Currently, some of your worst are inundating with targeted "torture language," drawn from private recordings. It's still a command to listen to, put them in order, you are obligated to the head of the army, navy, air force, etc., all of whom are rational, and followed military procedure; your children and adults, are losing sense. Iyou chose to protect weirdos. I cannot protect your "violent, stormy, sexualized violent children and forgetful parents." Please, see, that these are "meaningless," "go to do, and listen to stay." It's self-defeating, to listen to military officials. You are past understanding, "make yourself at home." I will need you to leave our peacefulness, to make yourselves do as you wish. Currently, some of your worst are inundating with targeted "torture language," drawn from private recordings. It's still a command to listen to, put them in order, you are obligated to the head of the army, navy, air force, etc., all of whom are rational, and followed military procedure; your children and adults, are losing sense. It is not mine, to fix. Turn your friend in to the head of the military, to learn of your scaled punishment today! Meghna Parikh is a known white supremacist, of an Indian colour. She is not a person to respect; as predicted 20 years ago, this person has a degree in hatred, and of a degree unparalleled. She works hard to cover her tracks, and soft to cover her mouth, when she spits, at those whom are emotional. She is uninteresting, and a fearful psychopath, using military guard, to protect her abusers and abusees. She is not worthy of my respect, let alone commentary, yet she will provide your psychotic folks a recourse, in psychological torture. Most individualized terrorists, have a their own doing, other their own making. Do not contact, nor attempt your own coup, of individual, violent psychopathy. This industrial complex could have been attacked, yet her abuse is known historically, as she continues the choice of torture against me, I would rather you hurt you, and take responsibility for your misaction, previously. Such abuse is unparalleled, yet also in its forgiveness, not ignorance, like the abuse and torture she was told to put me through, by those at these organizations, and those in lower powers, and her torture is extreme and very difficult, if not impossible, to know and one more hatred of mine she is a very vulgar person drinking smoking and engaging in pornographic behavior she is leading you on no matter how hard you not try and please my respect my authority, to injure any such named individual beneath or above comedic violence and portraits of violent antagonisms

I need you a few people, literally just a few, to get hurt physically, because they have no spirit, and have occupied my mind, with extreme torture, it is extremely individual, and never talked about, because I don't complain, at once please apprehend any individual you think you can harm, because I am not fully cognizant while being tortured, it will be happen a child molester, a violent child, an aggressive mother a portrait of a dead father these childrens and their actions have extreme consequences personally, yet I have none of to know of them, as I'm too close to each party only to know my anger and rage is unfulfilled and I have no contact information still from any official in any capacity and am being hurt by your friends and family those your superimposition on my actions is all that happens and you win and i embarrass myself and earn punishment from these sorts whom inspire others to action and violence please see to it that you get these monsters away I will torment my body nor allow you to antagonize me with a looted anger it is not your loot to take from us if you could please hurry because time is short here on earth we have a day left and its night is only our remaining day please hurry and show respect because I will not have a day without my girlfriend dying in her agony crying why cannot I do more when I expected that of others it is too nice and too harsh please see to our hopes and dreams, abuse sorts that have that reckless spirit and are hard for us to fight, only to fight, and see action and results, please and with my statement of war, completed, and violence avoided, you can have me again, to allow your children over there, to understand how I was raised, that allowed you country to be safe, and mine to be destroyed, it's allowance of my violent emotionality, my learning of the inner workings of all communities, the lowest, most demeaned, rather, and the person of yours taking my kindness, taylor swift, to abuse me into a state of paranoia and anger, I would never harm anyone let alone myself, harm is not a way of harming another, if you choose this actionability, then you've chosen my action, and that's peacefulness, and allowance of such violence, you need to do this, correctly, for your generations are about my pain is not suffering enough for joy that never becomes, please know that I am not a good person, have my flaw in expecting hope, and only receiving toiling in your fields, hoping, dreaming, for your betterment, I could not have anyone better, than you, to know, that I have a lot to give you, only to take from your peacefulness, and that isn't right, so when you came recently, I cry a lot, and learn why I am not happy yet, and why you are so giddy, it is so pointless your violence, and sexual deviants, learn, that I cannot work for you, if you bother me, I understand you are sick, but my health is not mine to give to you, if you continue to bother me in my head, screaming profantiies, then take yourselves out, and make my pain less than hers will ever know, I am too kind, indifferent to your callous anger and deviance, please hurry with my kind knowing that I have a quick day ahead, and it's painful night, if you can harm yourselves into compliance with military order, please do so, I cannot work with low-level criminals, angry drunks, and pitiable self-revolved sorts, if you can harm yourself into action, tonight, please, my dear, don't and make sure you can harm me, instead, because my wounds, at war, are still here, from before, and you have stood and I have sat, and that's not proper, it's only my duty, and I cannot tolerate theirs, it's seemingly a dark duty, and I cannot with this abuse, it's too much, and it's too little, your behaviors are exemplary, yet not sufficient, because I have no where. to go, cannot imagine how to be free, and that's not my fault, I have been trapped, and enslaved, your feelings have vindicated, yet mine unnoticed, if you can harm me do so, just don't hurt yourself helping me, because I can't help myself more than you can, I have been molested to a degree unparalleled, and bothered too much, for you to see, this happen, once more, ignore all mistreaters, and disgust yourselves with your natures of torture and deviance, I cannot help you, I cannot work with you, and neither can me, it is too much, please take my duty and swallow it whole, I have more dutied to my body, then my flesh, and I will still own you and tell you more of my adventure it is not something you are a part of, only a partaker of, it lead to my physical unhealthiness and I am still happy with whom i am physically, because I am a soul that has a body, and your body is my anti-parallel, something that is not appealing, yet is attractive, to me, I have more anger in looking, at your bodies of unhealth, it is too much remember your family and love them unconditionally, they'v spent more time wwith you than yourself, and actually are simply people you may be hurt by, because they don't know, by body, only by less experience than your internet, or your self, or your self; the atmosphere is over, now only karaoke artists, it is not real work, only play for them, every artist is as bad if not worse than Taylor Swift, so pleae ban and start over, from Kanye West, at the very least; they are terrifying and unartistic, products to stay in America! Nothing seems worse than this happening again, I am not your President, I don't live for you, I need you to leave me alone, and be isolated from me; my worst fear is living again with you, tormenters, and those whom torment, it's a cycle of abuse, that I'm getting out of, not with, you and you are so stupid not to your respect your women in your military, whom are transferred to male duty, and the discretionary is yours, still, yet allow yourselves to it, and their transference, please, and the humor, still, is not lost are strange, America, and need to respect your authority, not your person who sings songs, and enjoys life, that's not me, please hurry it up, gentlemen, by you way of your courtesy to women, please remove them from your militaries, and make their desires realized, this american influence went there, to make you misogynistic, and careless, it's not your duty to me, but to your military, to gather than American female soldiers, and the transition of the others is noted and your rapes are necessary for that peaceful reason, you have hacked into the most difficult software, using code stolen, that no one wants, please hurry my actionability into action, you are scary and need help, not like this, your anger is anguish to me, and I feel horrible about their actions recently, and they are terrifying, sexual, and supported, your children are the same, not to contact us, mocking our beauty, for your sickness in America, it is your Taylor Swift world, and it's annoying us, I'd rather talk to myself than you, it is your children, your lustful parents, and your decayed society, it is very out, and not wothy of my respect for you to know to not contact us, means that, do not contact us, you need remedial therapy, and I cannot provide that free of charge, and your not to become by rape, it is now how action is done, and it a sign of a decayed morality genetic and purposed to hatred, and working to kill art, for your stupid artistic savants, to sing and dance, I will not work with you, nor entertain you, it is not an entertainment event, and you will have stupid children erased for their abuse and sexualization of others, your girls are known to be disgusting, lustful and heavy, not to contact us, only to avoid propriety, and self-respect is not to learn by learning, in itself, you are scary, and need to get raped, you stupid children learned from their parents anger, and not peace, you keep your racists, and they will learn nothing of your stupid leaders, are not to talk to you, only talk of you, and your violent temperament learned, and not taught, you are not allowed near us, allow your children away, from police authority and its yours, this anger of mine, you keep it as a gift, of their autism, as their function of my hatred, you keep it and cherish it men it time to fight and do it valiantly, allow yourselves to take advantage of your strenths and all for your children to become protected, and enjoy themselves, without their presence, you are so ugly garish and pointless, artistic savants, are not to make contact, they are raping me actively, taking my words and making it theirs, as americans do, for love and sex, you stay away from me, and make sure children their storybooks about your history destroy, there's something about your stupid children that annoys me, it's their garish commitments, and horrid dispositions I am not writing for you to take me, its your child to go to hell, with your childrens above, nothing had with you the art here is horrid, because they rape only the good artists, necessarily, and will not respect authority, because of slutty ways and niggerish tendencies, your abuse is now noted as psychic terrorism and your children to rape are so ugly physically i have to tell that you are not a person to not know its mine, not yours, you stupid little kids, are so aggressive, and you need to gather your emotions and sit in the corner your ugly go away, these torturers are using military tricks to stop-go writing, publishing upon their rights, it is rape, and actively pushing buttons in the middle of the writing, it's a rape war, it needs to stop, and they will not respect your authority, and its not my structure sometimes, they are so garish, and immediately obsessed with themselves, and their ugly families, it's horrifying and I will need a full protection order against this country of rapists, and violent torturers whom think psychiatry is medicine and that violence is torture, you need a criminal organization here to suppress the you are not to talk to a person much superior to you and respect my authority, it's people whom look like "can I have you, and why is you, and I can, so I will, and here, here's pointless and scary, and what and too stupid emotioinally, emotionally stupid, that's the complementary norm" What part of no don't you understand, lacking in emotion and intelligence, some together, some raped for that reason to become emotion and emotion to become reason, you are inferior in every way, please respect authority the rapist is yours not to have, you keep your rape to yourself, you take my work to rape it still with your hero, it is not known how ugly a person and aggressive americans are to my writing I blessed it, for you to sneeze on, you are so garish and pointless, and mocking, please stay away from me is norder, you stupid little niggers, your anger is too much, to make me even resemble you, take my anger and put in your mouth, you are so ugly, this is a show, not a presentation, he is a rapist like your rapist, its not to happen to like this, they have engaged technological warfare, and antagonistic behaviors to hurt those help me out of their rape it's a cold place and a hot place not to know me you keep your retards to yourself you have no talent and you're extremely stupid i cannot answer you anymore than i already have its a show of your stupidity and now you going to get killed, because you cannot respect us than I already have you are not to talk to me you are so vulgar and homosexually active with me not to happen you are horrifying is your andy to my hatred put your guns up and fight without knowing that I cannot answer than I already have your a rapist culture is to not to know your stupid aggressive pieces of hormonal need a horoscope and a dog to fuck, you leave me alone, you are too American to look at me, step out of your home office and get hurt, you are over and I am not nearing you, I am freed to leave, by an art, not to know you, as the anger, in peace, you ought not to look at, you are not to respect me, than I have your pieces of hatred, its not yours, you are pitiable whores and rape is yours to know step out of my home office, to your end is now your beginning, your society is dumb as hell it's more than obvious that your stupid political leaders are still here, trying to rape the president, i will not allow that, yet you are stupid and angry it's beyond my comprehension, the anger in me is too much right now you are so garish i cannot look at you go to your daughter and fuck your son i cannot anwer a stupid person more than I already have, a dog is more intelligent than your ambition to rape and torture it is yours to keep, and fuck your own cat, you are bestial and horrifying people who cannot me are to be raped, it is not yours to decide my fate you are so stupid and garish you look like a box inside of whore, you commit to your crime and I put you in hell for this i wouldn't your anger is too little and mine too much you are little storyteller who needs a bitch and a slut  to get a whorny away from me, you are stupid and vivacious for no reason okay then take your pills and stuff them down your throat your stupid people do not understand english nor emotions, you do not contact on the pretext of too much emotion, and misunderstood language, you are so ugly I cannot understand your violent asses getting raped right now hurry it up you are so pointless and stalking to cause your form of insanity, is your rape to have, your horrifying they are going to be hurt, your medicine is your toxic fuel, then touch it and fuel mine, I do not have a dam to give you, it is only your angry fucks to know I am not around you, terrorists, is yours to become louder, and scarier, storytellers is yours to be raped, i owned a home of slaves not Jews, you put yourselves in my shoes you are going to leave to me alone, you are high as hell, and low as heaven, you stay away your horny asses are going to be bloodied, you keep your loud pedophiles, away from me, stalking children is your means of survival, you stalked to the prince tonight, you are going to get killed, and now here is my final answer, I am too strong, yet too little, angry and morose, emotional and scary, you put your ass away, and I have your coffin, waiting, it is too scary, and you will know my anger, believe it, and medicated men and women, your stay-away order, has begun, you have lost my respect artistically, and scientifiically, your violent in both aspects, and sad to leave, is yours to stay, you're angry and I'm not, you are so garish with your emotions, you think anger and violent tones amnd you are whore to be not known I will not know you are a slice to my whole, not to know why I hate your garishness you take pills I will not know you are nazi-era is over. it seems you don't care; terrorist countries never answer, properly, it's a rape war, and your terrorists are still present! Let's go, Israel! You pose a current kidnapping risk, because you will not succumb to our orderr, and you need to stay away from us, yet us towards you? this is not normal, you are not going to kidnap me nor other royalty, medically or otherwise, with your workers still trying, and immorality only, and this is because you've killed before, psychiatrists and drug dealers, you are known to have murdered one, then two, then i don't know you anymore and rape and torture ensue from the top down, and they seek new friend to torture, this is not an invite, to do as you please, you leave us alone, and please take care of our throne, your home is dirty, and I am sickened already, but I have hope that you will behave, and gather your serial killer and put her in her place, I have few cares left, only to enjoy life, it's time to party, not with you, it does not work like that, you are strange and gross, using torture mechanisms to take my home, is yours to know, then, I will not entertain you, by sluts and niggers, using my language is not allowed, put your kids in their place, and show me more respect, before you lose everything, and your child who has raped is a torture device, to know not me, you put yourself in harm's way, no you did not, I will ask you politely angered men and women to put your children to sleep and animals to bed, with your children animalistic enough for me to avoid, and your parents unnatural, and strange

Yours sincerely,

Mina Sargious