I only know one group of people who write diatribes against antisemitism - these are Kanye West's real fanbase, who are encouraged to think radically and individually, not become clones of a noted tyrant/despot/monarch of terror (Kanye West's celebrants are the only real ones who kill antisemitism, and none of them ever became antisemitic islamophobes  and like, BLKKK SKKKNHEAD, literally fight His (God's) "war against racism" (real lyric from "Jesus" song "Jesus Walks and domestic terrorism by infiltrating the White Nationalists (he is not running for President) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Stallworth






https://youtu.be/Y6qcerjTqDY?si=tYiT4GzGFSTl-3nb&t=314 (waldorf salads, with pecans? pecan pie or pumpkin tonight???? if someone causes pain, don't exclaim just [be Godly) People who hurt others (hmmph!) weirdly 

https://youtu.be/rQqgNzUnAYY?si=wRyujHv62QcIaNm8&t=33 Beto O'Rourke calls Israeli PM Netanyahu a "racist"

https://youtu.be/YYcrZXKcy30?si=BwH3erchLnx4LsUO&t=39 Bernie Sanders Calls Israel's Netanyahu a 'Reactionary Racist' at Democratic Debate



“No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of people,” he said on Instagram. “No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew.”

I know who the real version is

harming isn't purposeful, but in jest, simply to test and detest, concurrently 'abuses are not really theirs, but not ours, yours, as well as not their fault (blame-shifting

It is not a philosophical perplexity! It is not your responsibility. It is not your duty, however it is yours. These are not another company's, it isn't deflection of blame (nor someone else claiming you're a victim to seek victimhood. moreover, you are someone not a thing, a person, however you are indeed a scary thing, because you've lost all humanity (people who dazzle 

“Tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy, that’s fine. I’ll tell mine you’re gay” Words she wrote, alone, scarily, to obfuscate (to instigateabuse