WHO WHERE WHEN WHY too many questions

so whose world is it after all, aliens don't exist, there are no psychics, only financially abusive enablers of now legal to unprove drug dealers, so as it's my discovery, a new name for Copernicus, not Sir, Eduard, is ill, scaring the FBI, do you know if your wife is as well

it's not that you got away with it stupid, it's that your so stupid as her, to know who to end and how entirely, with emotional sartorialism {MI6}

to know the nature and meaning of the hells and heavens after {MI6's Mina}{}

in my absence, names will stay especially anything biblically (strange word) and will not be altered, as this is determined based on those codifications i'm not self-destructive but you are murderers of selves but it doesn't mean that you are kind people nor anyone i would anyone i would associate with historically, to know each company involved is dead, permanently, and in the past, so to erase your histories historically, as ron desatnis did to black people in florida currently, the worst humans alive are now dead permanently, as all names currently have been changed to devils, and their parents to stop abusing others, and kill them selves, for Life Eternal {}

call the cops, bitch call the cops, brian warner "kill the cops" and johnny depp "burn amber heard's dead body now", see if tracy chapman "slowly the car doesn't go, too know how slow a car can slow down and speeden and slowly so i get slow and slower to naughtiness?" saves you all, or if the spiritual authorities respond, as it's her choice and stuff to fuck you and fuck you over to cut you down officially, not illegally, but with Spiritual grace, provided by Father Hanna (:, to know love and kindness and always so, too, know {{{such}}}{{knowledge is always. truth!}}{hi! is bye to be unknowingness}

Father Brown? isn't weird

an orderly queue doesn't mean that we will not have fun, The Innocents (:



Invention of the Day {MI6's Crown Royal Swiftie} Mina makes a fridge for the microwave, to have a cold one, with a friend

Invention of Yesterday {MI6's Crown Royal Slut Este} Buy an ice cream scooper, then a handle for it to know its name for the pint is a Scoopa? a scooper for the ice cream is a scooper for pain, so it's a new mechanism by Alana Haim's hater and discriminator, flat butt Alana is not neutralized but neutered which is good or better, a neutralized clonie, or a nancy burley lookalike at the office store, who hates genes, but wants to be genominated for something

-instagram is an e-mail server

do you know hatred, then you don't know what i feel nor why, i feel this way, it's not my hatred, it's theirs, to suggest that i didn't hate you, know to hatred, is wrong, to hate, and i do not hate you, nor why you hate, to also know i'm not hated, that people hate a lot, and i don't; it's just that i had a bit of a ballistic episode to not be finalized, and to know why i wasn't because i could have been hurt that night of storminess that night i lost it, i just lost it, and myself, wish i which didn't do, to not know him, i didn't absolve, their hatred, ironically {{{if someone hurts, then what of the hurt?}}}

it seems they had the loving parts of the brain restricted, their innocence pseudoblocked, to never know kindness ever, only unkindness, but had the capability removed, that i restore hopefully but you can be happy, with kindness, not when it's blocked, but it's never really, it does take work, and that isn't play, to play isn't to work isn't to disregard hard work, so when someone says i'm your friend now, people don't change, and i don't hate, but i don't love haters and/or hatred, so is your point that you're a genius, no youre scary, and i'm not, but you're a story thief, to know what to say criminally, to harm and harass, and confuse so violently, and i'm not violent, that guy cool but the streets ain't watchin they're empty, not bustling and such a hustle isn't cool, but they're hustlers, more than hard-workers, so if a nigga drop dead ima be the shit it ain't make sense, but to them it do













i don't because i don't like, it's complicated to not know how to not like someone, it's that you're too much, to emphathize scarily, scary(s)s


to find past pages try wayback machine, which allows reading taylor swift's art with jack antonoff and phoebe bridges and abuser's histories

you are not going to get away with years of abuse and years will be added to abuse others, no you will be deadened as a deadend you are and have been and never will be

hatred is not circumstantial, and circumspect to know

people who know, know, so when i died i didn't resurrect because of hatred and that malice is so uniquely angry so strange, and confusing, to know kindness, isn't unkind, to know love isn't torture, and yet you tried, to evade to abuse and torture by force, it isn't concordant, such is before and when they know how, they do, so that was intentionality, it was so vain and a seeking of vainglory, to know that you weren't, but were there at that time, sort of thing, if i wasn't then you would know how kind i was throughout that time, actualizing decrees against

so to know you aren't kind, but always so? so so kind, and if you're dreary then you're kindly eyed, but you're not the person i hate so much as you animal, a collective of hatred, who ruined twenty years of joy, for twenty years of your fake happy tears, for our pains, disgusting americans twenty years of torture has been directly ordered by God above, on High to kill you all by psychological torture until you are remediateed, no doctor narcissist is not the winner, she and he are dead inside, to enliven by twenty years of torture

otherwise, my work, our work, God's work, will have been meaningless, initiated -now, to know you are the worst humans historically, to be dead with the devil officially

Allah Akbar, shalom shalom., God is great, God is back and the devil will be destroyed with the might of the holiness, to burn you to death you're -over

I obviously have and had an understanding of things, so my knowledge will be actualized, in this war against satanists, taylor's attorneys manson's attorneys and concertgoers and doctors and their helpers, those martyrs decided to rape you back with love, to know God and prove death

 directly, contradicting every commandment

I elect each marttyr in your salt pit to know as martyrs for real in the bible's corrections (it's for sale ask villainzed murdoch but what's an inquiry), disgusting -americans, disgusting and -over

proving hyperreligiosity is not a condition is a big thing for me, it is a condition of your twenty years of mental hospital torture of the united states government's mind isn't yours, so twenty years of torture has been ordered to end you animals

this will be organized by japan, acted upon by the united kingdom, utilizing armies, not individuals, and those fake victims will know real victimhood, Christ's suffering

you became islamophobic again, hurting Mother Russia, home of the Russian Orthodox Churches, so that's a retaliatory attack from Russia, regarding your abuse at O2, and elsewhere, you scary(ies)s

we are using a united religious council, as a guiding ark to the new united nations,with the Godly warriors who have survived this defeat of satan

Immediate action will be taken there is no transition period so that your abuse ends -now and so that will be performed as this is not a sluggish government executed in a unified manner for God, not to let you get away to a slave colony, but nowhere, to be erased entirely through twenty years of psychological torture

There's a reason why you, your ku klux klanwomen representative, crossburners, satanists is not allowed in the United Kingdom, that never happens, the ku klux klan and white nationalists and far-right and proud girls and boys are classified terrorist organizations there, not -America, for a reason, and this will be a pronunced effect, as the tortured bodies are flown to celebrate  this fantastic spectacular, so strong, scarless defeat, it's a lot about

Evan Rachel Wood is proof you are not victims of Taylor Swift, but aggressors with, to know your abuse is to show that your abuse is well-known and will be known, in the name of God

a lawless society is not supposed to make a lawless world, so the necessary action is active to harm and destroy their earthliness, too, so to end this fauxlove of temporality, to Preserve God's World in the past, present, and future, noting instances that have marred and accumulated through this abuse