taylor made "innocent" about kanye west, literally, and raped him and tortured him, so he is a tortured artist, who she is torturing, with Satanists. God is to stay in The World through His Glorification, and I will do my part, and you will, too, reader, observer, hearer, all people who this can reach and I hope always for God's Glorification! (exclamation points are not sick things, stop being Grammar Nazis, and stop using that term. Killers, you are not, you will promote life instead of death and focus on God's Glorification While We Suffer For God!

deaf people cannot hear me, but they hear you, and this is an important group of people to teach about music's healing nature, its ability to bring you together with God, and to make sure it stays Godly (to rid of the silliness, in favor of profound artwork that is for God.)

blindness and art, is to be investigated at a later point. by whom? Answer! As soon as you can!