Remember "thanks for your help with FBI" to seem pseud0-scam pseudo-real, well it's all real, and it's all abuse, i'm going to ask you not to behave similarly, as MI6 as a team has uncovered what happened to an important figure there, any information should be forwarded to MI5/MI6 phone e-mail contacts emergency-wise lol they're normal :) and they were chosen because they know English, because it's called "English"

American English is an oxymoron, like 

someone wants me to note, that it is a centrality, that all communications could be manipulated/seeminglygothroughnotreallytricksimilarly

post-rape torturer ptsd, not really, disgustinsg like noun, that was disgusting, alright disgusting, alright gus

you've been asked to stop, i can just imagine doug baldridge's ugly ass doing that, so fucked up you weirdo

don't fret - people are bad don't get - get up don't get up - get on, with your life your life is Our Life Is In Our Godly Hands

lincoln park's a good guy, and would emancipate slimegang too