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The UK government appears to have alerted Libyan authorities that Belhadj and his wife were in Malaysian custody.[280] A document in the folder marked “UK” mentions that Abdullah Sadeq (the name Belhadj was using at the time), travelling under a French or an Iraqi identity, “is being held in the Sepang detention center in Malaysia” with his “pregnant wife.”[281] The document is undated, but notes that the couple was traveling around February 21.[282]

Documents found in Musa Kusa’s office, in a binder marked “UK,” indicate that the British intelligence service MI6, also referred to as SIS, was looking for Mehdi (noting that he was born in 1965 in Tripoli) at some point after January 29, 2003.[245] She said her captors gave her water while she was chained up, but no food for five days.

He said that one of his associates had visited the British embassy in Kuala Lumpur and let officials there know that Belhadj wanted to seek asylum in the UK.[262] Shortly thereafter the couple was told, though it is not clear by whom, that they would be allowed to travel to the UK but only through Bangkok.[263] However, after the two arrived in Bangkok, they were arrested while in the airport waiting room.[264] They were then taken to a special room in the airport in Bangkok in which, Belhadj alleges, he and his wife were severely mistreated and abused by the CIA for several days.[265]Bouchar later told The Guardian that her captors forced her to lie on a stretcher and bound her to the stretcher from head to toe with tape.  “My left eye was closed when the tape was applied … but my right eye was open, and it stayed open throughout the journey. It was agony,” she said.  She did not know where she was going or that her husband was on the plane. Only upon arrival in Libya did she hear a man grunting with pain, and realized her husband was with her.

there was just a mat on the floor, he was alone in the cell, and they threatened to bring his wife there and rape her. 

ngry. She would throw chairs, push away tables. She would say, ‘Ok, we will start all over again.’”0 different people, including four women Egypt, Syria, Algeria, and Lebanon

 he heard other people screaming in the basement.  He was appointed a lawyer, but he never talked to her. He had one day in court and then they issued a verdict on a different day, when he was not there. He was convicted and sentenced to death.

While in CIA custody in Bangkok, Belhadj said he was “stripped and beaten.”[266] He was forced to be naked, wear a blindfold, was hung against a wall by one arm and then by one leg, and was put into a tub with ice.

s captors brought his wife to the detention center, showed her to Madaghi through a keyhole, and threatened to rape her if he did not cooperate. They also warned that his children would be orphaned. They went to his home and returned with recordings of his children’s voices for him to hear and then threatened their safety. The language used by the foreign interrogator was full of derogatory and obscene sexual comments. Pakistani authorities numerous times.  Sometimes they beat him using a broomstick on various parts of his body and other times they slapped him. They also forcefull


While on the bus they took off all of his clothes; inspected his eyes, ears, and mouth with a device; took photos of him; put him in diapers; covered his ears with headphones; put a hood and blindfold around his head very tightly; and bound both his feet and hands together—the standard CIA rendition transportation procedures. He was then put on a plane, though they did not tell him to where.

The guards would repeat phrases glorifying the king of Morocco.  Libya “He asked me: ‘Do you know who brought you here?’ I didn’t want to say anything. He said ‘The Americans brought you here. It’s all over now. There is cooperation between us and the Americans.’ 

The flight data states that a CIA-linked Gulfstream V, registration N8068V (formerly N379P), used in other CIA renditions,[242] filed a flight plan to go into Nouakchott, Mauritania on March 25, 2004 at 1:22 am local time (from Washington, DC, via the Canary Island of Tenerife, presumably for refueling). This is around the time that Madaghi said he was taken to Morocco. The data also shows a plan was filed to fly out immediately to Rabat, Morocco, at 2:34 am, and to land in Rabat at 4:52 am. The pilots then filed a plan to return to Washington (again, via Tenerife). The same Eurocontrol flight data on file with Human Rights Watch also shows that  CIA-linked Gulfstream IV, registration N85VM, used in other CIA renditions,[243] filed a flight plan to go into Rabat on May 4, 2004 (from Washington via Palma Majorca), arriving at 10:52 PM, and then to Misrata in Libya. The flight appears to have stopped and refueled at a military airport in Italy en route to Misrata on or about May 5, 2004—the same day that Madaghi said he was returned to Libya by the US. was first held in Tajoura prison for about one year, in solitary confinement in a 1.8 x 1.8 meter cell.