When she says she is "never beating allegations," means they'll never be defeated: any, and her grossness (planes or planetary or plants or government plants? paranoid ___ to?)

i'm normal and don't hurt people, don't target people, unlike her, am quite the opposite, so this is entirely Hopeful

she is an evil person, who usually defeats souls; but i'm the strongest, i think, and kanye in the industry


Godliness conquers always! Like Marilyn Manson, she is transitioning into the phase of denial, but it's really a denial of someone else's idea, marilyn does the same thing (which Kanye West noticed, embarassing him - shuts up and dances, right Joyner?) taylor swift's latest tweet about her witchcraft is a proof in itself; she is a Devil. She shuts down articles like a tyrant would (even a civil rights group, ACLU, tried to suppress her tyranny.)

Warner Music Group senior VP of publicity Tree Paine worked with rocker Marilyn Manson earlier in her career. 


well-intentioned but what if i wasn't there; i wasn't aggressive, i didn't brainwash, i didn't say "i spy" cowardly won't even communicate but is brainwashing and gaslighting (shiva from uci? whom? no answer...?) i guess to shut me up

racists (marilyn is a female name, but he hides it for rzns) taylor and marilyn manson are Satanists

they don't seem to care about the threats?

"the altar is my hips" is not an allegory, false lyrics (think about them, not the sound, she is seducing you into becoming racist and killing others, as Her racist troll farm, who propagate hate)

matty healy didn't face backlash, but is praised for his anti-Muslim actions not rhetoric (trick) and Islamophobia, unchecked and kissed by Taylor Alison Swift, the most powerful person in history, and a White Nationalist by asssociation (and her treatment of the "innocent" then diatribed Kanye West)

she encouraged his islamophobia, racism against Kanye West, and abuse of innocent people (as Rina said)

why is shiva wearing a suit? why the display of importance to someone who is innocent, as well (i found her on the ring camera, in another city, and made her talk and leave, but some damage still - to make the opposite, the most peaceful person in world history, look like a psychotic terrorist, someone who she said Lilit's church leader said called the FBI, a racist act in itself, to protect no one, nothing weird, she tricked words)

i am not crazy, what do you say

but lilit keeps calling

she is trying to call me crazy to people i don't know, with the help of this stuff,

and what would you do in this situation? but because I'm so peaceful I won't be aggressive, nor do they work alone (can be corrected, increased, marilyn manson, taylor swift, not incarcerated in any way)

if i wasn't contacted the day before, like a third party was, if anyone told me, i would be scary, but i've never been contacted. this was all done furtively, (they probably would've locked me in a mental hospital, by lying, they know who I am obviously and conduct character analyses regularly), with the psychiatrist lilit pogosian (not esteemed, but random, a cnbc-fan), enabled. she is abusive by nature. who looks more hard-working, and a good person

you don't know them, they are quiet, and not peaceful, tricky (i'm strong, but anyone can become psychotic if mentally tortured - who are they? no answers from FBI e-mail sources, even the most basic one (is this a scam?) ;(

there's a reason i love (and it's my heart, not theirs, they are very sneaky, like racist-leader Taylor Swift

 there's a reason we don't see these people on the news, the suited sorts; what happens to their victims, usually innocent, like Elise, they're throw inside of mental hospitals, perhaps, with the help of racists like Matty Healy, tools like Taylor Swift INC, and tricky people like Lilit Pogosian MD (Major Depression)

israelceasefire and israelegypt were deleted forcefully, and no one at the FBI cared? I e-mailed so many times - no answer, looking through things (getting informationm, possible to defend themselves), yet they're trying to impel insanity (with a drug dealer)

She just called yesterday, with her desperate ass. And texted asking me to get a new doctor (but one of her choice, and it's just a trap to keep me, as I'm her toy, a tool, basically a hostage)


but they're trying to bring them back, to confuse and hurt me, that would be so tricky, so that's it, they're Evil

Shiva Taghdis (I don't know who you are, but i found your name on another paper, is it real or  do you work for Marilyn Manson? he uses real names, too, so I'm confused - and I cannot tell physically, because I'm soulful)

They're waiting for me to go insane...if you're not, you won't, and please incriminate yourself, which is horrid! i even contacted her sister at a law-firm (no response)

they're trying to make me look scary, like a terrorist, but I'm not! I swear.

i am not under fbi investigation, so this is Marilyn Manson's worker (Evan Rachel Wood didn't write that, but he probably did something)

and all of this is very embarassing (who posts private e-mails); I have to, and I won't succumb (they do it to revolutionaries; they did to Martin Luther King, Jr, they told him to kill himself, I'm an online peace orator, not a violent person, and that's a problem with some. No, Martin, you are not a deviant; you are not scary to me

They're encouraging trolling from Taylor Swift (yes, you are a witch), and her deranged fans and hired troll farms (using her name), and her Neo-Nazi cult (surprisingly, not the "New Slave" Kanye West)

they are trying to make me scream in pain; gathering information about who I am, trying to prove what can't be proven. they lied to third parties to make me look crazy; and that's where that ended (it was a taunt, that last message). but i think it's marilyn manson's team, tree pain's team, taylor swift's team. I am not against the government, but they are!

Tell her to stop, and ask her about her talk with the FBI the night before they came, because I still think they're scammers (like Marilyn Manson's), she is not a victim, and those people are tricky

Marilyn vos Savant Manson is not a good person, no; he's the opposite of me. He is an avowed killer of innocence, someone who hates religious people, who is worse than anyone can imagine...

and he's extremely bold. and is used to doing performative acts (he is worse than a satanist, he kills, tortures, and rapes, people all the time - like his best friend Johnny Depp, who get away with this devilish bullshit

i'm sorry for blaming you, i wasn't, i just want you to know that people aren't good, however that person isn't that strong, and some people are naturally tricky, and keep the peace in the middle east

johnny depp is a satanist, like Miss Marilyn, and he is extremely popular among children as well, and got away with it. just goes to show you, i guess

it's kind of tricky. put on your thinking caps!