this is in remembrance of those i've lost yet gain in victory and defeat, it is for them, i have won this war with the kingdom and have yet that war defeat acknowledged and you can find me yet you can't discuss as you are scary not scared and utilize that tactic do no affect and only affect us, make us sad, and use your energy to do so, and claim fake victimhood, and fake spirituality, and win falsely, well, not this time, it's acknowledged war as victorious yet no one has contacted me, only the FBI and the Dr., it is an unfortunate situation, and yet very troubling still, and please consult your Allies before entering into such a war agreement, it is beyond heinous, the results, and I'm glad to have saved your nation, yet it is more important to know that I can't work at my pace alone, please seek others, before I die, I want you to know, I'm a good person, and that victory is not tainted, in death, as their objective is to taint it, and yet had I not tainted my own when I asked you into life? You beauty it is ok, we'll be fine, end or not, it's the time to go.

it is not just illegal to fly a flag it is not yet that part of you will become it is a flag without a purpose and it is representative of torture not past not current only as the tide moves into the wave i ask you to stop the crash it is not yet my tide it is my crash into it and you will you will not have my nation independent of yours and as it is that you have tortured into being it will happen into being this is not the way and you stay away from me and it is your child not to molest

Proper action of war is to consult each nation involved at war, and that consultation has yet to happen, and that's to the chagrin of other nations, and as such it would behoove you

TaylorSwift.Cm is only a manipulator of writing, she is not a real artist, she has stolen, and has yet to acknowledge that she is that purpose in war, and has startted her own war, because she cannot understand her violent ways, are not truthful enough to have and stay away is my order not yours, and you may not manipulate my writing and record my voice, for your army, to claim false victory, my writing is codified, permanent, my voice not, silent for victims of your war, unable to speak, and ask, "may I ask you for a favour, do me that, ask him well, and"

you have committed a war in the name of homosexuality and it failed and you tried to rape every middle eastern titan and that was homosexual you are a rapist