aggressive, angry and morose; three qualities that I detest

anyway, it's ok, you'll be home and i'll be with you soon, shorty

it just takes long, to lengthen the nights and today i'm kinda weirded out not even per usual it's that those glistening eye sorts are here once you'll killed you stop making sense so they stare and are like wow but unresponsive it's not hard to communicate with them reasonably, it's impossible; so they go become angrier, and I try to make sense of it in the most taciturn way possible, counteracting their violence with words that kindly match theirs



not right

tough on the wronng part of the body, strange, odd and utterly incoherence:it would be said that rape is not good, that it's bad, (so when you rape how is it? how does IT feel? I'm talking of the act of taking by force, does it feel different for you than something is taken by asking? and it seems more obvious that the sport is designed for failure, as it has no elements that involve balance and strength, in fact being naturally, abusively,((so odd was it when it was mistreated, before, as a hateful thing, it is not that, it's a lot more, it involves elements of hatred, yes, but of stupidity moreso, such that hatred is its natural result hatred or love is a primary question for those reasons and unreasonable otherness to proper sporting))

(((the hatred is always, not to change; based in hatred, one will go insane, so you need to realize the stupidity and crassness of the sport's design, you cannot run to and fro in any sport, but this simply adds that element, you go to the end of the line to reach the front, it's bad manners, too, but mostly illogical, you can go to the end of the field but will always end up in the far staight-right /> where no one will receive you, you'll be left alone, whereas in others sporting you are lost, not won, so it's a contradiction of winner, too, however the proper solution is always simple, in the center-right ->, not /> so yea)))

It's not about me it's not about me and you nor is it about being bout it bout it, it's mostly about(-faces) those which are free of expression, and needing to be animated, so no