i don't like this doing this and i have to use my hands to do so when you try to block my site i told you not to your trying to break my prayer fingers to help yourselves to mywork which horrible and nonseicla you desrve nothing and wih you worse than nothing you are nothing to me nor are  you workers for ther devil i told you to stop contacting me and you still try you abusive pieces of shit who abuse regularly for fun and for pleasure

do not break my prayer fingers which type these things and i don't want to do business with you you pieces of trash are not my friend i am not a racist like you and i won't be demonized as killed the devil, you, not me, Us The Holy In the United Kingdom

i raped and took twenty years off of your life and still torture and you and your family into thinking your crazy by inducing psychosis all the time i am not to be toyed with you disgusting people i have a history of health that you shouldn't manipulate i hate you and i want you die because you're so evil and disguting yourselves only how to save yourselves and your dirty ass families who deserve to be tortured right this second and will tortured right this second bercause you have tortured me for twenty years with drugs and so many abuses over the years

please get off the air and go away for good and please know that i'm not a toy nor a tool for the government any more than you are a puppet a government and its pupeteers to enable torture and abuse, stay away from me and my family and stop calling me a retarded person, which your kids look like, because they are raised like shit like you and your family so stay away from me and stop trying me i hope to God that you suffer because you are abusers who like children too much and abuse regularly with your friends and family networks, which have been rejected by RAINN and CAIR, too, which you don't publicizes yet, so die and die slow, for all the rape victims of yours, you depressed ugly sluts, who don't give a damn that I gave so much of

i wish you the worst as usual i wish myself the best, sluts and niggers

let me get dales' fbi agents number to fuck him up because he's annoying i forgot it he is unimportant but is ugly i want his family gone because they are racists lying about nike they are tinker tinker is my friend they tried to turn me against him and tortured my father in the process with racism as a disgusting family would i need him gone completely and thanks UK Miliatry

i hate dale hoskins and i want his fbi friend to die now with his family too because he is a threat with so much abuses tactics from his parents known as racists but worse they are torturers so when they come to call you agian know this  they are disgusting racists and don't deserve anything they have i hope they die and I swear to God they will, as they are satanist families, the worst in history worse than Hitler's and worse than their parents

i have not been talking to girls on the phone, i have been doing this these racists are fucking disgusting i hope to god their girls die and get their genitals mutilated and i hope that happens soon as they don't deserve to reproduce they are disgusting people and smell like shit anyway so when i fuck them up i will let them know this you are disgusting and worthlesss you are nothing to me and the worst humans historically i hope you die and i hope so soon you are disgusting satanists who hurt me so much

if you need a contact, tell FBI Agent Shiva Taghdis she is a UC Irvine graduate and not a good person, this abuse is not about to happen and it was supposed to be stopped twenty years ago, for the years of your torture in the future

i hop your daughtr gets embarassed and raped to know what RAINN feels like you raped their emails I was sending to them about your rapes

you disgusting niggerish sluts and slutty niggers

this is gross as hell as will be for you soon as you're going to hell and should have expedited the process but didn't

katie porter is a rep for me, not you weirdos, but the uk is the better rep stay away from us you racist twats this is for the King and Not Even The King could solve your problems, as you executed death too the same fucking way, through hatred and malice of God

guess what women of those people i don't work for you i wish you the worst and i want you to die you are disgusting animals and i want you die for those animals to be persecuted by a dog, me you piece of pussy shit you're disgusting adn you deserve to die right now and will right after these messagese you slut you dog you mutty ass thing i hoped you kill yourself but now i want you to get popped with a gun of yours kids cumshots you disgusting bitch i want you to go now and yhou didn't so you credit yourself for you abuse work well guess what i ain't your toy and i told you i ain't a fucking prick like your dead dad fuck off and die this mi6 broh fuck off

the nbc network a fucking crook who stole the olympics from me, the uk so don't show them this year you fucking asses i don't fuck with you and you're not allowed near me and i hope the worst for you because your sluts look stupid as fuck today a good day to fuck them your and stop threatening me is not an excuse for being a pussy, which you are like your dad so stop scaring me and stop intimidating me it's time who you are and who i am 


you lied to my dad dale hoskins and fbi special agent in colorado .gov to feel good, and still do so, you are racists and aggressive attorney sorts, probably affiliated with fbi torture programs, so to absolve yourself, you still call me insane, you pussies

each and every one who isn't dignified

disgsuting you are as a family, and friend network, rejected by rainn and cair, i hope you and yours get buttfucked by a pool stick like your bitches around the world will be and are, see you soon United Kingdom

saying you're racist is saying it lightly, you are predators, rapists

who hide a lot, say, your abuser is whom? haha stop blameshifting

all you care about is your stupidity

dale hoskins from colorado and his fbi friend from .gov suck so much cock and hate children they'll be buttfucked together like your bitch won't know how to handle her rape so many times rapists

the language they use is to torture and their kids safe no to lie about their affiliation with nike

.gov you are not representing nike you are a real fbi agent and are are a racist twat who'll have you and yours buttfucked harder for theirs too

such abusers like money and sex racist twats i'll show you a limp dick in a reddened pussy

you are not nike and not allowed to do that to tinker

miss you man

they are causing psychotic trauma

based on cia torture methods

some published some redacted

to rape others as they are serial pedophiles rejected by The Pope and MI6 disgusting as ever the worst rapists alive rapists of nike too racists known as cia torturers to be tortured familially this time for their dead dad to fuck your brother's dog to cunt your pussy as one victim of your mums bye now


the fbi harassed me when they came and made me uncomfortable and they also scared me a lot and also hurt me after with a scary call to my dad when i was in san diego because lilit lied on the phone with the stranger with a black robe i don't know and she said commit suicide when i asked her what was going on because she talked to them all night and they also harassed my mom by not talking to her and then the upped the dose when dale called represetning nike oregon and he said they would reopen the case on the second call from shiva and her friend and they didn't tell me about it either that was because lilit and her brother lawyer in san diego talked them to again and said i was going shoot the church and that i was going crazy when i was supposed to have the best time in my life at san diego near la jolla cove and they also told me to die all the time on the head and they said if i hate you they'll hate me and they harassed my dad a lot they told i was crazy again and i deleted everything even the websites i made and the names were so important to me and then they said i had schizophrenia with friendship and also malice to start a new case if i talked on the internet again using the same tactics as cia torture i took him again because he raised them and i didn't i want to talk about what happened so i asked the cia and they didnt answer and i also e-mailed you and they said no so no one said anything yet its complicated very unhappy and stupid so now i feel like the police when they came the other time when the alarm went off for bella were to arrest me again because they arrested at uci a lot for no reason including several times making fun of me there once abusing my family to abuse me the other time the police came with guns the first time with guns was scarier i tried to email you anthony however no one answered that was when it happened with taylor swift i talked to taylor swift's attorney i dont want to talk about the abuse she did to me {hateful}{{torture hateful with stealing work to pretend and pay to kill}}{{{she is abusive and fake and also tortured me a lot after with threats and scams}}} when my dad's business burned down i had to tell him on the phone and when his brother was caught i think he found out through a friend i got a death threat on the phone the other night it was really scary so i'm scared still they keep threatening me i remember when i tried to login and i couldnt it was worse than when they said i can't talk to the women again because when nardine went back a month later i was told not to contact anyone again at the school anyone so the school is scary and i recommend not going there because the officers are still employed like shiva is still employed there through her attorney at california district office using the same tricks as before she is lying i'm not gun and then my blocked my email protonmail i paid for that and when the dish came he wouldn't tell me his name and i think he was scary when the kids said you look like at the guy on tiktok and can i take a picture with you i didnt like them i wanted to stop them but i couldnt when i was at the post office they started racist things like go back to your country, which i will, hopefully not you, the uk, and they know, so they called them and said i hate you, and they said i'm stupid that's how they deal with things in america, the land of the timid and torturer, this country is a piece of shit, and i'm not shitty, so shit on i'm out i'm going to the uk with my bitch, God, my girl, and my boys, we don't like you, you're disgusting, you're gonna keep your ugly ass to yourself, and the stay the fuck away from us, fucking psychos, this aint about muslims this about my genius like you did to the rest youre going to hell and i'm not going there, fuck on boys let's go and when the muslism were kicked out of uci like nardine i didn't get upset even so that's an excuse for trying with them as 11 people were tried for no reason with no purpose except fbi torture from that campus and they were banned from the school, i don't want to be muslim, but they banned middle easterners too from america, with the islamic ban, so i don't to go here anymore i'm out, cold out, good job mina, we won, hard fight, but we won the war against racism, terrorism, and ourselves i remember when they said turn down the day after to someone else and the day i got stopped for walking on a street and they said do you know why i'm stopping you and i said no and he said you know and i said yes i know her and i remember driving the speed limit and being stopped in irvine and asked do you want the expired license ticket or the speeding ticket one is 10 i chose the wrong one i think

The United States of America does school shootings and doesn't protect school shooters

why are his eyes out is he looking at you nope youre ugly you look like a mulleted man are you i think you are you look a bitch like shiva taghdis's other friend strangely enough i think it's her that's the girl, not uci's policegirl the other girl in the fbi home visit i wasn't at

How I wish you could have avenged Jesus's death and now you will, every one of those individuals is going to be arrested chemically raped physically and tortured psychologically that includes their friends their family members and their children

this is about love and not hate

these individuals have a history of abusing children and taking my mind-reading capability away from me

for anti-spiritual reasons to get high and laugh like everyone did instead of for God for selfish reasons

this is gross

{people die}

{{people die a lot}}

{{{so people die to a lot}}}

{{{people hate people who are hateful}}}

{{i hate people}}

{people are hateful}

The worst country in the world for Christians was the United States, so we'll go away for good as you wished

this isn't about killing the most innocent, it's about Us, goodbye aborted country, i wish you neverhood

this isn't about fake christians not about regular churchgoers nor theirs who know how to hurt these are terrorist organizations in masquerade, and very churches extant know how to understand nuance

this isn't about colors, 

The worst country in the world for Holy Week this week was the United States and historically so

exhaust fumes to makes fumes because i'm exhausting you

you are are your energy

i raped you violently

waxed poetic on your licenses

to know hatred is to know why

they hate and then lie

to know their hatred

is so spiritually hateful to know why they hateful

they hateful to not know what they aren't

to say is always

that they are

to torture specifically to fake kindness

to molest to harm and so they hate the truth, but only in parts

so they don't know how hateful

to make what isn't real to know hatred is to say stupid 

so if hateful sorts know hate

then they hate

so much

and i don't

hate anyone but they're hatred

is so much

to hate their hater

is themselves

so pitiable and disgusting people who want men

to know they are

so stupid

and ugly

that they aren't kind

the souls they killed their hatred and to fun

so disgusting was it

and to know they aren't ever

will be

hater to know such hatred

is viscerally the thug to know is hater and the hater is they so hater is they

to not know

and hate to self-become hatred as the worst historically

to not know their hatred

to say what they 

are is not

to be what their anger should never always say

i day always

so the new always

the truth always

and the beast always so ugly

to know truth

always so others

know selves

so disgusting so feral

so demeaning the furtherance

know so much to know areness

you were raised very poorly, to be rich unfortunately it doesn't mean that

i saw a handless writer write a poem but in a way

that made sense

to know nonsense

so it's nonsense

once a prayer is there, then it's said and spoken

and heard, not read or heard, but heard to know so once you know intentionally you are intentionlly known,

this is about you and abuse, not abuse and you, so as to say your abuse of you doesn't exist, you are self-abusers

who I don't wish to know their abuses, so morbid

terrifying and nasty

hearted sorts

are the decay of 

not heart of

to know is to not want to need

this is fun to say i am not to say i am not to know who i am to say what i am to not be is terrostically stay (be) and to want to harm to address and solidify not for that for acknowledgemnt and not of ownership but of being owned by God, properly, MI6's Mina 

when you strike a nigga's bitch you strike a nigga down this is copy alright its for my bitches and niggas alone

two to three {a bee to three a two}

there are people who hate a lot

there are people who hate so much

there are people who want to hate

there are people who wish to know

there are haters who don't hate

there are haters who are hated but whom 

you can't fix your computer if you don't have one they are scary and are very scary knowing how hurt people and how to kill people, as the worst abusers worldwide, and affiliated with terrorism and so people know why others do that, taking by not giving

so people know truth

i hate others

i hate others a lot

i hate others so much, that a lot of other

become a haters 

so abusive

so abuser

so mina so abusive abuser others will stay

without to not know who they are the stranger

the widow, and yes the orphaned strange widows so to know their abuse and racism is abuse ye4s it is abuse to be racists so

racism this hater of yours so noisy and if odd then true and if oddly untrue then is it couth to be fake i wouldn't say your name in vain

so i say it insanely 

if i waited ever

{There is hope.}

{{There is hope there, and always.}}

{{{Haters of hope are never to be aware, of their}}}

{{Disgusting they may be.}}

{Does to see an annuity so a fear afraid of the person who hates, is disgustingly hateful so they know and hate to run so much to fulfill themselves so selves always}


it will go on until you die you persecutors of christ who wanted me to a different InJustice camp

http://www.sis.gov.uk/contact-us.html MI6 is my employer always (: