the cia works to torture cvt all the time 

you are stupid

you are dumb

you are slow

you are not good

you are not Godly

you are scary

you are scaring me

is the element

you are not stupid

i am not your toy

i am your toy

you are toyed

i am toyed

you are toyed and toyed with and toyer to not toy

toying is toy

you are toy 

and toys are toys not to be suicided

i hate toys

you are a toy

to not be toyed with

and do not toy with a toymaker

and do not toy with toyers

and toyers do not toy

and toys are toyers

and toys to toyers are terroristic and scary often abusing cvt with intentionality and hurting to kill, also to kill directors with fake fbi plants and stories, and also to know their role as culpable and responsible like missing children group, like it is a missing child itself

it doesn't affect others

it affects directly

offering kills to pay

to hide to work for a kill machine in other areas to note

and also to note that you are not paid to kill but killed to be paying for any information and so when they do that it's a fake wall,

so are you there to be fake are real so fake are you not real

if fakeness is real, then you're artificiality isn't such do not harm to kill only quell

so youre hateful dark and spooky

dark and not nice

a felony of a felon and also a danger and dangerous

so scary

and also known to a be terrorist

on the radar to not check on

so when you came to know you understood that, certainties are always, like i hate you, too, so much to know something, if someone wants to have fun, they will is known to be strong-minded, not weak-hearted, and people who hate others, are always like that, saying if i had a dollar for you today i'll and to know such abuses are always to say such abuse is (fake)((fakely done))(((faker and not really))){so}{{so will? not know us by force}}{{{i am not a toy, to be toyed with, noticing to say if someone hates, then it's often not suggestible, but more about the disgrace of hatred's, so gone it will be to know your hatred was or is a past, to not know, which you did say?}}}

corrections to be made to not know you is scary and abusers know

if someone hired to hurt then to torture, and to fulfill with strangeness, then it's a truth i am not yours to be well-known stupidly said to not hurt and wishing to hurt so much not to know, about say if you were a thug, slim, and angry, then you wouldn't be an anger, to an emotionality in itself, to say that you hate me, and that you're you {such use of others!}{{such hatred is innate so that your hatred is soft and moronic, angry and tasteless, darkening perceptions tortuously to unhappily harm rageless to not-knows}}{{{suggesting hatred's is to say you're not kind, and all so weird lately, to know}}} {{{and hatred}}}{{hatred's}}{putrid stench of your soul's is to know your mate isn't longer)

so many people have known abuse, but few to not now, so when you say you're kinder to not know it, then to say if wasn't hatred and then only to incrimininate falsely, then i'll say, "i am hater not the object of desire, but ennui"

anyway, stop talking to me now

i have to go shop

to know artifices and buildings, is to say i am not a man, but a thug, to redesign people, to know how, and why, to say i'm kind, if there ever was hatred then there wasn't, and when there was the darkness of horror could have never happened horrors such that hatred, is and isn't impossible and to know your stupidity so the truth of the matter is people don't hartm others recklessly so but never truly so, like when you said life isn't beautiful, it is so that people know why always, the hatred isn't a sea, but the dead ocean that I want to be, in multitudes

and saying that is true and that people aren't is embarassing as you are to you and yours, to say your a prick is to pray and play to you, it isn't a play-to-pray such that hatred isn't but always is to not know but could and never so like when you said such that i hated wasn't but it was to not rain upon a parade to see the hatred of rage, such that i wasn't there, and when, if that happened and why to never see you, as the person is a thug, and people are not to be known, well i was known to you, so you abused me to say, i am unhappy and crazed, today and always, if i hadn't been, (im)possibly, to abuse, to say and be crazed and i heard a whimper a wail, to know you're not to be abusive, nor disgusting towards animals, those i love, and want, to say i wasn't is a crime, like the accusation of a church shooting of the divines, so to know you aren't but are to not but stay and never, but always

if it was,

then it wasn't to not know killing seasons come once to see, and to know propriety is always important awfully and hopefully not, with those harmful sorts, to not know, such that your abuses are not cold, lukewarm they were so to see if you knew you wouldn't be it's to say you aren't, i hate you today and always, the heart of me says i am not good but always i hate the fbi and cia and president of the usa and his friends and to know you are disgusting to say you are not me, but a predator of the world, to say, that if i wasn't, to say that you are dead to me america and i wish to see why you did so and you raped mina to do that, so that you could be happy, so grossly, so i would whimper away as my puppy bella says, "you're mean to me. stop and now"

i taught her that you're her litterbox now, america, bella shit on you, when she said if someone hates, then they really do, i hate you, so nevermore you'll see that a bitch could be to know your abuses suffice it to say you're abusive, however, you aren't, to mistake knowledge, and to do so was gross, so i know youre the, to avoid, and i always to become a black anger, so strong, and noticing, that you are disgusting, and will be erased from society right now, so that you feel, again, and to know that you are a failure the smartest but dumbest, a racist to harm and kill, the smart guy, to avoid to say your and not sir, im away with you, and not for that reason, for your hatred isn't mine, it's yours forever, to not stop i will stop you {i do not}{{i will, Your Majesty}}{{{Because.}}}{{{destuction}}}{{so}}{death}