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us government blamed news rupert hello deli die for 9/11 recordings, it was them, it was the fbi and cia, as usual, and that was really bad, because that's gross, they don't need to do that, they never wrote about that stuff, but they did and yuck to the rapists

the fbi did rupert murdoch real bad, everything that's bad about him, he's extremely and smart, his son isn't his, the wife is a standin writein taking all his money, leaving him broke and me and he unsure why such is happening and it seems the united states government is shaped in a way that hurts the intelligent automatically because there are elements of satanism in every action in america.

the companies involved are extremely scary, some murder intentionally, others don't care, and the most evil is the one who murders intentionally, and also the one who murders to harm, because they like to murder to harm which is very unique, and some individuals in the government are known to them already, namely the president only, like barack obama, who raped joseph Biden iii using the same tricks shown, once telling him there is hope but it's not there, so he made him go to a detention camp to get fucked and also because he had information that could compromise the government, meaning it was christian in nature, so he was persecuted violently because of obama, and his intentionality, which is satanism, like fbis, and also he wanted to cause religious breaks, and worked hard to do so, as the most evil president in world history, unprecedently selling marijuana as a kid is not his thing, he is another person, with another last name, soetero, and is not black, he is from another country, and also very scary, once even asking uc irvine is mina still present here, can i visit to make sure that he's gone, ordering my death by lethal injection even, meaning he worked to kill with drugs that kill intentionally, just to have fun, not really, to make me sick and want to harm me for fun, not really, to burn me for fun, not really, because he is the one you're looking for to harm, so his kids win scholarships and do films about this stuff, unfortunately for them, they're gone, no one can find them, those are different kinds, he shipped michelle obama a package once, do you know what it said? it said I hate America, I hate myself, and then he shipped her off, like all the others do, and when i found out that Jill Biden wasn't happy, I got really upset; so I initiated a search worldwide for her body, not knowing she was still living, without Mr. Biden, and so I got really upset, I told her no, facial crows are very important, as they indicate she is abused, previously, and in place of an abuser, so it's tragic on both sides, as camila was abused, then shipped to a detention camp, where she met the princess of wales, and it's necessary for me to say, as she is my friend; growing up, we loved a lot of things, most of all we loved others. so i loved her. and she loved back. and we love each other now. please stay away from us. we are torture victims. thanks, i guess. No, We are Sure to say we are happy today and always, because guess whom I found? Myself, that's boring nevermind won't say that i can think of something better; I always worked hard, but not hard enough, I love, but enough, to say, I worked today, to free myself, like Fantasia Barrino, my bestie, who says 'it ain't my fault' 'it ain't really my fault' and that's how I learned humility and justice for all who are injured and can't read, like me, I've never read a book, hi girlfriend

fucking dark,. fucking scam artists.m4a