shouldn't the worst people do the worst things, and shouldn't they take credit for their mess, like usual, isn't that the first order of business, not hurting their cause of destruction and horror and making people cry, and young kids suffer, and others despondent, and me confused af, cause shit's important historically, but not personally, and i gottta stay. i like staying here. don't u? you should because, um, God loves you, and I do too, just stop killing others, and yourselves and your selves, and please be happy, because suffering can't last forever, EVERYONE!

I feel for pain. I feel for suffering. I feel for the suffering. I feel for the historically suffering, the currently suffering, and the always-suffering. Please don't hurt your own people! Doing so is counterproductive - makes no sense, and a waste of your souls, stay Godly, and don't lie about being such, because Godliness doesn't allow for such abuse, and be Godly!

i hate fighting, but hurting people is stupid and always wrong and inane and crazy and yup self-destructive, because when you are crazy you are stupid, that's not pop culture; it's factual, certainly, and people shouldn't hurt! people who harm will not be harmed, so please be careful in your automatic responses, yes, as always, crybaby

Make sure that people are safe, unfortunately and such and - .

You're going to end up gone, because you're bringing and taking isn't aligned. Also, when someone harms, it is permanent, and fighting back will falter

and hatred of others will not prevail, but justice will, but Love at the end