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it's too laughable to laugh about nor cry about (criminality is observed not taken)

sophisticated work with sensible appeal (re: private, equity, llc.) regarding rebuttal to war propaganda advances (property of united kingdom's war resources center). for infomration on psychological war injuries, contact the department of defense of your local police department

those affected are a minority of historic war artists, in the caliber of elvis presley and marilyn monroe, fighting for change (warmongers are employed, and not our property) waged properly entails outline of war intention, and should be submitted to the united nations offices

crimes are accrued at war, not ignored, and victims are treated, meaning we are not victims, only abused from israel

any hacking iranian it is not allowed, only to be stopped, these are terrorists whom function under false auspices, war leaders are not contacted locally, nor federally, and are extra-national entities

abuse of war heroes, is uncommon, is increasingly cause for rebuttal, and as the only valid, news source here, currently, in the world, with national elements, i will have to ask you to step away, as illiterates and warmongers

there is questionable rape activity active against moti haim, noted warleader and noted particiaption is of your fbi-cia-similars and of local and state officials

biden has signed war documents, and is in protective cusotody, strangers stay away

intention is to provoke into online rebuttal, handled well, and poisoning is ongoing, very well to your abuser

war propagandists is taylor swift, whom is already banned in Japan and France, and is currently a fugitive along with accomplices, not Partner-In-Crime, war offenders

Mental Health bigot apa works with talyor swift 

rapists to hide now as before through official torture programs against the israeli people, to make good people, bad, and work together with the fbi and cia, as an illegal entitty

Hubbard, Mitchell and other CIA psychologists met with former APA President Martin Seligman at his home to fully understand the psychological theory of “learned helplessness,” a theory that Mitchell and others at the CIA were clearly incorporating into the CIA interrogation program. Seligman and Matarazzo also spoke at the SERE training academies where Mitchell and Jessen had been instructors, with Seligman doing so at Hubbard and Mitchell’s request … Mitchell and Jessen, who were alternating between (a) interrogating and waterboarding detainees in secret CIA sites abroad and (b) having meetings and conferences in the U.S. on topics that might assist them in attempting to extract information through torture and other abusive interrogation techniques.2000: Detainee began to cry while watching 9/11 video

2100: Detainee claimed to have been pressured into making a confession

2130: Detainee requested to go back to Cuba

2135: Detainee refused to talk about his mission, the one that was between him and God.

2150: Detainee went to the restroom

2205: Manchester Document – security plans

2230: Futility and self-inflicted suffering

2320: Detainee refused food and water

2400: Detainee was checked by medical personnel and was allowed to rest

26 November 2002

0400: SGT R wakes detainee- MPs take detainee to bathroom- he is searched and cuffed

to chair. Detainee takes a couple sips of water. SGT A advises detainee that a

bottle of water is much easier than a bag.

0405: SGT A begins by quoting a verse from Qoran. Detainee is awake, but completely


0425: SGT A uses “ Manchester Document” theme, explains to detainee how he uses

interrogation resistance techniques. Detainee is unresponsive; he has yet to speak

a word. SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleeping.

0430: SGT R states that because he (SGT R) is such a kind-hearted guy, he’ll let

detainee sit down, but detainee will stand again if he falls asleep.

0440: SGT R makes detainee stand again to avoid sleep.

0445: SGT A explains how detainee is not mentally sick, he simply feels guilty.

0457: SGT R allows detainee to sit down.

0505: SGT A tells detainee that no one feels sorry for him; he has brought this on

himself. Detainee takes two sips of water. Corpsman checks vitals. Guards take

detainee on walk to wake him up. Detainee has not spoken a word.

0515: Detainee is returned to chair. SGT A gives Arabic greeting detainee returns it.

Detainee says he’s mentally sick. SGT A explains to everyone in room how

detainee is using Al-Qaida handbook. Corpsman rechecks vitals.

0545: Detainee is stood up for 2 minutes to avoid sleep.

0550: SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleep for two minutes.

0555: SGT R makes detainee stand up to avoid sleep.

0620: SGT A allows detainee to sit down. SGT R explains the difference between his

will and God’s will. Detainee asks to pray. SGT A says, “You can pray after you

drink water” Detainee says he is fasting. SGT A doesn’t allow prayer.

0630: Detainee begins to chant. SGT R says, “If you continue to chant, I’ll turn on the

music” Detainee stops chanting.

0645: interrogators take a break. Corpsman states we need to elevate left hand to

alleviate swelling. Hand is cuffed above hand with a soft strap. No tension is on


the arm. Detainee states he doesn’t want his hand tied up. “I will take

responsibility for my hand” SGT A states “I’m glad you are taking responsibility

for your hand. Not drinking caused the swelling.”

0700: SGT A covers circumstantial evidence theme.

0730: SGT R covers detainee’s personal failures.

0745: Doctor gives detainee checkup – vitals are good – shunt is cleaned – swelling in

hand has gone down.

0800: SGT A covers “What we know” theme.

0820: SGT R covers “Failures” with more emphasis.

0850: SGT A allows detainee to sleep for 30 minutes. Detainee has spoken very little

through the session and keeps falling asleep. The 30 minutes may help him

engage a little more. After a brief discussion, interrogators decided to let detainee

sleep until 1000 hoping to improve participation.

1005: SGT R wakes up detainee. Detainee goes to bathroom and is searched.

1010: SGT A gives “Futility” approach.

1045: SGT R runs a harsh pride & ego down approach. ENS C (as rehearsed earlier)

comes in and asks SGT R what he is doing. ENS C says “Don’t talk to him like

that, he’s a human being.” SGT R says “Human beings don’t kill 3000 people”

and storms out.

1100: Second shift interrogation team enters booth – ENS C (lead) and IS1 E (control).

Lead begins speaking to detainee but the detainee looks down and away.

1130: Detainee continues the silent conduct. Lead leaves and control instructs detainee

to stand for ten minutes to stretch and wake up.

1150: Lead re-enters but subject continues not to engage in conversation. Lead runs

“Circumstantial Evidence” theme. Medical checks detainee’s circulation.

1245: Detainee offered food and water. Detainee refuses. Team ate outside of

detainee’s presence.

1330: Control enters and offers water. Detainee says he is fasting due to Ramadan.

Detainee requested to pray and was told he could only pray if he drinks water.

Detainee continues to refuse water but exchanges in dialogue with control.

Detainee was allowed 10 minutes to pray. Medical removes shunt from arm.

1400: Lead continues to try to engage detainee in conversation. Detainee unresponsive.

1600: Detainee laid down with feet elevated due to swelling of feet. Detainee slept for

45 minutes.

1720: Detainee told it is time for prayer but he must drink water first. Detainee took one

sip but was told he must drink it all. Detainee refused to drink water.

1800: SGT B began interrogation. Detainee refused to speak. Muslims in America

theme was introduced.

1805: Levels of guilt was introduced.

1810: Detainee refused food and water

1835: SGT M takes over the interrogation. P&E down was employed (ie You look like

hell. Do you want to see me everyday and pray on the floor where you urinated?)

1845: Manchester Document/Futility- The Al-Qaida training manual was written by

somebody who never went through an interrogation.


1850: Why doesn’t Usama bin Laden use his children, or why does he not participate in

suicide missions? Al-Qaida is falling apart theme/futility. SGT M reviewed with

detainee the slips that he made.

1905: Manchester Document theme/futility

1930: P&E down

1940: SGT B takes over interrogation

2010: Detainee drinks a bottle of water and is allowed to pray. Comparison is made

between idol worship and swearing Bay’a to Usama bin Laden.

2100: Detainee uses the latrine, walks around outside, and does knee bends to get the

blood circulating. Medical check. Detainee checked out medically

2110: Muslims in America theme

2200: SGT M takes over interrogation

2230: Manchester Document theme/futility – Did you see how quickly the United States

took over Afghanistan and how quickly the Jihadist fled the country or


2235: Detainee became very uncomfortable with SGT M’s hand on his shoulder

and tried to move it. Detainee seemed very disgusted at SGT M

2300: Detainee proclaims his innocence and requested that SGT M stop talking about

Islam. (ie Usama bin Laden raped Islam. UBL hijacked Islam) Detainee stated,

“If you interrogate me in the right way and the right position... you might find

some answers.

2308: Detainee claimed that the interrogations are based on malice, hate, and jealousy.

He said, “The treatment is wild and animalistic. Everybody has limits. Once

those limits are crossed, what is somebody suppose to do?”

2310: Detainee said, “If I told the truth, everybody would get mad. If you interrogated

me correctly... maybe if you rested and I rested... One interrogator after

another... God and his angels see what is happening.”

2315: Detainee was on the verge of breaking

2339: Detainee shut down and medical personnel check detainee. Detainee used the


2400: Interrogation ended. Medical check. Detainee was walked around the room for

five minutes before going to bed to get his blood circulating. Detainee’s feet were

elevated to reduce swelling in his feet.

27 November 2002

0400: SGT R (control) wakes detainee. Detainee goes to bathroom. MPs walk detainee

around to wake him up and get fluids from IV to move. His feet have swollen due

to excess fluid. SGT A (lead) begins Manchester Document.

0415: Detainee asked to pray at sunrise. Lead told him that he must drink _ bottle of

water. Detainee held his hands up and readily accepted the water.

0510: Lead started playing 9-11 video. Detainee asked to go to bathroom half way

through the video. Lead told him he would have to wait because she thinks he

just asks for bathroom breaks just to get a mental break. Detainee did not ask to

go to bathroom again.


0610: Video over. Detainee prayed and taken to bathroom. Detainee stated he was

constipated. Corpsman states detainee is impacted and needs to drink three

bottles of water or the detainee will be given

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