Armenian dermalotogists are deceived into becoming them to work for Dr. Kevorkian, whom Dr. Kecharian would know, as this person works with the Armenian government to hide and destroy, intentioanlly intricating in veterinary matters to steal information to harm and deliberately torture, as the primary torturer in veterinary medicine, and of Middle-Easterners, and working with dermatologists creating cosmetic people as a way to make money, like designer puppies, doing so wioth Armenian groups whom are very popular and "hot" right now, meaning they look for whom is "active" online and prey on those whom aren't, involving a church leader in Glendale to do so, working to steal information, and corrrupt souls, working with Armenian "fake genocidists" to harm the Armenian peace movements and working deliberately to harm others, this field is extremely popular there and it's not going to happen, with Lilit Pogosian as the psychiatrist in Glendale, working to stop all individuals whom look "meaty" and whom pose a threat, and was hired by Rashad Wasef, a criminal whom is unknown on the radar, and whom worked with a dark movmenet befroe, stealing a kid and doing so further to harm deliberately peace causes: I do not know him and he is here falsely so do not contact me does not mean do not contact him, whom you are to contact, not he, who works at a terrorist site without terrorists, and with Mina doing most of the work for the this field of peace of worldwide, and using one weapon, psychaitry, to kill war, and war to kill psychiatry. -Mina Sargious 2024 Copyright All Rights Reserved and saying I am so quiet and peaceful and scary never will make sense of your stupidity, Dr. Ramzi Kiriakos, whom is a terrorist, working with the United States Government and its affiliates in Israel and France to harm each nation individually and working hard to hide his tracks, making his real son look like an innocent victim of false accusations to save him and his daughter Dr. Carol Kiriakos, whom woirked deliberately to kill things like this, and people like me, stealing blood, life, and causing mass chaos, with the American Psychological Association, and locals whom are looking for answers fakely as hired terrorists in each nation, saynig, "I'm here to help. This is scary." And Dr. Fawzi Fawzi a criminal based in UCLA is not known on the radar, either, is harming deliberately, making so much money and doing so for fun, suggesting he is the one responsible for mass torture before and after and ruining the Middle East, working with terrroristand for the purpose of a single tourist, me, the immigrant, me, the stranger and not Joseph Quinn, a deliberately hired man whom went to kill this whole thing for money and for power, working within the United Kingdom to harm and destroy Israel's holy land, choosing the most Jewish group ever HAIM, to do so, hired to kill HAIM for Taylor Swift, whom is a terrorist, like the rest of those whom say, "I've never been there. It's not my homeland." And with Armenians like Serj Tankian harmed and made to look like a screaming baby, only to make money for purposes that are horrid and terroristic, leading to new forms of terrorism not yet discussed; "holy killing" and "holiness" mocking religiosity and money, for fun, and for each other, to have sects currently and sex later in their lives, involved in a torture human movmenet program, where everyone becomes theirs and them to them working to have sex at an old age and scream profanities while doing sol, with one person in charge of this operation, is to "I wasn't there." and it wasn't so, that I had to say that this was a purposeful event, for the purpose of torture of reliigous people, whom aren't lying, whom are truthtellers, like Rihanna. When Rihanna confronted the FBI, they fabricvated that she was injured and even placed the bruised photograph using extreme abuse tactics abusing her and confusing her, drugging her and raping after, and kidnapping her boyfriend, whom was working hard to kill them, so Chris, how you been? Are you okay? Is everything fine? Do you do anything, besides dance, or is your artistry different now, and is suited to satanism and mocking the religious, which wasn't your thing growing up, and with your powerful friend Big Sean saying, "My Last" isn't!! I will last, so sex is critical here, they want to prolong sex, and end orgasms, with someone becoming the orgasm king to a queen, and ruin everyone in the process. This is hard work, with someone saying, "I've made it!" I came, but without aplomb, with persons doing so for money and fame working for this same movement over time and with powerful resources that we don't have and will not have to know why you haven't become so, with the person saying money drugs sex and power only, while it's only the locks that needed unlocking, with Patrick Hallahan, of My Morning Jacket, hiring to rape and torture Vanessa Carlton, the best artist in world history, abusing me in the process, and her family, whom are aware and scared no more, because I have Bank of America working to destroy your terrorism, thanks Patrick!