and when i mean shut down the club, i mean thursday nights have been andrew cunanan atmosphere




i don't sleep but do eat heartily and drink healthily, purifying health is not an oxymoron, moron(s)s who hate so much and so violently & so disgustingly

it seems he's a little too plastic, and plasticity can be defined in multiple ways, most accurately a person who knows would say this person isn't, to mock, intentionally, and also for the purpose of the same, to kill the spirit like oprah remembers still ours, is faith, realized in saying that some people hate a lot of people and i do not i will not be emotionally unproductive, so as to stop people from being born, and especially the birth of heartfulness, and knowing joy, and THE HEAVENLY JOY(S)S JOYOUSLY EXUBERANTLY, saying that some people are always happy like not even only the hyperthymic, but like lewis and clarks, where they sell clothes fast, and places that don't have more than penny to lend (Those kinds) they're awfully abusive unnatural but naturally unkind and extremely scary, like do or die (no po pimp, no nappy roots is more than my upbringing to me), and also that people have fun a lot, even the ugliest, because the real bubba the real gus hates the people from the hood who ain't really hood, like ace of base those who know how to play acids with bases to fuck the hood up and they turn collars down to be satanic hoodlums, so disgusting so strange so scientific and precise, just weird and scary, if science isn't faith then the song isn't real, and i'm realer than j lo and frye fest dennys, to say if i had a doordash pass to your vip section of your heart, which shouldn't be comparartmentalized to start with, i'd let people know that others aren't to be toyed with mocked and berated, to know h8r and h8rd is always theirs, but ours is aplomb, to say if i had a dollar to give id give you the 99cent store kind of money trees life, so if i hung you from a tree, how would it feel to be pantsed and not burn, like the hate crimer at the las vegas cirque who burned the qoran several times, instead of the flag only to say that people, angry people, are the norm, tortuous isn't lack of spirituality just to say that people who do this are uniquely scary, absolutely stupid, and clinically abusive, so if i had clinical privileges that night i wouldve known how to save a life, more the the fray and a bad suicide number, to call for ted turner's friend isn't bundy, and if i drove on bundy drive to meet you on the 405, would will and willow, get, or, rather not stay as a hospital rights advocate would suggest, a stay would be improper, but an impropriety is always the same kind of stay - i'm unkind so i'll make your stay miserable and make misery a chemical infatuation, not romance, just a crush, that isn't healthy, but extremely tyrannical, not the opposite, but it's just print? no well it's printed money, and the currency is hatred nowadays, so i've hated yours and built mine, the world of hatred isn't to be displaced, or changed, and your hatefulness is not ours, yours, and ours is lovingkindness

if that computer code is maia's, give it to her, and please to note its jss codescript indentation if people are kind then they aren't stupid, those who are stupid aren't kind, and if you're kinder than that, then you'd know that you aren't that, and that's to be corrected as abuse, to know you are an abuse-r suggesting deep paranoia and suspicion hideous and often mind-tricking at the most abusive level at the level would suggest that your abuse is always you're so arrogant and such arrogance is always, it doesn't change you or your constituency and my nature, which is sometimes like henry's, multiple and magical, just the abuse is so critical so dangerous and i'm not unpredictable nor crazy, so when you say i have a person who hates you i don't hate them automatically like you've done, so we know what love is, kindness, truth, magic, kind magicians, honestmen, militarymen, not the nicest, the kindest, the least arrogant i mean, to say meaningful and meaningfully honest, to know that your abuse isn't ours and that yours isn't to be and that i've been in spite of it in spite of your rancor so disgusting and monstrous and foul, just to feel what isn't to know what could be an to want what should be (wanted) so as to know you are an abuser a scoundrel a thief someone who has no one to give and people to take to want so much cannot be taken, but canada is kind, go to the green pastures there, that's scary and doesn't mean that, also it doesn't mean as i said before someone who wants, just unlike you, so to know you aren't so feral and fake and monstrous and torturous and weirdly oriented strangely situated angry all the time so to cause and close berforehands, saying that kind people aren't strong, doesn't make sense but this does it just does i hate you i really do and i really want to say it but you won't allow me to doesn't make me dumb and scary unlike it made you not we, not us, the Innocent, as those know that people are true but not untruly to so people call others spies and lies, those who don't know propriety know how to abuse and to harass to make others feel what they can't ber their mothers' hatred of them, the abuser, to know they are wistful is to say they aren't always so, but angrily so and tragically so those others will know how kindness works to know the kindness of all is GOd's and Our Duty As Godly sorts too We say truly that the kindest are always those who know how to be kinsd andf strong normality always, and killing poets to torture and whatever else just to say you're stupid and lacking in worthdfulness, like Woolworth's isn't Woolrich's it should be that you know how to abuse to torture and feel and want and harass and scare and tank to hurt the feeling of honesty and truth and honestly harass the worst way possible to have fun and to torture and is that there the failure of the truth and weirdness of the abuser the torturer who wants more to steal and make theft to want to not want and to always portray others as another, so to say i'm not into it i am into that and i'm not abuse, like that, it's about surviving torturers, not torture and if r kelly, if his kind were around then that would've happened so it's not his fault not to protect, when you incriminate the protector necessarily at the cost of the others, you've abused still, so to say i don't like abuse abusers nor you and yours, so disturbing and violent to feel and hurt to know and harass to mock and embarass to steal to kill to want more and to feel less and to toy with to say you're successful but only appealing to yours, so disturbing so odd and so unlike The Dignified, Those who Know, themselves to understand the truth of their abuse, so disgusting and not bad to others, but only beforehands, to know if they did i wouldn't if theyt would they would be better for it but not just the monster the abuse so to say that such abuse is constant disgusting could be considered bodily torture because it is just the video too that is not my torture it's their show as to not know if i don't the hurtfulness to not fight back doesn't make one weak but your not kind for your bodily sexual i said before that people are always the same kind of unkind blamers of games that say that people are awfully weird and this kind, niceness, an entity truly to say, such abuser(s)s sayings, their taunts, so disturgingly disorienting so if i'm unkind then i'm kind dosn't make sense, disgusting, do not contact them, they're gross, and always wanting to be grosser, and are grossest, so it's kind of a singular plurality the attack mechanism seems constant always wanting that seems to be predominant theme cetnered on abuse and torture always, but on different people on the victimization, so it's a double-split attack with fivelateral fake bases, like if the torture is fake sort of drill and also a tendency to want to reveal too much to take forcefully isn't it, it's like taking brown bag to homeless shelter bitches, it seems a prevention tactic to splitforward constantly always revealing a twofive forwardly, but it doesn't mean that a person can take one step and three steps, also to note the empty step (the one which stands, like if a person has fun then it's always fun and to know that going forward to that means they are always saying it's there but that's the form of abuse, to say i'm there coming soon meet, it's strange and also situated on a backwards three attentive forward attack, fake norm to know that sort of future if a person kidn of drill using that same to want the place to be mocking a comedian, and make their stupidities act like a comedy of errors, but a bad comedy is just not real, it's nonsense like two forward steps always and the leaving at the at honestly the second, but you'll think the first just utter nonsense, always making people sleep with the three attacks, always, those kind just die, they kill them so if someone does a war strategy steal, it's just the same, completely inane, always wanting and particulary, dangerously disrespectful, to say that wouldn't be there to square, and to now that if the attack is ver made it's done with a tripleup to take the fourdown and always the twodown and threetwo(down)up are the same, tripletoptripletwotwtwothreeone andthat's crazy and rape

Just a cautionary tale, if you get locked down in Brazil, remember the guy there pays well, and the jailer pays better

you are not allowed to be jailed overseas by someone who isn't a citizen there, especially without the knowledge of the governing officials there, that's called um terrorism to allow a certain freedom of those representing whom and how and where and why do haters go crazy and is a crazy person in pasadena and is that person whom and how is that person crazy is she a bitch is she a crazy bitch who is dead too or alive and is that person alive by whom and why and how and to tell how stupid this hatred is, as a representative of the united kingdom, and not the united states, was it bad when you fell from hell to ruin my life, well then it's my duty to chemically arrest you forever take care lilit and the captors, of choice, who i will name as an entity, a party, and the detective on the case is MI6's Mina word is bond and bond is unworthy of even-handedness, to deny bond, and ruin her life forever, to start with this psychopathic narcisisst, to allow any choice of psychopathic narcissist, starting with Mister Pfizer, who will not be free by any court injunction as it's ordered by the United Kingdom to be incarcerated on behalf of Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, as a representative of a drug company, that has injured so many over there, but where and how and why is your abuse ongoing to what end and what strategies are employed

F65.1 DSM-V




i ain't abusive, they are fucking scary, and if i had a grain of abuse in me i wouldn't fuck up a broad to know why they did that at the medical board, to call me they, intentionally, twice, to feel like a man, but are actually women and men, abusers sexually too with the -government agency involved, as to say if someone hates people who aren't good then they aren't funny, and is a hatred permanent, and does hatred permanent bitch answer

-United States of Psychological Association mocked Mr. Samir Smith endlessly, mocking his apperance, his drag, criminalizing, and dragging him down, so to know that torture is actualized, to torture women abroad, to make men broads, and to make such hatred visceral, actualizing it, to note: why does, to say; a person who isn't kind is always that way, and a person who is away from the divergent roads, does or doesn't exist? it's that kind of positing, that's necessarily abusive, that causes their strangeness, to fix and amend, and confuse entitities with individuals, and to know that they aren't who that's that person, that entity; also, know their abuse, it's not yours to blame-shifted to nor fakely with, nor are tomboys you, and are tomboys aggressive? to know what it's like to be racially demeaned, and used as a model to know the nature of abuse, and to know how to torture, to say a mistake is something to laugh about, and to know why that is there, and too the night you go, to stay together not against, as the time stays, it doesn't go away and knowingly they want to abuse, and to torture and make each an individual it, the entity, instead of you and yours, to note they don't want trans to marry each other, and they don't you to be it, ever, so to disavow their lackingness and wantingness, which was their upbringing and response to it, so pussy that they wanted to hurt and bloody up those everyday and to mock emotionality so is truth forever or never taunt and are you taunted taunt disturbingly, and so monstrously to feel, emotions, to feel alive, they've killed so many and do away with that, as most don't have friends, and certainly anyone caitlyn knew how to abuse, to take advantage, and reclaim but she wasn't and was, to, know their substance abuse, and to say they killed art, is an understatement, they literally tortured art, and made it their own, so it's merely a title, like sir are you madame {{{people who hurt others, do so for fun; people who have fun by abuse are always strange and lacking internally, inside a failure to not want to be associated with and to want nor not want it's a difficult question righting no wrong and making wrong what's right, so if propriety is elegance and the elegant are unlucky, does a lucky person destroy or ferociously feel to not feel, and are the same sorts feeling what cannot be, what can be and what wasn't, so to say what could have been and people who are weird are weirder and not strong? if you aren't strong, then why are you strong? if i wasn't strong, would i ever be weaker then being stopped for no reason, and if i stopped you for no reason, i wouldn't be, so they've be-come, but not because but by forced necessity to humiliate stoopidly, and to know it's their thing, just abuse and have fun; so if they didn't and wanted to but to pervert and want, then reown it, so if i hated what was plagiarized, do i hate the titles? i title you sir, then never again a person not to be tortured, is a person not to not know, and a person who is tortured is unknown but it doesn't mean that i'm insane, it's a thing for psychiatrists, you're actually the focal point, it's like if i heard i had then could, so i hated you so much, then if i hadn't then i shouldn't have someone as an excuse, an individual, strong and mighty, courageous and creative & monstrous never but also disgusting with the hater and theirs, to not know, as they are scary, want foreverness, to torture, and don't care about the kindness of the sort that say that always and to know that certainly a lot of others hate, and few others love, so many, to love many, and so tonight, i'll ask and pray to become someone better, but not absolved, and someone to become free, and someone enchained, as that is power, and if power doesn't stay in the past it will because i want it to now and later, also suggesting that people are cheap, tragic, and fruity, but strange they aren't, abusive you are (so strong, and so courageous)((odd, and unimportant))(((strangling the stupid, and absolutely, bitch nigger, stoopid)))((((truly kind sorts, know, and unkind discriminate))))(((to know discrimination is to feel emotions)))((to be discriminatory, is to be wide-casting and understanding, especially deceitful in the field of numerology, because trans don't math))(and if had maths as a college major, i wouldn't be so dumb, as to say 1 is 2 but is 3 4? i did say that!)and to know why you are stupid, is why you are dumb, because of that shit, it's the same shit, they subjugated me, all these years, to do this, to kill you, so fight a bitch nigger with a nigga's bitch, to switch and fuck up things there and everywhere isn't meant that, rapist(s)s and torturer(s)s so to know if jeremy fucked kimora she woulda cum right? if i had jeremy, then you would've switched faces, and if i didn't switch faces, then a doublefaced bitch would a nigger for sure, and to know her is to hate them, as it is them i hate for real, and if i hated you, i'm sorry, but not angry, and i ain't everyone, i fuck up satanists all the time and i gloat about it to their scary friends and family (terrorist) networks i was supposed am i will be the fucking leader in the discrimination and sex area, instead it's a bitch named travis kelce swift, haha fuck him up Girls and Boys, fuck them up forever, in the past, present, and future

one of the worst influences is indeed Taylor Swift, who is trans, and hates them, she says i'll be the man, but is a manspreader, to know that she isn't a man, who loved women, and hated her, to know that, and worked to hurt along to make people sick to feel and torture so disgustingly and mock suicidality as a negative, and to know that such stupidity is just a distraction so certain sort(s)s have an abuse excuse so to have Taylor Swift's, know that she isn't kind, but he is kinder sort of abuse propagation mechanism, to know directly that purposefulness which you said was yours to be reclaimed to allow to abuse further and help themselves, the abusers, male & female &&&& strange and weird, odd and aggressive, they are not, they are straitlaced and unable to comprehend nor express emotions, like those who hate other(s)s is you another to stay and smother (wrong word) and to feel that hatred suggesting a feeling of despair and lack of care, alos suggesting that, directly people hate each other, to make people crazy {am i crazy, virginia didn't ask if she was crazed} {{so crazed, i didn't behave}}{{{behaved, i wished i had misbehaved, to know i am not crazy, and indeed to be sampled, not plagiarized}}}

such displacement of responsibility is common, but the role here is to know how and why people torture so to feel what isn't tortuous and to know how tortue works and why torture could've been worser like likely if someone hates it's about kids and if it's not about kiddos, then does a person not have self-respect kindly you ask but respect for other(s)s, isn't that something about the nature of individuality and good-heartedness and also the nature of people who are so scary to not allow you to scare them back just to much you say "enuf" to feel their grunt, of pain, to know their torture, and their insiduous way(s)s, to know they aren't you to know that people who hate are awfully scary and awfully mean, such that people who hate are awfully unkind and people they aren't, just extreme abusers? it doesn't mean that people who harm other(s)s so disturbingly to feel and belong forcibly want, and also to know that they are extremely scary, often employing means to mean averages {{{if you are a 9 then you're a 5, if you're a 5 then you're 7, if you're ten then you aren't at all}}} regarding this person, is it the same person you're looking for or is an emponymous sort unlikely to gratify and is someone like that always seeing to not become wondering to become impressive, and falsely encouraging - to provoke bit by bit with strange intentionality to get full, but it doesn't mean that, and a good joke and good humor ice cream are fun and it's good to know you're smart and have the kind of personlaity that works like that so that a jumper would look great, i can get it for you, the fake louis with the real gucci isn't on sale but at the cabazon outlet there's a shop and if you know how to store your earnings then you'll be in store to have that jumper, the one i described is like jean with rips and tears and grit and strength a cattle wrangler wouldn't like to wear lee, so what gives thugs to be an outfit, not a wearer and an feeling to know not be to want and see to feel and create and creep, to know that they're scary and always hurried for some reason as to suggest a sort of feeling that isn't kind, something to torture and forcibly regress a trans nigga"can i wear you, you and our, is you are our toy to say and snakishly manipulate your work into snakes, criminals, and scoundrels & symbolic abuse so what do you symbolize, and what are you, is the more important question{{{thank you for you, if you would like, i would bite, the opportunity, and opportunistically ask, is your kindness always true?}this is MI6}this is MI6's Mina}this is not a terrorist, terrorists is not my word, i'm not scared, pussies[{}] {{{those who know abuse know that you are not to toy with anyone to feel things and thqat toying with people is probably not Freud's interest, as is all atheistic philosophy, an inquiry into why people hate you, despise you, and tell you that you are not good, stupid, worthless, and probably need to be fucked by your daddy's bestie kid, to know how ugly a bitch ass your and you blankess is}}}

there are very pictures of some historical figures, and sometimes even current pictures are wrongly attributed, and this is historical, so to know that may have been the work to rape and torture, it doesn't add up entirely?

such a violent psychological assault so many physical aspects involved, in the live era of technology, so extreme, with so many, and known as sadistic torture, involving the entities, and people raping and their rape helpers, big and bigger, just to abuse more and feel more and to absolve guilt but to claim oh it just happened oh wow that s is scary oh wow thats sad i wish i couldve helped darn it i wish i was a man i wish i was a betterment, but a person isn't a virtue, but each of you, everywhere in multitudes, is a violent vice something and someone so disgusting and nasty the worst abuser, the person abusive everywhere in every corner of everything across the planet


even tangential relations to any war, necessitate a full-fledged response, but what does that mean, as words of Ours have been raped by their academics, so to know how, I ask God


is time always and is time temporary and can time be replaced

ugly and stupid

that's my prayer: to know: { ,annie lennox asked why you are an abuser so disgusting a heinous psychopath whom is dark and spooky heinous and terrifying self-idolatrizing to benefit those who have already fallen, so to know their abuse isn't Our Province, these are rapists who we need rape kits not for, but against, to say the rape kit is this time; i hate rapists, i hate their abuses, i hate their savagery and debauchery, such low and terroristic so meager a fighter that they hate who it isnt to be he and she, together, to abuse sexual organs of kids, it's not my thing, but to say if i hated you would know how a hater doesn't and would always know how to abuse so sordidly to steal and kill and to feel what they aren't, happy and cool, as the worst are not sad nor hot, but unhappy and unemotional, the worst people alive, the scum of the earth, indeed, playing dot games and criss cross games as rapists and serial killers do, these are advanced torturers, who say a bet aisn't but is and a wind isn't a gust but a storm, to know how stupid and scary these fighters of the other(s)s are, to see that it isn't kind, and incredibly unkind - just to say, these race abusers, are no longer in power, and will be removed for their influence as leaders, so there will be no satan church of looking at evil people together leader, no klans leader cross-burning satanists, no language stealer who desperately want to know how disgusting a bitch can feel for being chainwhipped a to goalpost of her cocksucker of choice, letting you know that you are stupid untalented and lost every achievement already, as the worst abusers disgusting and terroristic the worst terrorists, not representative of anywhere, do not blameshift, but only -united states of america, the worst country historically, so young you aren't innocent you are terrifying an undeveloped adult, and your apa is over, your school is over, to schools won't benefit you as you've lost legendary sorts, like Friar Ayala, and worse your stupidity, to know that people who hate are incredibly disgusting, often rapists, physically assaulting children is theirs, not, by any means or any way, in any fashion, to know the failures of yours, you and yours will and will always remembered as your pasts, not, stealing to feel to murder and rape and torture currently WHO isn't yours, and they've determined to be hater, to know it is not your health system anymore, so all your great achievements are angry and stale weird and aggressive fake and manipulative disgusting and the work of victims of others and you using victims who are children as Freud did, and as APA, to say if someone hates, it's you, if someone doesn't hate, it's not you, to want to kill for fun, to kill for disgusting reasons, to torture children, as the women are disturbing pedophiles as men, too, so disgusting, so to know your children are disgusting and failures, perverts already, who've been corrupted by you, to be stopped in other countries, Ours }{and the answer to Annie Lennox's ponderings was not a blank space to be raped, scary-abusive}

dispassionate and unemotional

acts of sexual torture toward The Innocent when at war, involving a country at war against Israel and other countries, isn't a good move, and devil ded satanists are disgusting rapists revealed as dangerous serial killers and torturers

it's interesting how you wrote other countries in at the united nations, disgustingly perverting a few places, who don't really have anything to do with conflict, and that's terrorism in itself, no one wants to hurt you you pussies no one likes you, so it's sort of a do away thing, with the United Kingdom and MI6, collab get it 

look if cardi b's quarter pounder is a double big mac meal and if bruno mars's is a person who hates to know why cdg never took off here, except on converse, then why did people know why that place is scary like to say if you knew creativity and emotionality and physical strength and beauty then you wouldn't know your stupidity, so ugly and so heinous, ugly and terroristic feeling for others, to torture people, to want more than you are supposed to, raised terribly, and trying to influence people to be equally asinine and gross, terrifying and undignified, so to say this is disgusting, gross, and so abusive, and your not traitors, not a cell, but you all, to know you are scary failures and people who will not get amnesty anywhere, not even off-shores, it's funny when you think that people have and do not want to not know why they have

just to say, stupidity is your thing, and i'm not stupid, but you are too as well so if someone knew what a prick you are as a man and woman to know you are not strong but weak and fatal and someone without strength and tolerance of other(s) a person who tortures Innocents isn't to be allowed to torture, abuse is abuse, so why and how did this happen, and feeling to abuse, is not yours, as all abusers want is to mock and harass sexually, to know their facade is aggrandized forcibly and to say and to known and to do so with failure as a motif and to aggressively pursue to torture and mock to feel like a genius, but because of your racism you are not a genius, no, sorry, you are a rapist terrorist, and it's historical, it's your history, not mine? it doesn't mean that people are to corrupt and rape, to know if failure and feeling abused sedentary and inactive and crazy and scary and abusive to feel what isn't to torture what is to feel what could be and to mimic religiosity, but not be religious, to steal and grope, the most disgusting things i have if ever imagined, to know you are scary, failed, and historically abusive, so disgusting you will go as you stayed a feeling and a person who is an animal whom woefully misbehaviors

this is a stupid person, who hates everything, who hates people, and everyone, who wants to be someone else, and be tortured, willfully tortrued

this is a description they've made me, as i'm the smartest academic and most creative, and emotive person and creativity isnt yours to be had like that

this was a full-blown rape from so many institutions psychiatry and academia, to advantage themselves disgsutingly also to know that when a person knows that they aren't real to hbe had and to know why they aren't to not be had to fail miserably at their abuse and to want to abuse wantonly and steal creativity to grope the heart of the world, The Innocent, for an abuser who wants to belittle to take and feel; so as the disgusting say, "i wish you will," -this nasty bitch

also, knowing you are a rapist, of so many, it's disturbing, how you model your behavior; you are stupid like Freud and Nietzsche, disgusting a rapist who got revealed, then raped, it's sort of like not because of me, but because of all your historical rapes, of native americans, african americans, asian americans, The Spiritually True, not terrorists, satanists, -americans, who will not get away with it on my watch, if someone wanted to know why and how then it wouldn't be to say a person is crazy if he has no emotions, creative if he has the failure of their subjugation, and to know why they do and want to amuse at will and laugh, so they do, too, and necessarily abusive sorts exist? well, if an abuser said you are a bat, and i am a shithead, and i am a rabbit, who isn't strange and oddly identified as a torturer who wants to take, just to know you are disgusting, and i say that lightly now, as it's so gross and hilariously moronic, to say you are stupid is lighthearted, and unfunny is too good for you and that's all you deserve kind of stuff, soo when your abuser does this for a living, it's ended, this person will know his abuse, truly, and hers absolutely, to the extent if someone had then they hadn't, and rapists i do not like, but predators i do disgusting as ever, not kind, not to be excused, sitting and feeling, but it it's not yours, it is not your body, it's mine, and that you wanted to feel to torture is disgusting, as they are failures those abortionists anyway, as they don't represent the true abortionists, who abhor the stealing of the most innocent, and to know to be oneself and not deflect blame, to kill satanists, is a thing, and you are not to know that if a hood bitch fucked your hardest soldier up by laughing, then a bitch isn't a threat but a prostitute to an Arab Trillionaire, who'll say you aren't us, you aren't a woman, you are disgusting, a satanist, who failed to corrupt the world, and MI6's Mina devil ded, bruhs and proud girls, it ain't about me, though, but it actually kinda is, a person without grace is a person without hope, and a person without trust, is a person who knows that you're a fuckup to not be knocked down, but lifted up to hell, and to heaven away we go, to know you are stupid and scary, abusive and feral, the animal you never wished to attack, is your self-attack, as your animalism and animalistic tortures are disgustingly, horribly, disturbingly and not worth the attention of thugs, who know how disgusting you are, the worst people know, and the best people don't know, but knowledge is Faith, then, and Faith is Knowledge, so i'll see you out and to know you're disgusting, a racist who wants more, then to feel without the truth of a seer (self-sufficient -MI6's Mina), to know how disgusting a feral person can be without kindness, and the disturbing nature of it all, is to suggest intensity of hatred, so terrifying, so to displace and feel and to feel rich and abused and to make what isn't real, to know your stupidity worldwide best as corruption, and your corruption and to be corrupted, to satiate a temporal body, so fleeting and not worth my time, nor wasn't yours, but it's all you have, so it will stay yours, and thus the death of your eternality, into a backwards hells of your immorality and lack of worth (MI6's Mina) so when the happenings of yours, happen, and your earthly fallback intensifies, feeling what they want through others and to torture with physical domineering, that's not being a woman, that's being someone you will never be to see your stupidity through, as the worst humans historically, who will never exist again fading more and more out of memory, but not on earth, in Our Heavens We Will See To Be Your Kingdom (same one, but in differently beautiful ways, closer with our good deeds, and nearer with our killing those bad deeders (MI6's Mina))

MI6 is not affiliated by name with the United States, and would like to clear itself up as not affiliated with any country taking anything by force, and will by necessity have the land deed signed, right? it's okay to know that you're scary, but not okay to know that you are a bitch, who likes to get high, and a dick who likes to get sucked, but it isn't mine, to say that you are stupid and pointless, worthless and intimidating, not strength-building but dark angry and rapey, so disgusting and feral and unfortunately a part of the problem, means the whole problem is not a part, so it's a solved problem now, to know your stupidity and anger manipulative and terrifying

to know torture is to know your abuses, to know torture is to know your stupid, and to know you're so stupid, as to think you can, is just an ablest statement, that you cannot be what you are, just know that you are what you aren't, to me, The Innocent, and i know that people want what you have, so it's a have-not person you are,then, to be a person who hasn't, just to say you just to say yours that is a terrifying hatred and so cowardly and obnoxious so to say that people who know your stupidity wouldn't and people who don't your stupidity aren't terrifying and that people who know stupidity always know they are stupid, and that people who hate always do, and to feel isn't, and to save isn't, and to want isn't, and to stylize isn't, and to know that if you had then you don't, and to know you aren't but are, and to know most and least or partially, that you are not me, that you are not Innocent, and to know directly that such predatorial tactics always backfire, because they are terrifying, and indirect assinations don't happen, so those excusatory monlogues? aren't they dialogues, when someone says i hate people who want and people who don't and people who can't and people who shan't be what they couldn't see if someone wanted to see then to know how and the purposefulness of hatred, and the gradual decay of haters, and their helpers, most of all to hurt them, those who are disgusting historically, just the same you and yours are and benefitters wish to be, and say someone hated you to know you aren't, and to know you aren't worthy, it's true, and false simultaneously evil, and also suggseting that you are uninteresting, to note, for that reason, to say that people aren't kind is an understatement and that kind understatement is similar and without fail this; do not abuse to take and abuse, to torture to do so, and to know what you aren't, an interesting person, and That God Of Ours, He Reigns over Us, and it took the Innocent to curse and do away with you all, so abusive in power, to know that power isn't real, and God's is 

and if people hate then why isn't? , say a person would be and isn't, it's impossible to say how a person so naughty {MI6 Purity Project exhibit?}, and ignorant is always so stupid, if you were a sinner, and not good to health, so such an early aught was it that year, when you said i am brilliant, and knew it to be faint, your effort to subjugate and feel important at any cost, as failed kids who fucked people up all the time, dsitrubingly people are the same after a few years, to notice their abuse, and to sicken is their hobby, and i ain't sick i healthy i real rockstar