that bush an unintelligent spoiled kid who got drunk all the tyme and hated prayers (people who pray, and also helped)

who kept the  KKK afloat, i call them kkk, it's the antisemite kid, who knows who hate is, his father, also an antisemite, and his helper, an muslimphoe, someone likely to abuse me, and throw at camp justice

who are you? are you a ready man, like someone who hates readiness, like a messy guy? what does that mean? are you nonsensical and crazy, is you two-and-one-mockingnes-madness-traitorismstupid and scary, you'll need to leave me and alone, because you're fucking scary is that all are you scary

i was paid by an agent once, just to fuck agents up, but not like that i used online to rape, i predatored him, like another guy, to predator him, and i used and abused him so much, and raped for that person that paid me online, but wildly; i went to every picture and i did something, like faked it, like i told her it was him to fake it, like she told me to fake it to do so, it was official, officially scary to him, from the beginning, and i knew, so i did more and more, until this happened, i killed someone else, too, his friend, i tortured him, i'm scary, meaning i worked the same way, directly the opposite, invoking privileges she didn't have and took her down bad, including his friend, to do so much they wouldn't do i suggested it even inside to other(s)s and they wanted me bad, to want them good, it was terrorism, and i participated violently, attacking provoking stalking and harassing her, too, to harm her friend, and him, directly and scarily assaulted him every day with her and him, those and the person who represents her contacted me directly to hurt, telling them to die, basically attacking her, just to do so i was paid a lot, like more, and it was fun, so i left her and him, trying hard to kill, all for them, it was hard but fun, andy is a proud boy, like them, and invoked them continously to harm me, and started so much and got away with it all because he's the same, a proud boy

Popeye's is a what? Popeye's is wasekh (like dirty)?

You dick is frolicking? Your dick is kalem farekh (like nonsense words)?

i gotta upload 100 pictures of you, bye