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Travis Kelce is a sex trafficker, working with and against Taylor Swift simultaneously, is not normalizing her behavior only to the point of no return and with such violent it is his to know, the church is the sponsor the NFL currently and all church figures including those involved in pedophile material will have no context to any argument such that your hatred has become your argument and you have become arguments in itself, so your arguments have failed, no to is such your hatred of your language is not yours you are not a victim and in fact were hired many years ago to cover up something else namely your abuse of women in the church you are a church abuser and have abused and raped innocent you are rapist in charge the worst human in that church who will not contact nor the government because such a man is not a man, is known to be racist, will not contact has ordered that contact not be had such that you will not be had except by that church which is operating illegally right now because of that individual who finances it and makes himself happy and also you know America's Got Talent is in town and do you want to help take credit for his work delete it all and say voila i'm a genius mentalist look what I've made well taping is at the civi auditorium right now and is now over, because it was intentionally hurtful and is involved with FBI, and is not protected by me, so all individuals will be led off the stage right now, because Nick Cannon is not a gun and I am not your toy you are a price to me and it is a price of a head and so the problem is solved, you are not near me you will not near me and you will not near the home, as you individually and with work together as a terrorist unit, such that you have abused so many the world at large, Mr. Kelce, Mr. Kelce you have to stay away from me there is an order yet you continually pursue me, not Taylor Swift's bodyguard, well as she said abuse is hers, then it your abuse to play with, and as an FBI official said to me once, "..." that means go on and the show will go on, not stopped by America's Got Talent, so that mentalist there will be removed now and jokes resembled these these aren't jokes and those individuals stopped and frisked, so that there will not be another me, ever, you automatically execute this order of war; all clonies are over, they will be shot dead, no second chance, and includes anyone who is a clone of mine, to know why aren't important, no one claims ownership over me, I am immune legally and protected, so do not contact me and you will executed as I said on stage if you try it again, and your all video footage removed automatically and any helper destroyed financially, in an intentional act to destroy your families and also psychtrically and psychologically healthiest in the world by the best in the world, Dr. Jamison an Dr. Ghaemi, so you will be destroyed automatically, the pope is not supposed to be there and the priest will be executed tomorrow with the pope and his followers and her helpers if you want a spiritual contact it's frandrewhanna@lacopts.org he exercised authority over the pope, so the pope is committing a terrorist act curently

that's a terrorist group every individual there, is against getting the Japanese to sit for oolong tea with Joe Biden how hard is it don't mean you're supposed to play I have given permission to Egypt's police to seize every record of that church historically and chemical torture is involved so that will be used harder stronger better faster

by proxy gross and penn jillette looks different gaunt and also bullshit! is his to say was hers to know, so when Penn knew me, he said can Teller tell you hi, and then he left, for a long time, and you said uh huh so penn and i knew you too well to hurt you distilled water is your wish not stillness