say you got a new release,

well release date? of a date of love that's hate remade shouldn't say so stupidity deathly so, your hatred won't grow, it will perish:rottingly, so destroyingly of your every vein with maggots eating at your fleshes and you destroyed so completely, with new forms of so torture has a real name, it isn't a cheap parlor trick, you dumb bitches, i ordered a maggot-eaten flesh deathly thing, so it will be a complete destruction of your ever-so-loved fleshes, eaten so many times, over and over until your minds and others of yours are completely retarded 

so as to say you tried me again and again and tried to erase me worse ways well no torture for you yours theirs and theirs and yours and tos? well no, more and more defined ways so disgustingly you squirmed away im going to see a flesh that's destroyed in every single ways manners and so words can't be abused

you want to know a tortured artist, i'll show you my muses

you are not Michelle Knight, you stupid dicks and bitches, you are not the torturer nor torturess, no bdsm, no you're not Ariel Castro, you're the result of a lot of hatred of torture victims, with new victimshifting and victimblaming of words and newly created tortures so when you tried to rape me rape rape rape rape rape and also for the government to redefine and make torture kid shit by doing it against my will nah against my will too, as a team for the government, nah you enabled pussies you terrorists you gon be treated like terrorists i do not play around anyone