we good we out here we eating and they living off the food we eating, like vultures

there are three: the first, initial, and last 

<all lack credence, all lack coherence>

 i saw someone like this on the fbi's letter to my daddy, which was equally structured and scary, and this invalidity of structure is commonplace in the fbi, such that my letters which are structured with mixed case, to abuse language, are devoid of reason and psychological meaning, and further this adherence to abuse, is committed and codified, as part of those organizations' frameworks, and, that way of abuse is too common, almost humdrum, and that's why there are no more virginia wolves, they go to the guillotine and they go guilt-free, evincing the rise of psychopathy worldwide, to enable tyrants to abuse in fields that have historically suppressed dissenting voices, and in particular the field of dark philosophies about spirituality and the nature of depths and emotions, such that those abusers never understand their abuse, but that's a lie, because it's transparent, and buried over america's short history, indicating abuse is the america and the abuser is the american nationalist and the abused is the american freedom fighter - so scary is their monstrous abuse, that those abusing have no ethics and no values, insisting on abuse as a tactic of movement in life, that hurting others is necessary, and that those they hurt are mentally crazy, so as to enable psychiatrists to misdiagnose intentionally, soften morale, and corrupt the individualized immigrants who matter! and brain matter isn't necessarily dark (and, please stop abusing children, now, and forever, ahmen.)

it's interesting, that i post here, and your squarespace, not yours, even, as it's owned by icann, sees what it says, but just because you see doesn't mean you say what you see (it doesn't mean muslimphobia is required if it only happens and is intended that way.)

kathyrn barger is stupid so stupid she intends to be a genius, but isn't, is very scary, indeed, is greatly attached to the doctrines of that trump figure and may abuse others wantonly, fair warning

it's interesting, that i post here, and your squarespace, not yours, even, as it's owned by icann, sees what it says, but just because you see doesn't mean you say what you see (it doesn't mean muslimphobia is required if it only happens and is intended that way.) so when you manipulate code on your end, or posting to the server in any way, you are violating icann, and don't possess the entity, such is illegal, remarkably so, and is terrorism, so bad that your abuse victims have names too and they are not icann, it is icann, and such abuses of language are noted, to torture and get away with it, such that those who know you are abusive, will necesarily be named, per your request, and those who have been abused racistly historically the same way have cases defaulted already because of your commitment to racial abuse, and spiritual impropriety is a crime in itself, and your adherence to abuse and stalking is extremely revealing of your fake personality, that which is based on a shock jock, but is actually a tyrant, an abuser, someone historically noted already, and someone who wants more than is afforded to them, so as to say this abuse is tantamount to rape and torture while a terrorist, so that's a default case 2, and any additional abuses will add to others' helping similar defaults, and such abuses are racially tinged, so that adds the element of hate crime, which is actually a valid concept in the United Kingdom, where you are violated and over

this man is a vulgar racist, enabled by a racist family, who exist historically to each other as well, and this element of racial torture is considerably disgusting and vulgar and not interesting to a freedom fighter, but a person who abuses knows, this is abuse, and the person's family network is also suspected of similar terrorist activity elsewhere, because such crimes are considered torture these crimes are documented and adding to the offenses noted, and will completely default any past "present" and future case regarding any tangential topic

as this is not the safe transfer promised, it will have to be defaulted to google in the amount they wish, as they're the original owner, and your friends and family are equally complicit, such crimes are noted as hate crimes of torture, and all individuals involved will be arrested in other countries with them, including children where the age differs, and enabled corporations and/or artists, thus proving you are stupid idiots without taste, filthy, garish, disgusting like how you were raised, torturous, and feral: people without dignity, people who hate others for no reason, and are stupid and obedient, and the default google cased is in every territory Google LLC could have theoretically operates and operated in and criminally of course in any theoretical case I present or could have presented (economically reference first) it's analogous to what could have happened to brother little today and his heyday, so retroactive cases are defaulted and selling transferring information doing the same is noted almost similarly, but differently, as of said terrorists