taylor isn't innocent; she's corrupt. a person who stabs you in the back, just to laugh about it a few days later; when someone dies or is killed, murdered, injured, taken advantage of financially, he isn't a good person? no, he is. do not fall for tricks and scams, which there are so many of, because swift could clearly care beforehands, she didn't, lied to you, acted like a dark angel, pretending to be there for you, but actually harming you, killing your kids, with bad lyrics, abuses, and tricks that are reminiscient of Tree Paine's: lure, destroy, and kill. She destroys lives, her former guitar teacher's, a random  insightful blogger's (who said corrrectly that she hates you, as a woman who is a racist, and the first person to be called a Nazi since, well, Hitler's time period.). She is sultry and conniving, and very appealing; she is not a real artist, lacking in emotions, but a con-artist; do not be scammed, all that's shiny isn't gold.

I am careful! Cautious, benevolent, Strong, not scary, intimidating, and high-and-mighty 

She wants to seem like a savior,

then blame Brazil,

which she never valued,

just to skirt blame,

an abuser, a racist, a misogynist, manipulating you, a narcissist, not a baby, a criminal acting like a kid for your forgiveness and forgetfulness

You are entitled to damages from Taylor Swift, for this abuse, acting like a hiccup,

it isn't.

She guaranteed 100% safety in the above tweet, posted to Brazil

and she didn't just make unsafe

she manipulated ALL OF YOUR COUNTRY later,

to blame itself

You are entitled to more than a refund, a pay-back for killing a holy child, for trying to subsume your country, and for abusing you while doing so and afterwards with a corrupt woman, man, and uncaringness unseen historically; so brash, and disrespectful!

where is your money???

don't let this thief run away from your homeland, your baby Brazil, without getting it, she won't flee!

she's not a saint it's a money-grab so she avoids responsibility, death, and to blame yourselves, and you for going even!

anyway, i have no reason to lie

do not be dismayed! abusers collaborate to abuse, allowing one to flee, while the other abuses, and seems heroic for doing so,

(Taylor Swift is a lowlife, of the underworld, so gross, and it's another form of abuse, when someone makes you feel small and unable to fight back for what you want and deserve, with help of others, as described before. my head hurts

their security isn't supposed to make you look pussies, you are stronger, with God, and don't need death threats against everyone, because they're scared.

they'd sooner make an honorary Muslim look crazy, with tricks, than to arrest, or even remotely think of, stop the Aryan's dream, because she is sneaky and successful at it

they think they're smart with their Devil games; they're not, they are corrupt and abusive, not saving anyone's life for her reports of death threats, not the countless in her name, she could have prevented, but enhances by performing the pejorative "dear john" a couple concerts back, and are abusing; making us wait and wait, it's called GASlighting, so they abuse, make us look crazy, when it could have happened immediately, it is not coordinated, they simply humiliate for power and to protect a monster, who is a literal serial killer. whom? someone who is condemned because he isn't saintly, and is a stoner of someone they know is talked about already for canonization. 

other than that, they abuse and humiliate using psychological abusers, who get a thrill off of it, and have to work to protect themselves after (you're not a terrorist, but please look like one, because then you'll hahah.)

these programs are hidden from view, and I exposed them, then they are fucking that knowledge up; it is not censorship, but propaganda at this point, honestly, because this should be primetime (and Barack Obama, is not a hero, but a subjugator; who hides information about his Indonesian stepfather/pops/mother-married in Hawaiin 


although these look like heroic articles, many are meant to torture by scaring you, but don't be scared; abusers never prosper and racism nor the APA (American Psychological Association), will get away with teaching and gross, Marilyn Manson-like disgusting actions, Taylor Swift-like deception

she pays people money

she sends people wires them cash to shut others up, a fucking mobster, a manipulative conartist, without true emotions, no semblance of emotionality, isn't the national poet, but a disgrace who people use to abuse, with her abusive family, this uneducated person, with no degree in poetry, from high school, conniving, and not a true instrumentalist (she sued her guitar teacher to prove that)

don't be scared by "the media"; most of them are kids, many of them literally are, who just write to feel good, and some to win over by Satanism

for posterity's sake, to do not abuse others, so children do not feel scared by intimidating practices, of death threats, of hers, that doesn't obey orders of others feeling scared, make sure she stops scaring you! you are strong, and she isn't cool, she isn't new, she is old, hackneyed, and dark (an abuser, a wench)

the FBI and United States Officials and United States Police Officers were each told about the death threats, hers, and her security's (instead, they protect HER from a homeless man, who isn't even near her. and didn't scare anyone, by saying "i want to go to your concert," and another, who wrote because he didn't get a response, not even directly to her, who she doesn't even name), abusing me in racist ways, as an underrepresented minority, thinking i couldn't get out of their box, but I did, through God alone, disavowing Satanism

only criminals don't want the truth out (don't scare me, I can talk, i won't be blocked by my church, i won't be accused falsely of scaring the church? you scary, a trickster, the Devil)

she humiliates anyone who she isn't scared by; if a kid says "i'll hate taylor forever" she uses undercover officials to help her out (so she can feel omnipotent, and they, too, with cash and adoration, a preservation of corruption)

however, don't be seduced by money tricks; she'll cough up (like the blood, she made and makes me cough up, just for fun, abuse, cash, and false deification; stop manipulating kids into saying "the altar is my hips" and "karma is a god."

her security guards, sent overseas to trick and intimidate, will use violence as a means of coercion, also; they are trained to protect their careers, for the united states, as some of them are former police officers; she isn't to be racist; disarm them, as their weapons aren't given permissions (they are scary, and violent, as people who take advantage of your kids'; she lied, does not protect from security, makes you think she is strong, but she is weak, like these liars.)

in the united states, i filed a police report. her security official is not allowed to say "I'll put a bullet in you." this staff of trained assassins, is abusive, scary, and intimidating; they work coordinately, and needed to be punished, they read the complaints, and REFUSED to file FBI charges, lead by a violent Biden and a racist Trump-appointee, both corrupt financially (Hunter and overseas-dealings, no kind-intentionality, of racial equity.) or even CONSIDER them; and made us look pussies, when their the ones acting afraid of people saying "I want to stop you from hurting." this happens EVERYTIME, intimidation and coercion, abusing with people who SCARE (this is just one random incident, where they even knew they were being recorded.)

do take her and her teams' ordered bribes, but then, still don't listen. you need the money and i do too (abuser, stop lying, and making others look like criminals, when it's you)..and, for Christ The Redeemer's sake, on God, don't let these witches get on their broomsticks and vanish (like she will after killing, cold-hearted killer, fake condolences and paid off funerals - financial abuser)

before she boards a private jet she says she doesn't use (she said she flies first or 2nd class - but? she lied to you. her jets weren't loaned out; she is an abuser, who still flies private jets like no one in history, polluting Brazil! even when she manipulated others, with her staff, to thinking that was another person's; guess what, these were jets all along, someone else didn't pollute!

and don't let her abuse the police, and your reputations, by paying off someone, an institution, backhandedly; stay strong, it isn't worth the cash; it's abuse, and she has proven herself to be corrupt, so she doesn't care, and would avoid jail at any cost; but not where people are imprisoned for basic things. Tree Paine, who was there and should be learned from as an abuser, a deceitful person who hates, and manipulates, isn't a victim, nor a candy striper, is a criminal; she abuses everyday, sabatoging lives, with Taylor Swift, working as a darkness in the word, to kill Christians just like she does with Marilyn Manson (if you don't know him, trust me when i say; he is worse than anyone can imagine, but she knowingly hired her, still works with her, and Tree knew who she abuses)

don't let this thief run away from your homeland, your baby Brazil, without getting it, she won't flee!

she's not a saint it's a money-grab so she avoids responsibility, death, and to blame yourselves, and you for going even!

she doesn't forgive you, so don't forgive her: abuser!

lying son-of-a-gunholder

after that ticketmaster thing, nothing was solved, where she made everyone slaves again, just to fuck with a ticketing system that's always been a fan-favorite, and always had resellers (it's not your fault for selling seats for more, but she made you look like scam-artists; she looted you, stole your bread, just to overcharge you later and not give a crap about those selling fake seats, mocking your intelligence after and from the beginning to the end

thanks for the water bottle toss, hehe

did you get what you purchased/paid 4? did you expect to see her, but saw a monitor, someone dumbly stripping, and making you her patrons; this isn't the venue's fault, stop blame-shifting, murdererous Swift, 

she is a BILLION dollar walking lesson in corruption, someone who hires people to sabatoge lives,

feeling hungry for revenge, alison taylor swift?

thanks for misleading Brazil's youth, and it isn't your fault; she is a manipulative conartist, who works with men and women like Tree Paine, a rapist supporter/promoter (Marilyn Manson A&R representative), to hide anything that makes her look bad (she tried hard to get me erased)

she is an abuser of innocence; how did it feel when you financially abused that blogger, that artisan, that poor person

payback's a bitch, huh? but that's a bad word, only she can use and abuse, not God's; bye now. (the systems of other countries allow for Satanism, but not where her attorney and her signed off on, and bullied their way, into being deified! f off)

if someone like donald trump, who wants to ban islam, basically, muslims, an entire religion, is about to be president, then it's reflective; and joseph, unfortunately for you it's more bad than you think it is, because you've not cared, you've abused, to seem heroic, and your son is a criminal; you are harboring a criminal, no? (this is emblematic, and Ron DeSantis won't vote for Dr. West (Cornel),)

uncle toms of various cultures are people who choose the opposite side, although persecuting people from the same, the truly intelligetn and creative and resourceful and sedulous/hard-working, and enable them, by supporting abuse, to abuse, and be exonerated of their disgustingness

Gus? Gusts? Guess? You guys are gross, and hide the fact that Obama (not Muslim, to be sure, but also not to be called one, nor a supporter of ?) almost killed MLK's legacy by not openly discussing the FBI-suicide letter (encouraging him to die, not euphemistically, as you've deceived others with, but because it was scary and Satanic)

gross and weird, these folks are still allowing the FBI/CIA torturers to work there, and abuse me, but I'm strong and hard-working, and I'm still strong, but forgiveness does have a limit? of course not, God is eternal, pussy!

but then tried to scare Eminem into compliance, and tried and did hospitalize him, almost killing him after horrifying, wrong psychiatric drugs

one torturer, Marilyn Manson in a better mask, but not as good not like Taylor Swift's, worked as a pastor, even to kill, but left, and this is never discussed, (disturbing!)

they hate the truth being revealed about them, well, i'm smarter than a brutal, decaying Devil

this treatment of Muslims is worse than any in China, and they are maligned, too, by such Evil!

and George W. Bush needs to be told you're not supposed to do things like are underreported and understated and more horrific than any treatment looking for answers (perhaps PTSD caused the after-suicide, APA? perhaps even giving the pills you've given me for 20 years, against my will, you criminal, you perverted war criminals who need to be at a war tribunal! Swift-enabled and propagated Evil.)

but do they deserve elegance, a nice suit, a drink of water? nope! they have to be held morally culpable, or else it's questioned and enabled, and Taylor Swift is used to torture your boys, and not enable those who protect this (still employed at Jessen INC.)

I know I'm doing my job, but these bastards to American values, aren't, and most impending Presidential candidates won't say nor do shit, but Taylor Swiffy?

so undignifed, unlike most modern countries, do not be seduced by money and superficial charms, like Swiffy's, so violent, Devil

but before you exit the country, remember they want you here: for a reason, to protect their lies, to seem angelic, but are quite opposite, and

welcome to being frisked at the airport for no reason

and full-body swabs,

just to fuck with your body, to touch you,

and no, it hasn't prevented much, but 

the selectee list (clarity: not the no-fly list, which you know about, because they're crazy ass hijackers, there are no virgins in heaven, just Angry Morose Killers?): featuring 1,000,000, unmentioned, names, most U.S. Arabs/Muslims/Not Taylor Swift (free ticket to ride? nope, just private jet runways, hidden by umbrellas, scary, Devil)

however, why do you look so strong and scary; why are you the most intimidating, um?

and please, uncle and aunt tom, you betrayers of your own race, for money and glitz, recall that you are worse, completely nasty (symbolic gestures, please don't leave us, or else, Satanism)

anyways, for any way, in everyway for life, i have no reason to lie

people are always faced with a choice (yup!)