slow-motion nba during covid is when it really took a dive

Black people aren't supposed to be in the NFL, but NBA; National Balance Association and the NFL is used to make them angry at white people, intentionally, so to abuse themselves, and many Black NFL Playered aren't funny anymore, because they're censored for being hilarious - in a certain way if i hike a price up and fumble with the receipts kind of thing, so when you rush for so many yards it doesn't mean prison yards are the best defensive guards, so when you say i'm off to prison again it's really their prison, the White Man's, as the NFL is designed deliberately for that reason, which is best defined as not The Black Person, as the black is not into throwing and running it's an entity behind it behind NFL suggestabiltiy doesn't mean that you're easily manipulated just because it's a concept and sneaker stores are going out just because of the same reason, but that's not the point, the central station out there for a reason, you know it - where'd he go what's the directionality is it forward backward regressive self-improving to say that you're suffering, not really doesn't make sense, self-respect and self-expression, both not interchangeable like you can't have one without the other, like love without pain, and painfulness without happiness i think there's a slight indication here that the NFL is abusing its players, not going too far with that, but just want to know why no one is happy within the league

makes me wonder, is osmeone in the NFL it's not that dejecting, it's just worrisome; is there hope of course but not in the NFL, its hope is not your hope, which is to stay Hopeful


i'm okay just bad days again, of every bad day is a good night thing, but it doesn't mean sadness makes you sleep it means happy like the time when i threw a punching bag at a stranger and this stranger said thanks for throwing that to me, and i said i don't want to punch that bag, yet the bag was empty anyway - so do know i do care about everyone, just everyone is to care about you too, and that's troubling when i hear that someone isn't caring for you properly, stay wary, so important STAY WARY (war isn't natural, but the opposite of caution, and always means nonsensical abuse, so?)


people play games to fuck niggas up fucking ugly motherfucker u fucking cocksuckin bitch ass name gone forever fucking see you out on a nigga plate his ass destroyed name this fucking faggot actin sides out here ain no niggas gettin shot for his pussy to bleed after im done with this ima say i hate you and i dont hate no one but your weird ass shriveled dicks

do not fuck with me 

i am not nice

i'm really not nice  

i'm really not nice i get nice but i am not nice

i am nice to myself only right now so bitch do not play with me 

i do not play with fucking weirdos i do not play with kids of pedophiles and i do not play with your bitch

so at this time i'll ask you to fuck on 

i play with niggas heads thats what i  do out here

you play with your kids pussies, i ain't like that, so fuck on you autistic ass school shooter weirdos ain't into this for that reason I live life for the niggas that niggas love the real niggas

i ain't playin these streets isn't safe because of y'all i ain't trust a gun in the hand of a fucking psychopath ups drivers need to close the door and short fashion i ont fuck with that

get off the fucking computer you fucking autistic troll ass school shooter you can get your mommy to buy your ass a gun instead they sell them at your fucking clinics fucking psychos fucking angry psychos fucking angry weirdos fucking pedophile church fucking weirdo fucking angry fucking scared fucking chained to fences to fuck a fence fucking offensive as fuck i am not your fuck buddy never was a fuck toy like you're a new thing (Copyright MI6's Mina, as usual) a FUCKGIRL. i don't fuck with psychos who ain't crazy who love money and to fuck people over i got text for you all i got money for myself to fuck a nigga up, I fucking swear y'all fucking pussy as fuck, half yall weird, the other half school shootin the weirdos who school shooting people on the outside

could be an accrued emergency plan guise

later to displace blame

to someone potentially

to say caught Marilyn Manson creditshift terrorist

maybe involving budding sorts there

dies then it's he the one who did as proven to hurt and harm intentionally so, defined by malice and greed and making money which they want to define as happiness, but it is to fine a definition, as some who harm define as harameya robbers not kind not haram but people who know how to pretend to steal for thoseness a feeling of wanting of changing mutating intentionally often to not precisely change as no one can colloquially, literally change can happen it's an active word necessarily, and adverbs are not advertisements so picadilly to make a child sex parade out of a circus

was Brian Warners attorney in court I just thought about the picture could be fake likely I perceived not and surmised based on an inference provided similarly that govenrment or similar 2 FBI-cia

that office could be used as a means of recruitment through communication

this church cia stuff he goes when I was in the shower time like exactly 10ish happened to the older priest the nice one short and his wife took her was healthy his son the computer help me with computers has no role but suggested and is funny, so to know she went to get hurt similarly child molester likely before showerelated wallace's doesn't know how to draw blood does nothing may not be a doctor officially graduated and may have similar history

fbi enforcement cia torture wing

Subject: you could even say antimuslim enforcement cia torture antisemitism

pedophile enforcer anarchist enforcer unified by standins who advantage to

most of selectee list could be trafficked victim even orand or to watch

Subject: can anybody help

cry of the most helpless most innocently hopeful

911 holy crusade anti Muslim antisemitism was intentional to have fun both ways Marilyn Manson was to be succeeded by Taylor Swift

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