there is nothing to be afraid of no tapped lines no tapped individuals everythign is kosher and great, i am a gravedigger not a person of interest, only you , the terrorist in chief, and t oexcuse recent events, safe and sound, terorized and also not to be prosecuted falsesly, and also an active threat, by proxy of another, and with your same torturer to have tortutred with yours known on the radar as racists and mocking the situation, it did not happen up the street, you just want mariachis, and your son is the mariachi, vicente fernandez is not the president, however, this president is not real, is a terrorist, associated with Porto's and Javier's, and Vicente Fox Quesada, is a racist, person, working with that program, actively and sadistically, with ICE, and terrifingly so, looks like Nagy Eskander (Vicente Fox, scary)

bee me .m4a