I tried looking up wrong number for the Zuckerberg foundation with Chan and found out that it links to another place if you can find me the right number I would say it would be the right number if it had been carefully selected but it's not yet it stays abusive and scary and makes no sense so if it is a foundation that cares about others as they say the site would be deleted automatically so can you get them to do that, the person would say i had no way to stay away from me to you to who you aren't so when you are you are truly not who you said and say and says that you are not the person there who answered the phone who say i could've answered differently and so you have corrupted the world with hatred and malice so why was it done and for what reason i'm not too sure why a person is harmful necessarily however harmed you are not so did you do that for fun or to be funny I think both you are not who you aren't to have had who you are, so these are they, not we, to have known why they harmed us, it's a terrorist group really and obviously so scary that they've done this to harm others and make themselves so when they say i'm helping you today they're not it's scary and weird you are not who you say you are but you are just a drug dealer of sorts who deals to hurt and to cause hurt and always to know hurt because of such malice I have proven Instagram to be a terrorist which is designed to kill kids intentionally and harm deliberately for fun and for pleasure of big guys and scary guys however scary they are it is not a threat only a deliberation as they hurt others they make others sad to have fun with them those they've hurt and with malicious intentionally with a hatred unseen and the reason for hatred in the world literally the worst thing that could ever be imagined and the reason for the current dilemmas and the reason for terrorism 

Priscilla Chan is scary she work with ucsf and she evil to make money she hurt a lot of people na i think she ain't nice to no one except those who she like and who don't like her no one like her she abusive and not nice and i think she's kinda addicted to making people sick and sleepy because they work together to tortuer and that ain't right

You killed my daughter

You killed my son

You raped my baby

You tortured my baby boy

You told him he was stupid that he couldn't make anything, that he wasn't creative

And you later made him to say so, you are the worst human

You are crucifying someone and you are doing it for fun to make money and we liked it before more you had his idea you stole it and then you made him sick for it you are gross you are not smart you took me you hurt him you hurt us 



You should delete your website.

You should do it now.

You don't care about rape victims, you raped everyone, you are a serial killer, confess now to MI6's Mina, and at sis.gov.uk/contact-us.html

and last but not least you did not torture her you think it's ok for you to get away with this:


I AM NOT YOUR TOY TO BE TOYED WITH INSTAGRAM YOU ARE A COMPANY THAT KILLS KIDS AND HAS A HISTORY OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and because you hired an attorney to represent Goldie it's over you were hiding that you kept that illegal post up which had racist things and called her an animal rights lawyer for the fake settlement meaning a fuck about the puppy 

well listen you're going to give me every penny you owned ever right now this is an order and i don't give a fuck you put me deliberately in harms way and you deleted it after let's just delete it well you stupid motherfucker your stupid website is drained youre giving me everything right now for me putting me at risk of a racist attack, which happened actually

as you are not doing so others are getting hurt and also becoming someone they are not, and with aplomb i say you can contact them for money any day as they don't provide accurately and lie so much it is a terrorist group who hates others, run by these two who hate everyone for themselves, and for the purposes of harming others deliberately he also knows you to know that you a history of torture using the internet as a weapon of choice, now when you decided to the internet as a weapon of choice to feel emotions of your victims let me know why you committed suicide that day was it for fun or was it for another reason saying a person is a victim of you and so they would know why they became who they weren't who they wanted to be they are the worst humans in history known on the radar as terrorists those who want more than they can have they are the zuckerberg-chan family and are known to be  racists to be abusers to sexually assault kids to imbue guilt in others and to mock on every basis and kill kids for christ's sake they have nothing in them they are disgusting animals and also want so much that they don't have and when they do so they want to feel like they weren't if i had a knowledge of yours i would know and i would not be raped you you are disgusting you deserve to burn in Hell which you will you are going to Hell you will go to Hell and I pray to God that you know why you've going because you've hurt you've tortured and you've humiliated others who have been tortured you are the torturers right now and among the world's histoorically worst torturers and abuse is so gross that you employ any means to protect yourselves so when you say i feel happy today it was a great day i'm such a good person i love others i'm black and proud i'm loud and proud guess what you aren't anything to me you are going to hell each and every one of you and you are known on my radar as the ones who want more and also insinuate i'm hurting others you are going to hell and not with me you are the worst humans in history currently active hurting chiildren more and more by force by rape and by torture online and then offline