my name being mina only by short, mina-aiso, by long, minaiso i am a person of interest to photographers, as the most beautiful child alive, was stolen, by another, i am missing, to my mother, who isn't here, who is there, dying to see me, yet that doesn't make sense; i'm obsessed if not taken to mary, tanagho, whom is not here, nor there, is missing, to me, in my heart, my mind, and body, my other half, is not here, only there, and i miss her, to see me again, then when can i see you again, i am not babyfaced, only tupac-like, a child of monsters, is a child of angels, and thus i am myself, a child of both, to become the angel-monster, you've missed all along, and if you want more, contact my friend, aio, whom is nto here, nor there, a person annoyed, is a person betrayed, and my friend i've betrayed you, and i'm sorry, i'm tiaoaoiaoip, a person from another country, and not mine, is yours, to take. thank you, aioaiop, i am aiopaio, mina -an


copyright all rights reserved {translation to arabic, please, and back}

rabina magood


i'm sorry, we're so inviting as people, the better color and culture, meaning emotions. it doesn't mean you can take the whole plate of falfaefl, the Israeli Jew slaved on. it doesn't mean share either, if I didn't invigte you, stay away from us, the uniquely colored.

it seems proud girls are sexually active with virgins at cia black sites, from before and currently, working to hide their tracks, with planes known on the radar as ghost flights, with no data, and each is a hijacked plane, and the pilot a hijacker, I need my work not hijacked and protected, this is mine, not yours, Taylor Swift, you took her there to, I had her back, and now if I had her to leave her, I wouldn't, it's a long-term commitment, not something I throw away, I didn't hear nothing kind of thing, and I'll fucking shoot, if I hadn't shot, then I'd be shot, not with drugs, and not injected with long-lastings, for compliance to art, is not yours, it's ours, and I will fight for it, and plus we're fine, nothing happened sweet heart, it's going to be okay, just nothing alternative to what's right is acceptable, and all individuals in those networks know of those sites, and frequent them, as brothels, and treated as prostitues, it's not so, it's differently, and HVD's, are treated a lot better, and it's not right, to have my art hijacked on a plane out of the country, me being the art, and your artist, being mine, it's ours, to have yours away on the sea, with tides and tidepools, looking for the next seashell, like Isaac Newton, prettier than the last, little boy, looking for hope, is now answered. it's not right, it's okay.

intercriminal is a new word for you, as you are multiple criminals, in the same networks, and youre racist and scary

I'm managed by they will give you my name and address, in city, code, if you need it, but abdul's artwork, is missing the signatures, on most of the ones he got there o nhis website, it's


his to have yours is mine

then i gave yours

to give

to you

it is you

to have

i am your friends

it will be yours 

i gave it to young to torture

it was to 

yours for 23 years, not quite, withstanding drug abuse

it isn't yours, and you and yours, to and ours,

it's you and yours, to know it's mine, not to say

it was you and yours, that i wasn't you to have

my to give

then you to have

our to give

then you to take

with yours, to know yours, it was yours, then it was to know

it wasn't to

then you would

then it's taken to, yours of, and with, yours to know you are




then you are you,

to you and yoursn ot mi and mine is yu and yurs i would not then to have yours

then to ours, ours is yours

to have ours, then yours, it is not your and your ares

that i gave to give

you give to gave, then it was you to know hat it wasn't so you would to know you are to have so's and have not so's it to know you are to have yours to have then you and yours to have you and yours,

then you are to have yours, my to have mines, and it was so that i could have been

you to have, and us to have's, is it yours,

to say, it was is fun's to have, yours, then it isn't so harmful

that you would have



been, there, to take, then you, and yours, to give, yours, and mine, and mines, is not to have, then you are not to have yours, then, to say it was yours to give, my, mine, then it's yours, to have and yours

to take and tours, and you and yours, then, you are, to have and have's, then you are not, and so, to bother, is to perturb, you are to harm, is to know you aren't, that you are harmed, is, and for yours, to know you are to know

if a person harms

if a person bothers

if a person injures

then you are harm

then you are bother

then you are injury

it wasn't so, harmful, to know yours, then i did, to know, you and to have and with, you and your, then i



and couldn't; it has to, you, space oddities, bowie, and not you and me, it's weird, and scary

you are attempting to usurp and it's not going to happen

this is my work, your corporations are corrupt, and need to be stopped

she is not me, taylor swift is not me, she is a rapist, and i hope you are not allowed to talk to me again you stranger

at the prickness is not mine, you stay away and die, it is not funny and it'sm urderous, you're disgusting as always, americans

using every possible tool to rape and torture is yours, to mock and deliberately so, pointlessly and aimlessly, kill, and quell and hopelessly harmful, and deliberately so

talk to her in person, Martha, can you get that for me, can you take the blood, I don't know what I'm doing, that guy is fucking scary, and he can kill you, he's weird and very aggressive, hasn't seen me as a patient, is always the quiet guy, then a genius, those kinds of people, are sketchy, ask around, because I'm not into this, and you're kind of freaky mentally, it's not my thing, to get fucked in the head, and the ass, too, for some of you. Religious pluralities are not that common, and I'm religiously plural, that means don't trust a fake profile, nor any semblance of fake interest in psychaitry or anything really, I don't do business, nor deals, nor talk. This is a g, not a cancer. Stay away from me, and now if you try a gun I'll pull a knife kind of thing, it's kind of boring, and also really interesting, and tough to manage alone, so make sure you're gun is loaded, and cocked at your head, if you're scared. If I say thank you, it's not me, I'm to be thanked, not anyone followed, and a tough act to follow, is yours, not mine, Dr. Kay Jamison didn't write that book, anything can happen doesn't mean that to Ellie Goulding, and armed weapons for me are prayers, feets and hands, knees and toes, it's not about your abuse, but mine, stay away, i get scary, I don't do deals, I get fucking scary