Mina, Mr. Mina, to abuser, wasiswillbe known as the best investigator in world history; working with the best in the business, Mr. Sinatra, under the auspices of the United Kingdom, in conjunction with Japan, with the grace of The Holy Church and the United Nations

please sanctify my work(s)s and protect it/Their Fruition

It would appear that the government has lost control, and that's the last trick: it has lost control

but that could be a trick, BUT YOU'RE SCARY, terrifying


It could be similarly said, was getting to this, that this isn't happening, but it's a way to deflect blame and responsibility again, while doing so? you want to come and check, we'll be right there, here we are, what's the problem?

okay, sir

can i have your full name please

is it elegant and is elegaic elegantly sounded or are you mocking me racists, absolutely - it's cheeky (learn how to love others, as God has Taught Us)

If you like that name, it isn't yours, it's theirs, still, and i can always change my name for whom I Stand and Sit For

you will not start a fake conflict for fun, same abuser(s)s don't deny your identity, it is not Ours