I have no traits in common with your diseased parents and children, and I want to stay the fuck away from Americans, it's calculated, of course, by those at the top, and targeted, because I am the exact opposite of you, not autistic at all, angry and morose, scary and unkind, mean and unsavory, krazy and uncool. This isn't for you, I don't work to help the advantaged, nor the disadvantaged, certainly pointless and not your person, to be around, nor scared, nor erotomanic, nor weird, nor your inferior, nor are you my friend nor commander, weirdos isn't the proper term anymore, and rape to have known your to have hare you are disgusting and a rapist, someone who works for and with rapists, in trilliondollar corporations, to rape, and look silly, and make look like performance art, and work hard to torture, to mock my ability, to call me confusing, and scary, all the while feeding your, to know you aren't kind is yours, to mock of yours, isn't to have yours is to torture yours, directly, to mock you, is necessarily so, and stupidly angry, is yours, to have fuelled despair , is your torture and i'm not playing with anyone on the computer, you rapist twats, and i hope you get rape and rapetestkits to have yours and you to know you are your and you are yours to have your and yours to know it isn't rape, it's torture, and your rape is racist, and i don't tolerate abuse of your thugs your drugs nor your tellers of the lies, it isn't yours, it is you scary little fucks to be racist to be you and yours i would know you to be raped, and tortured such; drink, drug, kill, quell

these are placed in weird ways, with one video showing at weird times, and taylor swift Eras tour coming to you


travis kelce is not, is to harm

chosen name to trigger

you try vainly to make me look like your mother, messing with someone, you aren't supposed to get close to, and pushing buttons to be me, then no because you try to say riverside county gang raped your mother you pussies you diseased white and black motherfuckers it is not about your dry mother and wet father

PUSSIES, this is too scary for your performacne art, your antionals and 1975 are going to get anally traped, with their igirls, it ain't funny you weird motherfucking white people

it's happening, your dumb ass kids are going to get railed at that university and everywhere in america, ugly ass motherfuckers\

doctors nice office, you're going to robbed in? no, sweetie, your kid is going to get fucked in, stupid motherfucker

you ugly ass white people whatchu do to lenny kravitz, now he gay

this motherfucker is going to rape yours, don't try me

this ain't yours to click, try again, you'll get popped, cherry on top

grimace in pain, to laugh with, only to laugh for,

raping, while

hoping for more, enjoying to, and with

for money, for sex, and for prestige

working to harm, and laugh 

that they have a movie to laugh with, fornicating to make it, and for each other

working hard to hide their tracks, only to be found duplicately, in three zones: come, go, stay

with individuals holding desperate drinks,

and others holding desperate phonecalls,

to the avail of torture,

and wanting more,

to have fun,

to do fun,

and with the fun,

unfortunately raping to do son,

with expressing concern of yours, to become them,

working hard to hide, and giggly so, with others, for that purpose to have torture victims,

still buried away, only psychologically observed, and tortured,

to feel cool, and hot, uninteresting, and fat,

weird, and scary,

pointleess and wanting to harm me for the purpose of a fake-real self-revelation, recorded "real-to-fake-end," with major elements of neurosis-causing, and brain contusions, to say

with each other, for others, and to avail guilt

it's a way to away others to pain,

and others to have tolerance

unlike their lanky selves

and pointless, as stupid

working to harm,

and in light places,

with dark tendency,

and also to fag, and to rape, to feel, and to caress,

the worst they are, hiding there in a club, to say, it was fun, not today

tomorrow, you'll play, only withotu me,

it was a good torture tune, not to enjoy, this is better

fun, of yours, not mine, to touch is divine,

they wish, to be,

only to be cursed into mist,

with each other, to feel your stupidity,

and working to mock , for rascist reasons,

pointlessly, stupidly, and selflessly, and offering money, earned form others' works, to do so and mocking ecnomics to feel into the purpose and want purpose only to have raped to have become your nasty selves ounlcoking hatred and working love to become, with a plan, to come back, "taylor swif texperienced" to show other, to show pain, to show suffering, to show love,

using me, dead, through false inseminatino doctrine, and you, alive, through false invitro doctrine, and with rapists galore, working each other to the core, working to hartm and siege, deceive and lie, and enjoying every white, to a black, and making the a person to want, a person of each other for each other and to each other, one another harming to do so, this is your hatred to do, worthless poor, and effusive, working to steal language for its cheapening, and using threats and stolen documents and files

it's cute,

thanks for raping her, and taking us to hell, too, it was hell waiting for you, while I did the work, erasing her, it was mine, so die, in a couple months, you'll be away, and i'll stay, its abuse, you'res, only to have not, and have so, you are rapists, working tandemly to enjoy rape's fruits, intended for her career and it was fun to have you dead and only to feel dread and abuse so coherently and incoherently with your strange bodies, then minds, are yours, to have imogen heap, to love, she you and you are the good artists, tortured, then mocked, you are not to talk only to abuse

with your fake nature, to be taken. care of,

ovesr there, in a place of hate, overseas, you are safe, there, in your cradele of a grave,

pretending to be a funeral director isn't fun, either, it's too her, with the purpose of joy of death, you enliviened i'm here let's party, and your drug oc choice is Mina he's coherent and able, here's his history, he asked for deseprately, only to and not have, which doesn't exist, to a fakness, yours, to know

hidden away in FBI White Sites,

where they go to hide, themeselves, to enjoyment, of others' FBI Black Sites, the purpose of those tapes

They make tapes that are not destroyed and take pictures to laugh, and mock, like Taylor Swift and her friends and family and enablers and and your disablers aren't ours, you enjoy torture to yours, isn't so tortuous as you were, hateful