Subjugation, perfected, harnessed, ameliorated, puppeted, falsely-portrayed, innocent-abuser, lacking in aplomb PATHOLOGICALLY DERANGED Unintelligence Wanton faux awe-inspiring, impotence-mocking (extermination laughing), Wrong believers in fake pre-destinies, UNARTISTIC

remain Godly, as I do seek Godliness

Abuse by proxy is real, but the abuser is the original agent, as described beautifully before, and please do not harass to gain, nor do you abstain to kill and abuse willfully, apparently skillfully, wantonly, purposefully, with faux-despondence always, and a criticism of Purity (God is Alive and Well, not dying, so don't die. Live forever, in God's Kingdom, not here, as always, Godliness is perfected internally, Godly

don't laugh at others' monstrosities, don't subjugate emotionality, don't criticize baselessly, don't harass emotionality and logicality, nor deny their interplay, don't kill to be amused, don't be bemused when others' seeming-affront is actually dark and sinister.

do not cause pain, just to create falsely. i do not tolerate abuse, i am not your toy(s), but..Do not kill to stalk, and do not harm children's innocence in any way, nor damage anyone else's. taking advantage of another's kindness is a monstrosity in itself, so please behave, and, as always, don't be enslaved to anything earthly, as those are temporal joys, and in permanence there is Love, Godliness, Painlessness, Purity, Creativity, Spirituality

Killing for fun, making fun of eyebrows, laughing at pains, killing for pleasure, these are sadistic qualities that aren't to be rewarded, always. Be kind, not cruel, and anyone who abuses the system is to be punished, so don't believe the hype, don't fall victim, and believe that you are not above the law, anyone!