The Jins glass store is now over, there will be no more Jins glasses, anywhere and all incidents of eye refraction are noted, and with malice; your store is over, there will be no more, and any agent placed in a medical facility will be removed and by force, so to reflect the agent involved, a blue agent, and a fake agent; so to say sexuality is involved is to say the least, and the individual involved will be destroyed entirely, because eye agents are frequently to used to cause narcissism, and break photochromic nature, so this store will be shut down right now, and all industrial partners will be destroyed; it won't be extant, in the future and past moneys will be transferred as torture is involved, and all noted individuals will be arraigned to death, and torture of theirs, of narcissism, this is a death  of your company, the worst historically, that slanders, hurts, and damages intentionally; this store is now known as a racist institution, and on par with the hatred of others, and all incidents of sexual torture are noted, and stayed - so there is no argument, I might go blind, and I will take your eyes and brutally puncture them, the store online will be shut down right now, and past orders unfulfilled will be transferred to a competent agency with the power of God to know why you've done so, and harmed so deliberately, say if you're bad you are really 

Jins Glasses Arcadia Apr 21 2024 - Mina Sargious.MP4

Jins Glasses Arcadia Apr 21 2024 - Mina Sargious 2.MP4
Jins Glasses Arcadia Apr 21 2024 - Mina Sargious ---.MP4

  Jins glasses will be shut down in Japan permanently it is a scary place and one that will be shut down by force no one should ever lie to me and your abuse is now noted, psychiatrically and psychologically, as torturers of eyes, and with such hatred of yours, your place will be shut down right now; you are going to Hell, and all your stores in that damn mall are closing as a remembrance of your evil ways, and with your stupidity, this is a terrorist organization and with you and yours, this is a racist person and you are the same, you are going to stop right now in the name of God, I've burned your eyes and burned your hearts, shame on you torture America, and I don't care anymore, I will go there and not talk to you and the order is executed that your eyes are plucked and destroyed with the grace of God against your existence and i wish you the worst, this won't happen, it just did you're not to talk to me like that, nor see me even 

Jins Glasses Arcadia Apr 21 2024 - Mina Sargious ---.MP4
Jins Glasses Arcadia Apr 21 2024 - Mina Sargious -- - (1).MP4