you weirdo stay the fuck away from me

planir it is yet known you are a piloted planer not planet it is yet my planet it is yet that i don't plan ahead please disembark your plane in my site of torture, it is not your torture site, it is where you fly from and during torture, it is that path i do not have your flight path air force one and you may have been intercepted by a talk group please get your plane in order and ask for your plane to be repaired, as it is dangereously low on my radar, and has  yet to arrive, and appears lost in traffic, please contact your air authority, as specified, your misdirected flights make you insane, and the secret service has not yet communicated properly and is dealing with privatized detectives and that sort of torture is yet that of my torture and I do not have my torture, alone, and I'd rather sleep my pain away tonight, yet tomorrow, please answer, and with you and your it is not yet, that i want to fuck you up, it's that i do want you to know that i am not yet your toy to have it is too many people and i don't like them to torture me nor you and iti s your choice to torture, taylor, it is your, torture and i don't torture you you are a torturer and yet my torturer is not yet? and i haim to see you unhappy, please unsad me it is too my time's concern of depression, and i don't concern myself tonight with the blue moon tomorrow morning, please answer me, am i okay am i hearing voices is this normal and why i am taken to a woman in another party it is yet my party i want please let me party tonight, and find my friend, and yet my friend is not allowed near me it is allowed nera that i had not yet allowed mywself to anger, only to angry people, it is yet my decision to torture on that acondition that i do not want to know nor found it is your decision without any, and of, it is your find, and torture decision, I cannot understand you are not yet alloted to my anger, and I do not anger myself, only to yourself, and that is not torture, it is terrorism, you are a tortuous terrorist, and I cannot describe the agony that I don't have it is yet mine that I want, is yet, tonight, please, a doctor's note, and thaqt signature is yours, thank you for your insignia, i can't give mine without yours, then, you aren ot more than less respected more than me, is your choice to carry your weapon and it is not my weapon to not have, i want more than I can have and I don't want yet have that probelm that I cannot solve without maria, it is yet her solvation, that I had yet salvaged a book report on my hatred, it is more, than you won't know why I get angry is not you, it's that you are not my friend, please seek counsel, then ask your legal counsel why is it that I plan to play myself away from that party is not, yet I had not yet known it is yet of fcourse then IHad yet only to manytimes to and i do not have that party only partied that I cannnot own, is yet he contacted that doctor ansd asked is mina okay well i'm unweel,l, thought I cannot write foor 

i don't want anyone but him

i don't like him

but i love him

i don't like you

but i love you

it's weird

i feel funny

and i don't feel funnier

it's a song to sing

and i don't dance to that song

i don't get it

i got it

i sold my dollar

for two dollars

it made sense

to get scammed

only when mina told me not to

i didn't

i did though discuss my doctor and that is not 

yet your doctor

i don't doctor myself

i do doctor you

i don't play doctor

let alone am your doctor

i don't like you to play with me

and i couldn't play without mina

it is not my work

it is my doing

it is my taking

it is that you want to harm

and it is yet that you don't, and you won't, yet you will

and you do, and it's fun, and you like it, and it's fun and scary

it's a good time, to stalk and harass, and I don't give your rat's ass a name for a reason, and I do rather hate myself, then yourself, and I would not give a damn if it was left to give, it's mine to give you

when you ask mina he's a slave, and will go get hurt for me, i don't play that

i don't play sides, and i don't play spades, it's not about who i am, it's about whom mina is to me, and not you

you are not me, do not try to look like mina, you

are not a victim, often choosing sides, playing victim, and I do not play victim with mina,

it is his doing, not your talking, that fucked me up and I would sooner fuck you up, for asking is it time to play spades when people are hurting,

and your faggot-in-chief, a racist, a black prider, it's not how it works, with mina, open-minded, accepting, and intolerant of pain of others, he is not your church, which hurts him, nor your castle to build, it is too much for you to know, how much he gave you, twenty hours a day for twenty years, and i still don't see how handsome he's become and smarter and faster than you, you are not intelligent, nor women, nor men, do not approach mina, ye yet you try, i am not a toy, i do not get toyed around, and i will not accept anything less than what is that part that is, that decision, it is not y our decision to incarcerate, it is my decision to harm you, injure you, and destroy you, as you don't deserve my patient is not yet your decision-maker, stay the fuck away from mina, he is not yet protected, and i will protect that which protected, and you are slutty and you are acting like a person to harm, it isn't that you can nor will you and your talking your abuse is bullshit and I don't care for your payment is my decision to withhold and my harm to heal is not yours, you strange people are toys to me, i am your king accept your queen, a muslim scary ass fuck to you, you get what you deserve