Watching others suffer doesn't humiliate the sufferer, the abuse victim, but encourages others to get involved the right way, and your attempts to embarass others, which still go unchecked by her, are disgusting, like you. However, I am not that way, hardly, abuser, Devil

People who harm others think about how to get revenge, look at things that aren't theirs, laugh at others who are more successful (in the correct fashion), destroy things to be happy. People who act tough, aren't. They are actors. People who get action, and do things, are tough, not prosaic, so? Please stop abusing others, trying to abuse me, because your tortures are too obvious to people who know, people who have the real power, the victims, those who are aware, those who do not seek revenge, only justice, only love, those with fortitude, not cowardice, people like those who don't harm, you scary thing, you, Devil

Abusers congregate, hide truths, lie, make up stories, story-tell, torture, lie and manipulate, are thoughtless, commit crimes without anyone knowing, are not representative of the populace, manipulate children's innocence, think about revenge, and will be avenged, certainly, for being so vengeful. You may continue! 

(Please note, however, that social structures are not to be abused, nor are people, lies are condemnable, especially the violent ones about your morbid fantasies, ones that are predicated on your abuse of others, namely people without your self-disrespect, without your childish inclinations! ! ! People who harm aren't to. People who are harmful are not to be. Certainly, abuser(s), you are not a person to be interested in, nor are you to abuse others, for yourselves.

A person who does bad things, is whom? A person who harms is whom? A person who isn't harmful is whom? A person who harms forcefully is not a victim, a violent thing, so gross, so Ungodly, and I'll stay Godly

(Actively, those who abuse aren't enabled, and have already been disproven. We are in wing, waiting to spring! :) )