in the rape game, you go over, as artist, and rape, for fun, take your time, and run with it, use your name as a disclaimer, torture is your hobby, you need to stop, your torture country is over, get your panties back on and your draws pulled up, your not very funny, learn how to be women, you are not strong, you are weak, you are not interesting, you are groups, and singers, and it is enough, you are not to play this game, it's enough, you're on a most wanted terrorist list, do not approach nor financially support terrorism, and it's pretty clear that any effort against me, is against where you are from, and I would not know my anger is because you are not from my heart, it is not yours, you put me in hell, good, keep yourself in it. your nation is incoherent, and you are so innocent, just dancing, it is not your fault and i did everything, it is not. i did this. you respect me, and did what what happened and why is this happening it is so absurd and i had not a care yet for you and it is yes as it is and i am a great man only not that great as i participate in rape all the time, i am a one, a two, and it does not make me unangry, to not know you, i do not discriminate, yet why are you so discriminatory, it is pure terrorism, and obvious financing of and for, and complicity and obedience to, benefitting from and self-benefitting, it is not a story, where you get an ending without a middle and you are a torturer if you know then you know that kind of guy it is torture yes it is and you are not to blame and you are not to have it it is not happening it is over and i am not your toy, it is so fun, to be raped repeatedly, i can attest to that, i read that somewhere that torture is fun, yes he enjoys it, when i fuck it is for inanlity, and my victimization is your rape and it is fun to rape, like a woman, to say i'm a victim of his, like he did, and it is not your to know i am a victim, nor a person is your money to torture, as you are not tortured, because it is your fund to have your torture for, and still, with and not care for, but it is different yet not enough to care, yet it is your duty, to your country, not to care, it is youro duty and freely I do not want you to do that nor finance that, nor torture the person is not you to know it is you to have and you to want as you torture and mock and record all illegal government tools it is your terrorism and your terrorist and if you had not, then i had you know i had to give it for you t o have not to take and iti was so you could and it is your tiring not my to have is your to keep

effort against fbi and cia andn police and commuity members and organizatino and group of organizations and yours and not mine and the only person who could have ,not you, whom is you to have you and yours is you to have, a torture is yours to keep

Please and I beg you this time, answer me. it is about your country. your president i found through hard emotional work, and saved him. you do not seem to want to credit me, like with my friend it is not enough? i don't want you to stop harasssing me? what a crock of shit. you guys, are you alive? is anyone adept at language? it doesn't seem, yet it is. I need an answer. And protect me, it is wrong not to. It is illegal, I am the person behind the screen, this isn't a collective effort, i'm one person, it is one man, and your just like playing games, what kind of nonsensical people are you, and you don't care, your just enjoying, you need to do something. your president is not there. there is urgency, as tomorrow (Tonight) will be fake. you have not to listen to the debate. another person may appear or both ai and another person. 

here is what's going to happen. donald will not be real. he is not a real person. okay? seconod, biden will be appearing, as a real person, yet fake. it is not a real person, and a fake ai real person, so it will appear newer than the old. i do not have your conditionary access, that you need to provide, to protect me, the person protecting your country in this realm, that matters the most, and I presume tomorrow will also have a few new characters. the moderator will be a real moderator from afar, using ai to mock moderation, and it is not that person, he is not scary, as most anchors aren't, and it is also prudent